Name: Min
DOB: April 9
Contact information: PM me on soompi :D or you can personally ask for my email if you really want it :D
Online aliases: Mostly elevatormusic. I think I might be orangebubbles at some other forums.
Forums most frequented: Really only soompi and ficlics before it closed D:
Completed fics: I have some stuff written, but I realized how embarrassing they were, so I took them all down XD the only one that’s still up is Facebook Status, I think :P
Current fics: I don’t have anything posted aside from Two Birds on a Telephone Wire, but I am constantly writing. I do want to get better at writing, so I practice a lot. I’m also taking a children’s picture book writing class, so I have a couple manuscripts, but nothing that serious :P
Additional information: My favorite gasoos are really all in YG family. Other than that, I like K.Will, Kim Bumsoo, Dynamic Duo, Supreme Team, ex-YG family like Big Mama, Lexy etc. I like ballad singers and underground rap and indie bands. I like finding new music, so if you think there’s something I like, let me know! Also I can’t really keep up with all the new idols that have debuted recently because there are too many!

fancracked: Hey Min! Feels great to finally get this interview started! Can you tell us how you got introduced to kpop and kpop fanfiction?
min: For kpop, Big Bang is the group that really sucked me in. Before that I just listened to a few songs, but I wasn’t in love with it or anything. Actually, every time I heard of a new Korean song, it was always a ballad, so I always wondered why Koreans songs were all so slow and sad XD As I started listening to Big Bang, I discovered more groups, and some people introduced me to underground rap and indie bands, and I really loved it :D but My Ping Pong Boy is what got me into fanfiction. That story isn’t really fanfiction, but it’s the first fiction story that I read online, and I loved it and I wanted to read more, so I found Soompi!

I read a lot of NG stories before because I didn’t know that many idol groups or Korean singers (maybe I read a fanfiction and didn’t know it was fanfiction because I didn’t know anyone’s name) but one of the first fanfics I read that left a huge impact on me was Balloons. That was a really great story. I don’t think I’ll ever get over it. And it made me like FTTS soooo much more :P I wish I was into fanfiction during the What I Did For Love Era, because I would know what everyone’s talking about XD

fancracked: You know I was speaking about generation shifts with Michelle (mishxmish). Sometimes I feel bad because I feel like the focus on the past/on the present or even the future generations makes it seem like one generation’s being pitted against another… but there have always been great “treasures” and awesome people in the fic world regardless of time ne (: I know you said you’ve been a bit busy so you haven’t been as active in the fic section… but based on your memory of when you were around, what sorts of things did you enjoy about the fic section?
min: I think I really loved the community of writers, and how easy it was to make friends and connect with people. If I read someone’s story and liked it, I’d leave a comment, and they’d do personal replies, and the replies would just get longer and longer, and I’d get to know the author better and better, and then we’d exchange contact info (lol I’m making this sound like a business deal or sth XDD) and talk off of Soompi. It was fun. I do miss it a lot, but I don’t regret not being as active. It’s nice to have those memories and I’m glad I was able to meet those people. I don’t know much about the earlier generation, but some of the people I got to know were around then, and it makes me wish I found out about the world of fanfiction earlier :P

fancracked: I feel like the talkative nature of the fic section allows us to get to know one another well/allows us to bounce ideas off of on another… Did a certain writing style or writer ever inspire you in any way?
min: I’m kind of like a sponge, I guess. That’s what I just realized when I read your question. My writing really reflects what I’m reading. When I’m reading something really funny, I find myself trying to stuff a bunch of humorous situations into my stories, and if I really love a character, I find myself developing characters that are kind of my response to that character. And I don’t usually touch sad or super suspenseful topics when I write, but when I read about them, I always feel like writing something like that.

I feel like such a mariika fan girl when I talk about her, but I seriously love her writing style, word choice, dialogue, everything. I’m lucky to have gotten close with her, because I feel like she has the same feelings as I do, but she’s much more articulate and better at describing things than I am. She can say exactly what I want to say in fewer and better words. And I really love the personal voice she has in her writing as well. I think I could read her stuff over and over again and laugh or be moved or just simply be amazed with her writing.

