Name:  Anna
DOB: October 7
Contact information: manyhx3[AT]
Online aliases: manyhx3, also formally known as ~Manyh
Forums most frequented:, & Soompi
Completed fics: 9 one shots, Endless Love (2008), Unforgettable (2007), In Your Shadow (2008), Unforgivable (2008), Only look at me (2008), Once in a life time (2008) & The Break Out (2011).
Current fics: Double Trouble, Master Murders, Left Shore Of happiness, Live a Lie, In Denial
Additional information: I was exposed to writing at a very young age, my teacher used to encourage me to write. She used to make the short stories and fairy tales into small books. I thought it was really fun. Even thought it was more like a children’s book at that time.

Still, I used to have a lot of crazy imaginations about everything. So I couldn’t store everything in my mind. I had this idea of putting them down into writing and let it break loose.

I like to try out new things in writing, but I always fail at the developing love between two people. So I am currently working on it through reading books.

FICS: The Joy Of Being Happy & Conversations Between Us by Solangel, Little Vietnamese Girl & Just Another Girl by vietgirl604, Wedding wrecker by insertusernamehere, Take Care of My Girlfriend by twinklinglibra
WRITERS: vietgirl604, insertusernamehere, Solangel
CHARACTERS: I’m not sure, I think it would be Kenita TamHee, Linh Dao. I think that they are fascinating characters in their own way. Like how you can pull of a conversation with something random with TamHee. But with Linh, you’ll have a hard time because she has a bit hard time to get along with girls. She’s more like a tomboy.
Lines/Scenes: The prologue of CBU where the guy asks the girl to tell him a sweet story, “Tell me a story. They only let me out so that you could take me somewhere, but all you want to do is sit here and drink coffee!” – For some reason, when I first read it, I thought that he was in prison, waiting for his death penalty. So they let him out to give him some time with his beloved ones. Haha
Or when JaeWon didn’t know May’s name. He trid to recall what her name was, similar to a month. He randomly thought of a month, April. He wrote “April loves Black Coffee.” I thought it was hilarious, and very original.
Twists:  (contains no spoilers) Everything is not like from what you read. I love the unexpected twist in TJOBH and CBU how Solangel worked it out to be. That’s what it makes so fascinating and interesting to read about. If the twist is expected to be, then it wouldn’t be fun to read about. I love the original thoughts and time that was added in twists.
MOMENT IN FIC HISTORY: Before the crash there was this fan fiction written by a popular male soompier (I think he goes by -X- now). It was very detailed, fresh and new, and the writing is amazingly good. The thought of a guy writing, it was fascinating. I know that there were many male writers out there, but the most memorable and popular one is this guy’s fiction. Or just him. Anyway I would like to see him making a comeback in writing.

I’d like to dedicate this song Love alone by Miss A to this characterJunHyung in “Take care of my girlfriend” because no one wants to have a one sided love. Let her know your true feelings, even though it hurts you to see her with another guy. And maybe in the end everyone will end up regretting. Do something about it, take action.
If I could spend a day with one character from a fic, it’d be Hwang LiYin from Endless Love because I am a big fan of history, so I find her quite fascinating in her own way. I would like to have a chat with her and talk about the difference from modern and ancient times. It would be hilarious to see her wide eyes, to tell her about outrageous outfits, or how men and women can interact these days.
If any fic could be turned into a movie/drama, I’d like it to be Conversation between Us because April loves black Coffee. Every single bit of it, is original. The perfect love story, this is what the world is missing out on. It’s incredible good and by the time it becomes alive, everyone would be repeating the memorable lines and scene of CBU.
I <3 fics because there’s no limit in what you can write and there’s always room for improvement.


First I would like to thank Philip, Tyson, Tammy and Stephanie for always supporting and encourage me in writing. To Solangel for unintentionally inspiring me a lot in both writing and reading. To Albert, my old beta reader, thanks for the ideas and that you took your time to check my grammar errors.

And then to my readers, who have shown supports for my stories. Being able to know that there are readers out there – even if it’s only one person – it makes me happy. I can’t express enough thankfulness or appreciation for you, but I will continue to work harder.

To all the writers out there: Don’t be discouraged, let your imagination run wild, write down every single thought you have in mind.  You’ll be surprised that anything can be used. Reading books will improve your reading and writing. Don’t throw away your old ideas or stories, keep them. It might be good use in the future.  Anyways I hope you will find the joy in writing as I did.


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