Name: Jen/Jenii
DOB: August 30
Contact information: iamjenii[at]
Online aliases: sleepii/iamjenii
Forums most frequented: in the past soompi, currently none
Completed fics: Aww geez, quite a few…Broken Doll, A Dream of Friendship, Tourniquet, Suture, Bloodsong…a few shorts I don’t remember.
Current fics: None :)
Additional information: Ahh…I’ve retired from KPop and that took most of my fanfic-writing with it. Pyuu…

fancracked: Hey sleepii! It’s great to meet you. Could you tell us a bit about yourself?

sleepii: It’s a pleasure to meet you as well. Ahh, myself. I think I’m a rather boring person. I read a lot, I don’t write much anymore due to time constrains. I’m a bit of a crazy cat lady and likes to squish my puppy (forcing my love on her!!). I’m fairly random so I apologize if I get off-topic a lot.
fancracked: How did you get into kpop?–and kpop fics?

sleepii: I got into KPop when my friend introduced me to HOT sometime in the 4th grade. We both then were into ShinHwa and the now Oldies of KPop in middle school. There’s a pretty decent sized Korean community where I live so I had a lot of Korean friends who influenced me with their music and culture. Into the fanfics…hahaaa…this is when I started getting into KPop on my own. I watched what I could online, read up on articles, ogled at photos, etc. Of course I would get into fanfics since they were such a popular thing in the music community. I also was used to writing lots at school during this time so it was natural my subjects shifted over to my personal interests at some point.
fancracked: Could you tell us a bit about your experience in the kpop/fic world?

sleepii: Ahhh. It was “second generation” old school. I was very into ShinHwa. They still are my favorite gasoo. I remember when they took over that “lead boyband” role from HOT when they disbanded and all that craziness. There was also this huge deal when ShinHwa signed to their new label when their contract was up. It was a fun time. I really miss those days. There wasn’t a lot of “fashionable auto-tuning” like what I’ve heard from artists these days. I tend to like what is considered “old” now: SES, JTL, 1TYM, T, Drunken Tiger, Epik High, Clazziquai, Lyn, etc. I listened to a variety of things depending on my mood.

I visited Soompi a lot – for the forums. I remember being very active in both the selling & fanfic forums. I also frequented a fanfic forum which I forget the name. I met one of my best buds through there. I also ran ShinHwa and Se7en fanlistings.

fancracked: The blog had an entry up earlier about FFL/CGI boards — I’m wondering if you frequented any of these boards/other fic sites.

sleepii: Hnn, I believe I did post on both Writer’s Asylum & The Sofa but I was not particularly fond of the script/format of the CGI forums and I stopped after a while and stuck to Soompi (where I did most of my selling as well). I did post to another forum for a while but I can’t quite recall the name! I’m having to ask my friend (who I met through it) about it.

fancracked: Could you tell us about en noir?

sleepii: Ahhh, en noire! I almost forgot about that. It was a collective of fanfics/writing of mine. It was relatively small at the time and I had Word documents for download (of my stories along with those I enjoyed). I spent a lot of time compiling the works and sometimes having to copy & paste them from the forums and formatting them to Word. A labor of love!

fancracked: Could you tell us about some of your favorite fics/fic writers? ^^

sleepii: I had quite a few. I honestly don’t remember many names other than Linkinpark, Moley, Romelee… and Traytor/Jieun was a pretty big name back then. I do distinctly remember Frenetic. She didn’t write often but she wrote some fantastic shorts.  I don’t remember many fics…it’s been so long!

fancracked: Looking back, what were some memorable/remarkable fic moments?

sleepii: I started reading/contributing when HOT was being taken over by ShinHwa so I remember the fanfic world shifting as well. More ShinHwa fics started cropping up. I also remembered when DBSG fanfics started to take over. And when popping randomly by the soompi forums now, no ShinHwa fics can be found! It’s interesting how preferences for people change as actual group popularity changes. During the time I was active, there was also a lot of very literary and very well written stories were “the thing”. I hope that hasn’t changed ;D

fancracked: Could you tell us a bit about your own fics? (Broken Doll was one of my favorite fics when I started out reading fics!! I still love it!! <33333)

sleepii: Ahhh! It’s so embarrassing these days. Many of the stories I wrote were back in my youth before I met my boyfriend. Much of it were speculations on what it would be like to love. Most likely the reason I stopped writing – because I know now what it’s like ;D

A lot of my stories often had very broken people. I don’t know why I was so emo/angsty but it was natural to write. As I moved from middle school to high school to college, my writing subject shifted somewhat. I remember when I was writing in college, I wanted my characters to feel a little more real. To have problems people can relate to. I also stopped writing about “high school life” and about the adult world where things are much more complicated.