But for the people that inspired me to write fanfiction in the FIRST place are my friends from school. There were five of us, and luckily we all liked different members of Big Bang, so we were like, “Girl Big Bang” or something like that, and we tried writing this five-part thing that we’d each write based on our high school life, with Big Bang in it. It was so crazy and hard to plan, so it never got anywhere. And the funny thing is, I was the last person to get into it, but I’m the only person who really got into it XD

fancracked: Reading your response brought me back to the “old days” though they were just a few years ago ^^ I remember when mariika came — it was like a boom/boost to the fic section–especially for Big Bang fics (though I think she was also popular for her Dong Bang fic too, yes?)
min: yeah mariika wrote DBSK fics at first, and then when Big Bang debuted, she started writing Big Bang XD but I love her writing so much I read her DBSK ones too and they most definitely did not disappoint. And I have to admit I was never interested in DBSK that much, but after reading her fics, I became interested XD

fancracked: What are some of your favorite fics that you’ve read? What fics would you recommend to someone who’s just getting started in the fic world? ^^
min: Well, my fic choice is really biased (I usually only read  Big Bang fics unless the story is absolutely exceptional) XD I’m a huuuuuuge fan of Ji_Eunie, mariika, pickup.stix, sockratease, and a whole bunch of other writers. I really love fics with humor, because I love laughing. When I find a story and I’m laughing my head off during the first chapter, I get so excited and read the whole thing without stopping, and then I regret doing that because I have so much work that got pushed back, or it’s four in the morning, and I have a class at 9 XD but then I also love really sad stories. So if a story can make me laugh or cry hysterically, then it’s good for me. BUT I think the first Big Bang fic I read and actually loved was Green Frogs. omg I loved that story.

fancracked: You’ve taken down the majority of your stories… but can you tell us a bit about them?
min: My earlier stories were REALLY cliché. I mean, I love a good cliché, but I think it should be well executed so it can stand apart from the other clichés. BUT mine was cliché and not well executed. There were tons of plot holes and really awkwardly-written moments. They also had parts that made no sense, or had absolutely no possibility of being believable. I know it’s fiction, but… lol I can’t explain how bad they were XD um, but for quick summaries the first one I ever posted was about this new hot guy that came to school, and like the main girl, my second one was this girl who just came to Korea from America and yeah. Then my third one was about this guy in college who likes this girl he saw walking on the street, but she was still in high school, so it was a little awkward for him. I had another story about a girl who works at a cafe and has ridiculous fellow employees. Another story about a girl who likes this guy who owns a bakery, and my last story that I didn’t finish was about this girl who meets the guy that lives across the hallway from her. I had a lot of one-shots, too many to give quick summaries for XD
fancracked: Can you tell us why you decided to take your stories down? ): Also, will your readers ever get the chance to get their hands on them again? I’m sure they miss reading them! ^o^v
min: I took my stories down because I was going over them one day when I was bored (because I remembered some of the story, and I wanted to refresh my memory) and I realized how badly written they were, and how weird it was. When people talked about how they planned their stories and characters, I always wondered why they did that, because I just wrote whatever I wanted, and if there were plot holes or under developed characters, I’d just hope the readers wouldn’t notice XD So I took them down mostly because I was embarrassed XD They were really badly written. There are a couple stories that I’d go back into and fix, but some are so bad to the point where I think they’re unfixable XD

This always happens to me though. I get really excited while writing, then I give it some time and read it maybe a month later, and I realize how weird it was, and it makes my spine crawl, and I talk myself out of posting it. There are soooo many times I write things, and say “Oh, finally I can post something again!” then life gets in the way and I break, re-read to refresh my memory so I can write more, then I just close the document because it’s so weird XD Also, I can’t post things before I finish, because I have this bad habit of not finishing something once I post it. It always happens. So I try to finish, because I love the feeling of finally finishing something.

I did write something over winter break, though. I had so much fun writing it, and I think I got about half-way, but I stopped because I had to go back to school. I re-read it one weekend and wanted to crawl into a hole. But I was relieved that I didn’t post it, or I would die XD

fancracked: Are there certain traits (found in your muses) that inspire you? Or certain traits that you like to play up on in your fics?
min: Since I usually write about Big Bang, I feel like they each have a certain personality, and whenever I think of a scenario for writing, one of them always fits there perfectly. Maybe I think of scenarios FOR that member… but it works out XD I tend to write mostly about TOP or GD.

