something to read on a rainy day

What would you include on your list of recommendations? ^^
  • chocolates and rain – rowena
  • memories – rowena
  • without sin – romelee
  • dobyuk princess (TF)
  • glass slipper (TF)
  • miss valentine – J K
  • dying in beauty – J K
  • the guy holding the flowers (TF)
  • secret garden (TF)
  • her watercolors, my self portrait – soju
  • voice therapy – xerces
  • habits – linkinpark
  • lost child – jisol
  • december rain – aramis
  • out of a tainted world – evekisera
  • the tiger – fatsoko
  • dark blue – kpopchild
  • ethereal pastels, quintessential tones – katrina
  • young mother (TF)

7 thoughts on “something to read on a rainy day

  1. I’d love to read some of these…hopefully I’ll be able to find them online somewhere! (:

    Also, side note, but I got very excited seeing one of One Way’s songs on here. ^^ I got to meet/hang out with them for a little while (;_;…but I had to leave really soon because I had to catch a train) and they’re not only talented, but are super super sweet and humble as well! (:<3 I really hope that they can become more recognized and acknowledged….they really deserve it ^^.

    1. oh my gosh jane! i’m so jealous that you got to meet and hang out with one way!!! i really love their album and play it all the time hehehe ! — a lot of these fics are in the library if you ever want to give them a try ^^ (or PM me and i can link you to which ever ones i can find (:) thanks for stopping by & continue to write and inspire us, okay? <333

  2. I have Young Mother on my rainy-day-fic list too, but I think One Day My Heart Told Me would be perfect to fit the mood of the weather as well.

    1. yin ! i love both of those TFs ~ i wish there were a way to see the endings to both of them >_< sigh. now i feel like going back and rereading young mother all over again ^^;;; see you around (:

      1. Hi Rejj, sorry for not getting back to you. Hopefully you’ll see this post ^^ Young Mother was last updated by Aramis in 2004 I think so it is probably unlikely that she will ever update it again… she translated it after someone else stopped so you could possibly request for someone to translate it on Soompi but I’m not sure if anyone will do so ):

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