Name: Elizabeth
DOB: May 2, 1991
Contact information: Soompi inbox – patience
Online aliases: patience
Forums most frequented: Korean music, fanfix
Completed fics:
One-shots: A Series of Firsts, Forever in My Heart, Dazed and Confused, Flat-lining, Friends It Is
Current fics: Park Yeeun’s Objective Notes on Life, When It Snows
Additional information: Favorite Kpop group – Wondergirls – As if my very obvious bias towards Yeeun wasn’t obvious wnough, hehe! I actually got into them during their So Hot promotion period. I remember waiting every weekend for their performances on the various stages, I used to check coolsmurf’s channel faithfully, as well as his WG Blog. These ladies inspire me so much! Also, it helps that Sunmi and I were born on the same day a year apart!

Its weird though, as a girl I can’t ever seem to go crazy for any of the male idol groups, or any male celebrity in particular… Maybe I’m not very much into deluding myself  :) !! I do appreciate looking at a good looking man A LOT though, be it celebrity or not… I tend to go crazier about the real life guys *huge grin*!

And as I seem thoroughly boring so far, I think I’ll end with something cool (at least people tell me it is) about myself: I’m a Pilot! I’ll get my Airline Pilot License when I’m 22, and I would love to fly the East and South-East Asia routes someday, to or from the US!

TOP 5… 
FAVORITE FICS: They’re all incomplete though *sadface*: In no particular order –
She Felt it Every day by pinkcoffee (tugs at my heartstrings) ,
Anti-fan by Ji_eunie (I think she stopped writing it and took it down),
Ocean Blue by Bassy (Pirates, what more do you need?),
The Paths We Take by bbgroove (loved her one-shots, even though the unfortunate happened),
It Started With a Cactus by dreamgazer1985 on her livejournal (cheese, anyone? And this one’s complete),
Reawakening by Breathless ( just so beautifully written)
This is more than 5…there’s even more though!
FAVORITE WRITERS: pinkcoffee, Ji_eunie,  Breathless
MUST READS OF YOUR TIME: Obviously I’m not big on Non-Gasoo fics, it’s just that I like to imagine a predetermined face, weave up a fantasy story for someone… Writing wise, I’d have to say Reawakening and She Felt it Everyday. I was most active between 2008-2010, then life got in the way…
GUILTY PLEASURES: Just one – Anything Park Yeeun related!! It’s kinda sad I know, but if she’s your heroine, then I’ll be reading your fic! Not that I don’t appreciate the awesome talent a good number of writers have on Soompi (since it’s my primary source of Fanfiction), but I’m just awfully biased, is all!

LINE/SCENE FROM A FIC & why: There are lots, but if I had to absolutely pick, then It’d be a scene, in the first chapter, from Breathless’ Reawakening when Yeeun, the angel, smoothens out the creased brow of Donghae whose reliving his worst night in a nightmare,  “just so he can sleep better.” Come to think of it, its kinda like the scene in Secret Garden when Hyun Bin smoothened out Ha Jiwon’s creased forehead when she had nightmares, thought apparently he caused them anyway. And then she tells him to come anyway (in her dreams), today, and then the day after as well… Kyaaaaaaaaaa!!! Ahem, I’ll stop now.
Donghae in Reawakening coz he absolutely breaks my heart, and somehow, I guess it’s the masochist in me, I really like how the author spells out his pain, lays it bare, for all to see…
Yeeun in Get Wicked by Far – she’s so amazingly bitchy and seductive in it, it completely catches one unawares.
Jaebum in S-S-S-Smart by Superherob – this fic is unbelievingly hilarious and the author has the character sketches down to a tee! I only picked coz I had to, hehe!
COUPLE: Recently the Yeeun-Onew couple has been growing on me… Maybe its coz the lady declared her undying affection for the gentleman (well mostly along those lines), and he thanked her for the same, though it was very vague, but I see potential there, in my deluded imagination that is.

Giving a shout out to bbgroove:- Question: Woman, where have you disappeared to? I miss our conversations! Hope you’re doing fine though!

And to Bassy: I know life’s hard with college and everything but do update Ocean Blue soon!

I don’t really have a wide range of friends on the Forum…

And I’d really like if some writers used spell check… HAHA!

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