Name: call me mecheko
DOB: huhu…should i really answer this?  i’m old already.  not even in my twenties anymore.
Contact information: soompi inbox is sufficient enough for me.
Online aliases: mecheko
Forums most frequented: i have quite a few.  emm, let’s see.  winglin, asianfanatics, soompi, quainte and asianfanfics.
Completed fics: Inevitable Consent, my SS501 one shots, Love Like This, A Song Callig For You,Without Bondaries
Current fics: Hope
Additional information: when i search for fanfics, first is, is SS501 part of the fic?  then i look at the style of the story, the storyline and the language use.  i always envy people with good writing skills and their storytelling ways.  and i will turn those envy feelings to something positive like studying their way of expressing certain scenario, their story line and try to write as good like them (or some percent better than my previous writing skill).  i love rom-com, mixed emotion kinds of fanfics…but am not too into angst.  it kinda kills the mood when people killing other people and a lot at that in fics.  it’s disturbing.  oh, and i love supernatural stories as well.

TOP 5…
Water Lily, On the Wings of Deception, Dictionary 101, You’re Not Alone, Man in Red (MIR 2- not finish reading yet), WGM: The Reel Love Story, +haunted+, Waiting For A Smile, Reality Bites, Butterflies
FAVORITE WRITERS: xtinernguyen,reddynamitez,autuymnrain, hao_xin17_lin (quainte and AsianFanFics), Se7en112 (AsianFanfics (she writes good Arashi fics)), loveFORyunho (loveFORyunho), TintedColour (quainte.) and there are others…but can’t remember their nicks.
MUST READS OF YOUR TIME: i’m most active in Fanfic from 2010 until now.  so, i am currently really following most of the writer’s above stories.
GUILTY PLEASURES: anything that has SS501, Arashi.

emm…let’s see.  there’s a lot actually…like when in On the Wings of Deception, the moment the SoEul couple sat together at the tree house.  that was so sweet.  and in the oneshots TintedColour wrote…all the sad endings of the Shattered brought tears in my eyes.  and not forgetting Water Lily.  The fighting scene in the newest chapter.  It was breathtaking.  Full of action.
LINE/SCENE FROM A FIC & why:  can i skip this?  can’t remember any right now…too lazy to search for the fics and copy the lines.
CHARACTER(S) & why: Gaeul in On The Wings of Deception.  She is so brave to go against the sex discrimination at that time and follow her dream.
COUPLE:  can i like my own character? please?  It would be Kim Hyun Joong and So Hye Sung.  i just love this quirky couple and this is the first fic i wrote on SS501.
MOMENT IN FIC HISTORY: i can’t remember much of the changes, but i wish there would be away for us to see which thread that has been updated by the author and which is only comments from the readers.


N/A but I’d like to come up with a real supernatural fiction that has gore and is suspenseful.  and also i wish i could be cruel to my characters.  especially to SS501.  i always end up defeated by their charm and give them a happy ending…argghhh, there goes the spoiler to my current fic.  have to finish it up fast to start being cruel.


if you like writing for the sake of getting people to read and enjoy your work, don’t get bumped when people don’t give any feedbacks or comments.  they probably don’t know how to react to your fic or they are too busy to write you any.  but that doesn’t mean that people doesn’t read any of your fic.  keep that thought in mind and keep writing for the love of it.  if compliments do come your way, enjoy it to the max.  well, i’m writing this from experience.  and i never stop writing…coz i know what i really enjoy in fanfic.  not due to the compliments/comments (but it does makes you feel pumped to write more/faster)…but the fact that out there, there are other people who enjoyed reading your story.  have fun writing…

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