Name: Elaine
DOB: August 3
Contact information: PM me at
Online aliases: Emerheliena
Forums most frequented: DTL, Cassiopeia Family & Tohosomnia
Completed fics:
Chaptered: A Star For A Star, I Love You My Friend, Love Beyond The Stars, Online Now, Please Wait For Me, We Will Meet Again Someday,
One Shot: A Christmas Angel, A Dream, After The Light Fades, Another Chance, Borrowed Heart, Crazy Love, Elora’s Christmas Wish, How To Love You, Last Christmas, My Dream With You, Perfect Man, Together, U-Turn, Wasurenaide
Current fics: A Race To My Heart, Borrowed From God, Love Me Again, The One Who Holds My Heart
Additional information: I am a DBSK fanatic so most of my stories are involving them. But I also try to write non-dbsk related fics so to challenge myself. Aside from writing fanfics, I also love watching dramas, either Korean, Japanese or Taiwanese. Sometimes I pass the time listening to songs from different artists, but I really indulge myself in English, Japanese, Korean and Taiwanese songs. Also I am a workaholic and multi-tasker, so whenever I am online and updating in my own forum, I am also online in FB or in Twitter. I love doing things all at once. I always make it a point to be able to do many things with the limited time that I have. So when I write fanfics, I also do updates or read or browse sites for pics, news and other stuffs while listening to the newest downloads of OSTs/songs that I can get my hands on.

TOP 5…
FAVORITE FICS: Sadly since I have my own forum to take care of, I can only take time to write fanfics and I seldom have the time to read other writers’ works. But I do try to read every now and then even if just one shots.
MUST READS OF YOUR TIME: Honestly I have only read one shots since it is the only fics that I can easily read and finish in one seating. And since I have already read so many, I am afraid I can no longer remember the titles.
GUILTY PLEASURES: clichés, confrontations, romantic stories/love stories with no tragic endings

LINE/SCENE FROM A FIC & why: I don’t really have any particular fic in mind but I always seem to get drawn to fics wherein the format is simple girl turned to a princess or anything similar to this theme.

THIS TITLE: When I try to think of titles, I always think about the main theme of the story first. Then that is where I get the title from. So basically for me, all titles are special. And so I can’t think of any specific title that I would have wished that I could have come up with.
THIS LINE: Same as above, all special lines in stories are all impromptu for me. So I can’t think of any special line that I wish I could have come up with.

I have been totally absent in the fiction writing world for more than 4 months now. So I am a bit lost with all the new things that have happened in regards to the fic world. But based on what I have seen in all the fanfic sections of different forums and writing sites, I am very happy that new writers are already on the rise. I have seen several new writers that are really showing great talent. I am also quite impressed that writers nowadays are being motivated more even in such young ages of 9 & 10. I already met some very young writers and it is really a very wonderful experience to be able to inspire and help them in the things that they are just starting to explore as writers. I hope that I would be able to meet more very talented writers as time passes by, since I believe I also have lots of things to learn from them as a writer. By being friends with many talented writers, more unique ideas can be created and started. It’s already 2011, so I will try to be more active this year. Hopefully I will have more fanfics this year and more new friends to share my stories with.

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