Name: Vivian
DOB: too old to share :P
Contact information: vifzettamomo@LJ
Online aliases: vifz, la vifzetta*, vifzettamomo …
Forums most frequented: Shinhwa Sarang,, Soompi, Wild2day
Completed fics: A Star’s Key, Secret Love, Table for Two, a bunch of one shots and a lot of older stories
Current fics: Caffè Mistico (name not confirmed)
Additional information: Most people probably know me by Vifz. I don’t really post on forums anymore, most of my one shots are found on my livejournal, and they are not locked so if you are interested, you can check them out there. I’ve been a k-pop fan for almost a decade and I like everything from the old school (H.O.T, G.O.D, Shinhwa) to the current (One Day, Mblaq, Suju, JYJ). I love writing, that’s probably the main reason why I am still semi-active in the fic-dom =)!

fancracked: Hello Vifz! It’s great to meet you. Could you tell us a bit about yourself?
vifz: Hi. My name is Vifz … I don’t know if anyone remembers me because it really has been a while since I have disappeared away from the major forums and into the realm of my own LJ and such. I am old enough, so don’t ask about my age…. And oh ! I am forever a Shinhwa/G.O.D fangirl!!! The others are just decorations to my favourite cake!
If we were to recount my journey on kpop fandom… I started on Shinhwa Sarang CGI, moved on to Solid07, and then Soompi, and Shinhwa Sarang Invision. I was also active on Zero Degrees as well.
fancracked: How did you get hooked onto kpop and onto kpop fics?
vifz: I got hooked around summer 2002, though I was exposed to kpop back in 2001. My first exposure was Shinhwa’s performance at MTV Taiwan’s summer concert. They were singing songs from their 3rd album, and I was blown away. And then in 2002, I purchased my first k-pop album. It was Fly to the Sky’s second album, “Promise”. Summer 2002 marked my complete absorption into the Shinhwa world though. This was during the time when Shinhwa Sarang was still on a CGI board and not an invision forum, for those who know their history by forum!
I got into kpop fics around the same time. Perhaps late 2002? I think it was probably through solid07 that I had my first exposure to what fanfics are about. I got hooked, unfortunately, because I was reading to escape from stress that I had from school. So once it started, I couldn’t stop. Till now, I still write, but it’s on a less frequent basis, and I focus mostly on one shots…
fancracked: What were some of your favorite kpop groups/gasoos? What are some of yours now? ^^
vifz: My favourites are Shinhwa and g.o.d. (I know it’s god, but I can’t bring myself to remove the dots :P). Shinhwa was my first love, but g.o.d just grew on me when they returned for their 6th album in 2004. Till now, I am still split when it comes to who I like better… and some of my closest k-pop buddies may argue otherwise! (They seem to know my preference better than I do).
Currently, I really enjoy the boys from One Day (2am/2pm). They really remind me of Shinhwa and g.o.d. Their carefree attitude is really what I love about these 10 kids. Besides One Day, I also like Super Junior and JYJ/DBSG.
Beyond boy bands, I am also a fan of solo artists. Wheesung, Bi, Rich, Brian (FTTS), K.Will, Lee Hyun (and 8ight) make my list. I love ballads, so I also love MtoM and Fly to the Sky. That said, I also support solo activities from Shinhwa and g.o.d members!!!  And, I have also become a JYP Nation supporter. I really appreciate Wonder Girls and Miss A for being “different” from other girl groups!

fancracked: I remember when 2PM first came out… I saw a lot of noona fans saying that they have a fresh, friendly, manly/boyish air that’s aggressive/nice like Shinhwa’s… There’s something nice about discovering newer, younger fandoms for older fans. (I guess it’s refreshing hehe)
vifz: Oh! The only reason I liked 2pm at first was because Chansung reminded me of Eric, and for 2am because Jinwoon reminded my friend of Hyesung. We were literally squealing. Not to say they don’t have other reasons to be loved, because they do, but certainly I notice that the groups or artists I like nowadays tend to have some resemblances to my ultimate biases.

