general announcements/questions for melonbar92 & elevatormusic

Hello, hello! Hope you’ve been well ^^* Here are a few announcements:

  • I’ll be interviewing melonbar92 shortly, so if you have any questions, please send them in!!
  • If you have any questions you’d like to ask elevatormusic, please send them in as well (:
  • Look forward to more Fan on the Street’s with patience, rintard, bitememonster, and more ^^
  • I’ll be posting another recommendation shortly.

The other day I realized it was June, which means it’s been a year since Time Vault’s been around! Thanks to the fic community for contributing to the blog, whether directly or indirectly. You rock!! :D<3

– fancracked

P.S. For any Soompiers, look forward to more things coming your way ^o^v

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