One Day My Heart Told Me…

Like book spines aligned on a shelf, certain fic titles have intrigued us to choose them over others.

Sometimes it’s the short but impacting title that shouts (or whispers) confidently to alert its presence. Sometimes it’s the long, flowy title that breezes by, forcing you to chase after it for a second read to make sure you understand its meaning. Sometimes it’s the bizarre or crude title that challenges you to NOT notice it (which of course, succeeds in baiting you against your will).

Whatever the case, each fic’s title becomes a branded memory–something you cherish and hold onto long after its last chapter. So my question for you is, what are some of your favorite fic titles? ;D

Some titles that’ve done the job for me are:

One Day My Heart Told Me translated by anti_goorah

Glass Slipper by elijah, translated by sue

To A Beautiful Wolf translated by swtkrn012

Young Mother translated by lovelygirl and aramis

Chocolates and Rain by rowena

Hear My Prayer by 4tang

Love Box by lovexglitter

Without Sin by romelee

Manly Friday Night Conversations by want-a FANTA…?

And She Was Gone by secretlyxsmiling

Nervous to Sleep by kawa

After the Rain by slvrstar

Wild Flowers by linkinpark

Out of a Tainted World by evekisara

December Rain by aramis

I’m A Bad Girl So Slap Me by lilshinhwafreak

The Garden of Everything by thegirl (butterbean)

Black Vodka by nai.

The Heart’s Serenade by superstarrr_mel

Voice Therapy by xerces

Swell and Dive by yuns

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