DOB: August 16, 1993
Contact information: i don’t check my email often, the best way is through here: on soompi my sn is rintard, that is a good way to contact me as well.
Online aliases: rintard (soompi), iweenafails (asianfanfics)
Forums most frequented: soompi
Completed fics: 9th Grade Love, Park Jay, Thief!, I Stole His Scone!, What We Once Were
Current fics: 8th Hottest Member of 2PM … Is My Brother?! My Suicidal Best Friend, Stay, M O U S E T R A P ____, Hottest Time of the Day My Butt! and I Kidnapped 2PM’s Leadja
Additional information: hmm .. i have no idea what to say except thank you for considering me for an interview (:

FICS: Welcome to the Underworld & Anonymously Yours
WRITERS: con.template & lyrical lies
CHARACTERS: Yoori & Taehyun
MOMENTS: from both fics, I can honestly say that I loved every single part of both fics.
ETC.: The reason why these two fanfics have impacted my life greatly because WTTU is such a great read. That fanfic has inspired me to try to change my writing, to try to challenge myself instead of sticking to one way of writing. Anonymously Yours is another fic that I hold dear to my heart simply because its such a sweet and light-hearted story. Also because its the first fanfic that I’ve ever read. And it got me into writing fanfics. My friend told me to sign up to soompi because of that fic. I was reluctant at first but I am glad that she pushed me to read it or else I wouldn’t be here!

I’d like to dedicate this song Rebirth by 10cm to WTTU because I felt that this song fits with the whole story. I’d like to elaborate on the reason why but I feel if I did, I’d be spoiling the story to the people who haven’t read the fanfic. But I’d like to add that it fits the story because the melody of the song gives the mood of the story. (To me anyways xD)
I’d like to dedicate this song Tonight by Jay Park to Anonymously Yours because its such a fun song, so very much like the story and the song tells you to ‘have a good time’ and also gets you to grab life and take it by the horns and do what you have to do and not care.
If any fic could be turned into a movie/drama, I’d like it to be Welcome to the Underworld. I’d love to see who they would pick as the main cast and of course, how they put the story to life. I’d like to see how they create it so that it becomes a movie, but I am just hoping if they do make it into a movie, its not rushed because I’d be a pity if it was cut.
I <3 fics because it takes me to a different world and lets me create a world, even if I do borrow real life characters. I love fics because it helps me improve my writing. Before I started writing fics, I didn’t care about grammar and thought my grammar was pretty great but turns out it was pretty bad. Its also another way for me to read without reading a book. Since I became laptop crazy, its harder for me to read and so fics helps me read.


I’d like to give a shout out to the people who are still writing on soompi, especially the ones who have been on soompi for a long time and are still writing, I applaud your drive to write. Its easy for a person to just quit and give up if they hit a wall or get writers block. But to the writers who do keep writing are just phenomenal.

I think the fanfiction scene is pretty cool right now, I like how there are tons of new fanfics and new writers that are popping out.


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