I try to stay away from writing about YB because he’s my favorite and when I write about him, the story gets really biased and nothing dramatic happens and I feel like I can’t hurt him because he’s so innocent T_T XDDD I like TOP and GD A LOT but YB’s my bias, so I feel like I have more freedom when writing about them.

I miss the days when they JUST debuted because I felt like there was so much to work from because they had to get known and did so many more things, and everything about them was new. These days, they repeat a lot of things and don’t come out as much, so I feel like there’s less to work with. But back to the personalities I gave the members– I usually give Jiyong this kind of sensitive/immature/kind of selfish character, and I usually give Seunghyun a personality that’s both mellow and hyper and humorous. I love his weird sense of humor. And of course, there are always new pictures that drive me crazy and make me want to write at that very second.
fancracked: I’m wondering how the growth and development of your personal muses has affected your writing/way of thinking about them (if there has been any change due to growth/development). ^^
min: Well, Big Bang has definitely grown a lot as a group. They’ve done a 180 since they’ve debuted, but they still have some main elements that remain the same. My character portrayal has changed since I’ve “gotten to know them better”. Also, before fanfiction, I never wrote for pleasure. I wrote stories for class when I was younger as assignments, but those never went over three pages. So I don’t really know if it was them who changed my writing, or the fanfic community in general.

fancracked: Of the characters that you’ve written… who’s your favorite, who’s the one you can relate to the most, who’s the most memorable one, who’s the one you’d like to have as a best friend/sibling/lover? ^^
min: This is probably a bad answer, but my favorite character that I’ve written about was the part I gave Kwon Jiyong in the story I wrote during my winter break. I really wanted to work on character and relationship development, so I really got into showing all the different characteristics I gave him, and how he evolved during the story. Most of the time, I used those short cuts like, “A meets B. a few months pass and A and B are now best friends” or something along those lines. But this story I really wanted to show HOW A and B became best friends. It was fun since it was kind of an exercise for me, but… it’s still really, really weird so I can’t post it. I really feel like I put in all the qualities I look for a guy in that character, whether it be best friend or lover. Most definitely not as a brother XD

I put Teddy Park from 1tym as a character’s brother once, and that would be what I’d want for a brother, but I don’t want Teddy Park as a brother. He can be my husband XDDDD omg I feel like I’m dangling chocolate in front of someone and then eating it all by myself XD sorry D:

fancracked: Repeating the same question, only this time, of the characters that you’ve read… who’s your favorite, who’s the one you can relate to the most, who’s the most memorable one, who’s the one you’d like to have as a best friend/sibling/lover? ^^
min: omg there are so many characters that I’ve read about that I’ve wanted to meet in real life. So… I’m mentioning mariika again, but I would love to live in her story Shipwrecked. The characters in there are SO great and cracktastic, I feel like it would be so amusing and fun to live in that world. I’d just be amazed by how ridiculous everyone is, and just enjoy the show. Really. There isn’t anyone in there that’d I’d want as a lover/best friend/brother because it’s written in TOP’s point of view, and he’s really pessimistic, so by default, everyone is annoying in the funniest way. I don’t know if this is a good comparison, but it’s kiiiiiiinda like Squidward being surrounded by SpongeBob and Patrick. Not really. But just a little.

fancracked: On the topic of music, if you could dedicate a few songs to some of your favorite characters (or friendships/couples) that you’ve written, what songs would they be and why? (:
min: Well, I usually write while listening to music– well I really listen to music all the time because when it’s too quiet, it creeps me out. There are songs that inspire me, but I don’t think I would dedicate any songs to any of my characters :P I feel that songs aren’t really mine to dedicate, because it’s not something I created.

