Name: Gloria
DOB: April 6
Contact information: Soompi PM: bitememonster
Online aliases: bitememonster & marbledrink
Forums most frequented: Soompi
Completed fics: Always Smile
Current fics: Perfect Painting (incomplete), Good Day (collection of one-shots) & The Colour Spectrum (poetry collection)
Additional information: I’m sort of a blank person? But simultaneously, there’s a huge whirling vortex of chaos in my mind the usually renders it impossible for me to construe a coherent and cohesive string of thought. So I tend to end up being random and out of sorts. When I walk, I like to look up at the sky and usually the sky reflects my mood for the day. I haven’t been writing as much as I used to but I’d like to write as much as I used to. I’m really good at rant blogs and I tend to pride over them… yea… I’m a fairly chill and open-minded person so feel free to talk to me if you want to (this kind of sounds weird online…).

FICS: Analysis, Mud Pie Prelude, The Summer House, The Uhljjang Who Couldn’t Play the Piano, Gangsterism Versus Love Story, Suicide Note, Kachiky, Today I’ll Be a Cat
WRITERS: bloo., lusceil, Moe, chaoticrose, moogle, yumi-chan, d o l c e vita (strawberrii chuuu), iridescent
CHARACTERS: can’t recall any- sorry >o<;;
MOMENTS: >.> I read these fics almost 4-5 years ago so I can’t recall any.


I’d like to dedicate this song Fiction to Lynn because it’s the most recent song I’ve been obssessing over and repeating relentlessly.
If I could spend a day with one character from a fic, it’d be Sang Eun from Always Smile because he’s the type of guy I can hang out with.
If any fic could be turned into a movie/drama, I’d like it to be Suicide Note because every chapter was interesting and the characters were so unique!
I <3 fics because they allow me to enter into other worlds much like novels and other forms of literature.


I’ve been really lazy and pretty much drained of creativity and motivation to go back and complete my second fanfic. It’s funny, because I actually had a third fanfic in the making but I scrapped it when I got caught up in high school drama. Today, I reread my first fanfic and I was just so embarrassed about my numerous errors in my chapters. I also read some of the replies from my readers and it brought back a nostalgic feeling and that’s when I realized why I used to love reading and writing fanfic when I was young (not that I’m old now). I’m really grateful for my readers who stuck by me and encouraged me to keep on writing and posting. I wish I could do so much more and better for them. So, that’s why I’m not giving up on my poetry collection and hopefully I can work my way up again. Thank you.


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