I really enjoyed reading SANG.MIN by fatsoko because it gave us a chance to read a “character study” and because it gave us a chance to see the writer’s inner workings since it was a bit of an experimental piece for her.

The first person narration, the quotation mark-less dialogue, and the well worked characterizations made the fic feel personal and intense. It’s the kind of story that you have to prepare for (like fatsoko’s other fic, The Tiger) because it’s very engrossing. Whether you want it to or not, it requires you to invest your emotional energy on it as it chews on Minki’s “love story” with Chunsang. I put that in quotation marks because I think their love is questionable — fatsoko made it so that people would have very strong and divided opinions on the “romance” in this fic, just like with its characters.

All in all, reading SANG.MIN is a bit like watching someone voluntarily stand in front of an approaching train without being able to stop him. You want to scream and tell him not to do it, that it isn’t worth it, that he should value himself more… but fatsoko makes it so that you wonder why this person cares so much about sacrificing everything he has to be hit by this “train” of doom in the first place… I think that’s the fascinating part… learning why and how Minki ended up like this (of course, you’ll still want to scream at him to get away from the train tracks through each of his recounting’s).

Give this fic a shot if you’re looking for something heavy that isn’t necessarily “dark.” I’d love to hear from you/start a discussion on what you make of the characters if you do end up reading it. (:

Here’s an excerpt from its third chapter:

I asked her once why she was never content with just one person.

She told me that it wasn’t about the number of people she had relationships with. It was about being free to have those relationships. It wasn’t about love but power.

I had looked at her sadly then, trying to piece together the shattered, misshapen parts of Kim ChunSang but all she gave me were either false pieces or such vague pieces that I could only assume the worst. I took a shot in the dark. You like to control other people’s emotions.

She smirked. Bingo.

I nodded then, taking that in. Even me? I asked her.

She didn’t even bat an eyelash. Of course. Especially you.

I nodded again and then told her, It’s okay if you do. But I’ll always be here.

A small frown formed on her lips and then disappeared as quickly as it had come. That’s a given, she said.

If you want to read the rest, click here ^^

**Thanks to fatsoko for allowing me to re-post the excerpt here (:

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