fancracked: What’s your current music playlist? ^^
min: Well I’ve been downloading music, but I haven’t had a chance to listen to them, so they’ve just been sitting on my desktop. I don’t really like listening to new music if I know I don’t have time to actually pay attention to it and pick out which ones I really enjoy, because if I don’t, they’ll just get lost in my library, and I might never notice them XD but there are a couple new songs I’ve been able to listen to. I think “Because of my Liver” by Cha Duri is really funny, and I like “Like You” by Jooyoung. My friend just introduced me to that song. Oh, and I’m in love with both versions of “By Instinct”, the Kang Seungyoon and Swings’s version and the Taeyang, Yoon Jongshin and Swings’s version <3 Also, I’ve been watching the show “I am a Singer” and I was rekindled by “Nothing Better” by Jungyup.

fancracked: Do you have a favorite lyricist or singer who always has meaningful lyrics that speak to you? ^^
min: I’m going to sound like a crazy BB fan girl, but I love GD and TOP’s lyrics T_T I just feel like they’re telling us their own stories, so it makes me feel like I’m having conversations with them when I listen to their music and read their lyrics.

Also, I think PSY is great because he doesn’t JUST talk about love. He talks about so many other things because there is so much more to life than JUST relationships, and I think he does it in a really successful way. I actually don’t know that many lyricists only because I know a lot of singers don’t write their own songs, and to remember both lyricists (which I can’t always put a face to) and singers is hard :P I can’t believe I forgot about Tablo. He has a really amazing way with words. Maybe it’s his Stanford diploma, but his lyrics really feel like poetry. In Epik High’s song Coffee, there’s this one line during Tablo’s first rap that really made me listen to it twice.

fancracked: Have you ever been influenced by the lyrical style and/or history of an artist before? ^^~~
min: I’m sad to say I didn’t pay much attention to lyrics when I was younger T_T at that time, I read lyrics just so I could memorize them so I could sing them when they were stuck in my head without mumbling, but I never really absorbed anything. At that time, the group of friends I had really liked listening to hip-hop and rap, so I was really into that for a while. I’ve listened to a couple of those songs recently, and although I was overwhelmed with nostalgia, I didn’t see much similarities in syntax/vocab or general aura with something I’ve written. And since about 2006, I’ve been listening to about 95% Korean music, but I write in English, so it doesn’t come over T_T Although I do write scenarios that are inspired by songs, and sometimes I put in “translations” of lyrics into dialogue.

fancracked: If you could have any fic of yours adapted into a movie or a drama, what would it be and why?
min: Whenever I write, I visualize everything in my head, kind of like a movie. I think that’s why I have a lot of dialogue. Also, I try hard to make my characters as realistic as possible, so the dialogue is quick, and there isn’t much thought between words, because a lot of times, we speak before thinking and then something that we didn’t really mean comes out. I think this is another reason why I practice writing a lot, because books and movies are really different. Writing a screen play and writing a manuscript are completely different, and I try to combine them, which is why I think I struggle with writing a lot.

Whenever I feel stuck, I start reading old stories I really enjoyed. omg I went off on a tangent. BUT to answer your question~~~ there was this one one-shot I wrote, I can’t remember if I posted it, but it was about two strangers meeting late at night at a train station, I was going for a really abstract idea, and I think I’d have the most fun turning that into a short film that’s probably about 15-20 minutes long. Either this, or a straight up comedy. Like. Fall out of my seat nonstop laughter. OR a horror film. I hate horror films because I hate being scared, but I feel like if I was part of the production for one, I’d see how everything was done and not be scared :P

fancracked: It’s always interesting to me to see how a writer visually interprets his/her own work compared to his/her readers’ takes on the same work. You mentioned you visualize your fics as movies. I wonder if you ever see them in other visual “styles” as well ^^
min: I usually see my stories as dramas or movies. I don’t usually see them as cartoons or animes, because I haven’t really watched a lot of anime (I read more manga :P) and most of the cartoons I remember watching were about animals XD Sometimes I want to make a couple manga style pages for some stories, because I have a really distinct image for a certain scene, but I never really get to it D: and I don’t usually see things as plays because I feel like plays are very “2D” when it comes to entertainment. I love watching plays, and I don’t mean 2D in a bad way; I just think that plays have a limited setting, and we can only see what’s going on from one angle. That’s what makes plays stand out from movies/dramas and they have their own charm.

Link to Part II 


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