fancracked: If you were to dabble with creative/fic writing today, what sorts of fics/stories would you like to tell and work on? ^^;;  Similarly, if you were offered an opportunity to write/direct a movie or a drama series, what sort of story would you like to work on? (Would you ever like to adapt one of your fics into “live action”?)

sleepii:  I’m a much different (kinda hahaa) person than I was when I was 18/19 writing fanfics. Stories I’d write now would be more adult-orientated. I’ve also deviated from the romantic/drama-esque stories and prefer slice-of-life styles better. I find life in the real to be just as intriguing as those portrayed dramatically. Something about the quietly hidden magic in everyday goings-on and dramatics. If I were offered such an opportunity, I could probably work on something bittersweet. I’ve so many sappy ideas and scenes that it might work better that way. Though I would love to work on something darker and more sinister not centering on love. Action and gunfights and betrayal!! That would appeal to my sense of fun more. I would like to see Tourniquet as a short drama – altered to actually be more realistic but I think it might be amusing.

fancracked: Hearing you talk about Perfect Man makes all giggly xP – It also makes me wonder~~ If you were to track your writing eras by songs, what sorts of music did you listen to while writing each of your fics? ^^ (I remember you really liking Evanescence – I did too!! Their lyrics and music really inspired me a lot when they came out).

sleepii: Almost all my work (in terms of fanfiction) had been influenced by music. The obvious ones had lyrics and such incorporated. Tourniquet and Suture were both songs by Evanescence when I was a rather brood-y person branching into rock. Tourniquet was also influenced content-wise by a song from a video game (Final Fantasy X-2 A Thousand Words). The sequel/sidestory was influenced by Kelly Clarkson’s Where is Your Heart along with Vanessa Williams’ Love Is. Music starts that spark with the emotion I feel when I listen to it. So many of the songs I listen to have a hand in my writing I can’t really pinpoint specific songs to stories (besides the above since they have specific credits towards aforementioned songs). I do remember listening to a LOT of ShinHwa and other older musicians.

fancracked: Where did/do you look for inspiration? ^^ Do/did you have any specific muses and/or professional writers/directors and the likes who inspired you through time?

sleepii: Inspiration strikes me just about anywhere – and usually at the most inconvenient time. Ideas for stories sometimes come from dreams that I often forget to write down and thus flit away. Many of my action-orientated stories I remember coming from a lot of the awesome mega-splosion movies I adore. Writing-style wise, I get from the myriads of authors I’ve read (I read a lot). I particularly adore J.R.R. Tolkien. He created entire worlds with comprehensive histories to back them! I also get a lot of inspiration from everyday life. I like to people watch and I am very observant of my surroundings and what goes on. Little things often spark stories.

fancracked: Are there any stories/fics (in general) that have changed your life/view on life in anyway? ^^ (not limited to fics) Are there any stories/people/experiences that have changed your approach to writing/storytelling?

sleepii:  Literature-wise, many stories including the Lord of The Rings series (and various histories pertaining to it), Lord of the Flies, mysteries by Agatha Christie & Dan Brown, Fables comics by Bill Willingham (HIGHLY recommended), lots of crazy manga like Yakitate!! Japan, stories from video games, etc. I’m not particular about specific genres and mediums – I grow attached to what whatever emotions are sparked from a scene or character. With that, it grows with me as experience and is incorporated into my everyday life and creative process. Take Yakitate!! Japan, a series about baking, I often cook so such a hilarious story centered around baking often pops up when I’m discussing food. Stories like Harry Potter strike down that righteous streak inside.

Outside of pages, my biggest influences are the people that surround me. They are so rich in experiences, thoughts, ideas that I’ve yet to encounter. I’ve never had pets while writing fiction. Now that I do, it brings out a feeling of parenthood and the bonds of love that come with it. My boyfriend has taught me lots in the love department. And that being said, I look back at how love seemed to be such a difficult and complicate thing as I wrote and find that it really isn’t if you don’t make it so. Friends and their drama often change how I approach things.

In terms of how it affects my writing, I no longer have that desire to write such depressing struggling-love stories just because I simply don’t feel that way anymore. I write more about what I see and hear and feel. Lately, I’ve been aching to write something for the girls. My friend had introduced me to the right song (Lonely) and I’m really liking the sort of message that 2NE1 sends out: to be strong women confident in their own strength. Something that doesn’t center around finding a significant other. A fic might surface soon ;D

fancracked:  I’m wondering if there’s any advice you’d like to leave for fellow fic writers/the fic community in general ^^

sleepii: Hahah advice…I don’t feel qualified to give advice about writing as mine has deteriorated so much due to lacking of practice. As for content-wise: write what is true to your feelings. Don’t write for others – write for yourself. Make it yours. And use proper grammar & structure ;D No one wants to read a load of slang (glares at my older stories).

fancracked:  Would you like to leave a message to anyone? ^^

sleepii: Message….. for anyone who still remembers me, thank you for your comments and support in the past! I really appreciate it!


— Thanks to Jen for doing this interview with me ^^

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