library update (list of fics)

Abandoned Soul by LilB0o

Adieu to a First Love by hmong_lubpaj

Almost 100% by s u n d a e _.

Amore Complacentiae by jyl

An Assessment of Emotions by sleepii 

Anti-itch Cream by fadeddreams

A Temptress’s Enticement by JENNY*

Battling With A Hot Guy by jyl

Best Wishes by &&TiFF;ANY

Black Vodka by NAI.


Breaking Windows by anirtak

Broken by &&TiFF;ANY

Bully by fatsoko

Bus 180 by azn_desire

Collision by Yui

Canon Was Their Love Theme by anirtak

Can You See Me by sooji

Chrysalis by anirtak

Cinderella by NAI.

Clueless by NAI.

Coma by fatsoko

Crazy in Love by justme.

Cry by LilB0o

Dejavu by jyl

Delirium by Yui.

Diaries of a Distance by s u n d a e _.

Divine by anirtak

Doors by anirtak

Drinking Love by anirtak

Escape One Last Time by just-that-girl

Eyes of Red by JENNY*

Figments of the Myth by J K

Finding A Bridge by clockwatcher

Foolish Love by jyl

Free by sooji

Frozen Grey by fatsoko

Hanabi by &&TiFF;ANY

Home Run by angelfightrJ

Home Tree by anirtak

I Hate Guys Like You by JK

In The Midst of Goodbye by jyl

In My Dreams by sooji

Jewel in Tokyo by kyugaroo.

Kissed By You by JENNY*

Love — A Promise To Heaven by justme.

Love You Forever by ~pixie~

Loved By The Looking Glass by anirtak

Magic Castle by paradox101

Mary’s Land by anirtak

Mesmerized Eyes by JENNY*

Mermaid Loves Angel by anirtak

Midnight Wakeup Calls by justme.

Minu by MizzLinhPhan

Moonlight Walk by JENNY*

More Than Friends by jyl

My Love by Sky

My Sunshine by Yui.

Myriad of Dreams by anirtak

Nowuhna by NAI.

Paper Or Plastic by sooji

Papillon by Yui.

Push & Pull by Yui.

Raining Sun by angelfightrJ

Rising Gods of the East by fatsoko

Running Blue by justme.

SANG.MIN by fatsoko

Secret of Gardenias by JENNY*

Sixteen Pink Balloons by n.a.p.

Smile by angelfightrJ

Smj– Story Time by melonbar92

Soh Mang by sooji

SPICE girl~ by Yui.

Spring Angel by jyl

Stay Still For Me by fatsoko

Stop Dance by anirtak

Summer Magic by angelfightrJ

Telepathy by breathless./lovexglitter

The Cover-up by jyl

The Last Snapshot by LilB0o

The Lunatic by lilliefrost

The Tiger by fatsoko

Thoughts With a Mask On by anirtak

Three Small Words by sooji

Trick or Treat by sooji 

Turn To The Sky by JENNY*

Unicycle by fatsoko

Veiling of the Sun by romelee

Walking Through Black With A Love Light by justme.

Way to Aether by anirtak

We Be Made Immortals by anirtak

When coffee sleeps, it dreams of chocolate by anirtak

White Christmas by Sky

White Intentions by azn_desire

Without Sin by romelee/Gemini_Chicah

Through A Shattered Mind by JENNY*

Unexpected by NAI.

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