One of my favorite stories was a short called An Assessment of Emotions. It was something very different for me to write and probably one of my better constructed pieces. It was also one that had a non-definitive ending which is probably why it wasn’t so popular ;;^^

fancracked: You’ve written a lot of fics with memorable characters (particularly ones with angsty lives/dark histories (my favorite = Niwa in Broken Doll)). Do you have any favorite characters that you’ve written? Do you identify/relate with anyone in particular? ^^;;

sleepii: HAHAHAH! Yes I have. They’re really easy characters to write about. The easiest character I’ve created was J in Tourniquet since a lot of her being was derived from myself. My favorite characters are the bubbly ones that contrast. I think because it’s so rare to see people that are always so cheerful in real life, I adore the happy-go-lucky characters in my stories best. I also liked the main girl (so lame but I forget her name) in Wild Eyes since her eyes changed colors when she was mad (from gray to gray with red edges).

fancracked: I wish I could have read Wild Eyes! Sounds like something I would have been obsessed with back in the day xP On the topic of dark/angsty fics, I remember Bloodsong 1 & 2 & Tourniquet having heavy/dark plot points… Why do you think there’s such a big universal appeal to writers and readers alike towards angst/dark stories? ^^;
sleepii: I have it archived on my old laptop – all this talk makes me want to dig them back up and possibly finish some incomplete ones :D Dark themes/angst is easier to write in my opinion. Personally, I cannot think of enough jokes and funny stuff to write a comedy so I really enjoy when people can write a compelling story with the main genre being comedy. With darker emotions and storylines, it just comes naturally because most of it feeds off itself. One doesn’t have to set up a joke and punchline.

fancracked: Is there any interesting backstory about any of the fics that you’ve written? ^^

sleepii: A Dream of Friendship was a literal transcription of a dream I had. It’s unfortunate but many breaking-aways did occur between some of my closest friends and myself. It was particularly poignant in that aspect. Tourniquet/Suture was something I wrote while in college and thus much of it reflects my life in that environment.

fancracked: What’s the hardest fic you’ve ever written & why? ^^

sleepii: The hardest…would be An Assessment of Emotions. A short comprising of three parts from three perspectives that had to correlate and be individual at the same time. They had to relate and flow into one another as the story went along (meaning each part was simply not different views of the same scene). It was also dealing with a lot of psychological issues (between the characters and themselves & with each other) and not so much action so I had to make it interesting without gunshots and sword fights. It was an account of three individuals who were very twisted in their perception of love and yet realistic (I hope). It was an interesting approach for me. I had never written anything like that (structurally/plot-wise) before.

fancracked: Reading An Assessment of Emotions made me realize I didn’t ask you a question I should have from the start — Can you tell us a bit about FTTS in the fic world? ^^;; There was a time when I thought Shinhwa and FTTS fics would always be a part of the fic scene, but now it feels like less and less people know of the time when FTTS fics were around ^^;; I know that change is a constant, but still ~ FTTS had its own flavor… one that I miss ^^;;

sleepii: Ahhh Fly to the Sky! During the time I was participating in the reading & writing of fics, there were a set of artists that were very popular: ShinHwa, DongBangShinGi, various actors/actresses from popular dramas at that time like HyunBin and of course, Fly to the Sky. With most of the groups, people tended to incorporate them all or one 1-3 of them as the main characters. Fly to the Sky was a setup that made it really easy to have two male leads. Either working together or against each other (most of the time), the duo was easily selected as the main characters due to their dynamics as two fairly different men in real life. It also made it very easy to pit them against each other with a girl in the middle (much like their music video for Condition of My Heart). From what I read, they were often both in the same stories somehow. An album, like Gravity, was a great fodder for storylines – it was so brooding, darker and more mature.

Note: Part II will be posted up shortly. Also, many of sleepii’s fics can be found in the library ^^;

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