Name: Lisa Nguyen
DOB: March 10, 1994
Contact information: Soompi PM : d a y.b r e a k or x_lnguyen[AT]
Online aliases: d a y.b r e a k
Forums most frequented: Soompi
Completed fics: (Writing that I have completed as of nearly three years ago) In the Dark (Short Story), Call me (One Shot), I Will Not (One Shot)
Current fics: Fingers Crossed (upcoming work: Love Disorder)
Additional information: I suppose all the information above seems like a mess and I’ll explain that all here.  I was quite a writer when I was younger, which is when I started writing all the fanfics that are under my name. Then, much to my regret, I disappeared from soompi for some time and that meant my writing became rather inactive. I am here now, and I am definitely on a hunt for good fics to read. Yeah so anything that you read from me other than my current fic is old, so old I probably don’t remember I ever wrote. I am back on soompi now, trying to be active. It feels good to be home.

FICS: The Summer House, Suicide Note, A Drifter’s Paradise, White Tea And Lily, and Banana Pancakes
WRITERS: dearskye, Rey, Ephemeral, Moe, I_broke_a_nail!
CHARACTERS: Park Sungwon of The Summer House.
MOMENTS: In S A N G . M I N by fatsoko

DongWon pitied me. I could see it. MinKi. Don’t ask questions you already know the answers to. And don’t you remember MinKi? She didn’t even want to touch SangMin when he was born.

She was scared, I defended her.

Scared of what? Getting a disease? Too late. Come on MinKi. Don’t kid.

No. She was scared. That she might love SangMin.

ETC.: I absolutely love when writers have catchy lines that just, I don’t know, catch on. It’s really something, especially to see it in everyone’s signature. It’s like a secret language amongst readers, we all know what it is and oh my gosh – I think it’s just beautiful. Like the rampage of April Loves Black Coffee, at the mention of that one phrase everyone knows exactly what story it refers to. That’s so beautiful.

I really feel old now, returning to soompi so many years later. The fanfic section has really changed, and everyone says you shouldn’t hang on to the past but I’m really honestly sad about how neglected the forum has become. I can’t ask old members to return, because people really do grow out of the forum. The people who I used to look up to are probably in their twenties trying to make something out of their talent. Soompi really is a great place for new writers because it’s so welcoming and is a home to so many talented people, it’s really breathtaking. I hope that in the future people will begin to branch out again, threads will become crazily active, and home starts feeling like home again. I have this strange love for soompi’s fanfic section because it was probably the place that really opened my eyes and heart to creative writing. I hope other people feel like this too. I really want to thank any of my readers, silent ones too, for being so loving. I also want to thank mods for being so faithful to the fanfic section and all those that are trying to keep the forum alive. Oh, and I really want to thank Jessa (babyroo) for being so loyal as a beta reader, a friend, and the girl that deals with all the weird coding that I’ve come to loathe.

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