fancracked: The blog had an entry up earlier this year about kpop MV’s had how they fed into fanfiction/fan “culture” — Could you tell us your own thoughts on kpop MV’s, your favorite ones, ones you think influenced fics or “drank from the same waters” as fics and so on? ^^
vifz:  I think MVs make a very important source of inspiration to fanfic writing. A lot of my stories have been inspired by plots or certain characterization of idols. Like you mentioned, Minwoo being the bad boy definitely comes from his bad boy roles in the various Shinhwa and M music videos. The ones that really inspired me back then were Fly to the Sky’s “Goodbye” and “Condition of My Heart”. I think those two music videos had a very strong story plot, and in the end, I was inspired to write shots based on the music videos and what I perceive to be the reason behind the story. My favourite MV though is still Shinhwa’s “Angel”. Call me Eric/Hyesung biased, but that MV is beautiful. In terms of music videos that influenced stories or resonate with the plots of fanfic, Shinhwa’s “All Your Dreams” was definitely a very fanfic-esque story, along with “Yo”. I think the early 2000s SM MVs were very well-received by the fans because of their resonance to a typical fanfic plot. If we talk about music videos in the present, I think they are more about showcasing the dancing talents, the looks, or the singing of the idols… though I really did like Taewoo’s newest MV, “Echo”. It was very cute, something that I would write about… (or similar to what I have actually attempted).

fancracked: Were you more of a reader or a writer? Both? ^^
vifz: I was both when I first started. Now, I am more of a writer, because the reading material isn’t as interesting to me.
On second thought, I was probably more of a writer than a reader… but my friends and readers would probably say that I was the worst at keeping up with my own stories, because well… I would write one, and then halfway through decide I don’t like it, and then I would start another one. Or I would start another one and give up the old one… so although I have been writing for 9 years now, I only have a handful of finished fics.
When I first started writing, I met a lot of friends who also wrote, so there was always something to read… now it feels kind of lonely to be writing. I don’t even share it with others sometimes, except for my poor friend who gets all my scribbles because having one reader is better than none!

fancracked: Could you tell us about some of your favorite fics? What fics did you start out reading and what fics are still memorable to you after all these years? ^^
vifz: This one is a hard one. It has been 9 years since I entered the fandom. I think Aramis had a story that I absolutely loved. She is one of my favourite writers. Beyond that, kpopchild’s The Difference between a Wolf and a Sheep still strikes me as one of the most awesome thriller/action –ish fic. I also love Cirrus as a writer. There was also a bunch on Shinhwa Sarang that I absolutely loved. Unfortunately those were wiped out when our forum crashed back in 2004/2005. I came across Jaded too through Soompi and I remember really liking the story. The classics that some other interviewees responded with I probably enjoyed reading back then as well. Typically, anything with an interesting plot, proper English writing, and good characters would attract me.

fancracked: Whenever I think of Cirrus I always think of “mature writing”/”mature content” because I remember being a newb 6th grader and seeing such labels with her fic Butt Out and so on ^^;; ~~ Do you remember when lemon/lime fics were the rave? What are your thoughts about mature content in fics in total? Juicy, guilty pleasure ones… the (potential) difference between “mature content” and “PWP (porn without plot)” and so on~

vifz:  I remember those times too. Lemon was the thing before yaoi took over. I was glad that certain forums restricted the posting on lemon stories, because a bulk of the readers was underage. I would be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy reading (some of) them. They are definitely my guilty pleasure. I am not a big fan of PWPs, unless they were well written. I find that lemons are best when they feed into the plot, and that’s why I really enjoyed Cirrus’ work. She was able to use lemon in a way that heightens the story. I was also very picky about the writer when it comes to lemon. I only read from a selected number of writers. And I have attempted lemon too in my writing when I was younger. I think the draw comes from how eloquent one can put into words about the love between two people. That’s why I enjoyed reading/writing lemon, not so much the racy scenes?

fancracked: There are certain codes of ethics that are generally respected and honored in commercial films but I feel like writing/creative writing is a lot more freeing and open. Do you have any codes of ethics that you feel must be respected no matter what? What are your thoughts about censorship, “ethics” in creative work, etc.? (:

vifz: Yes. I think writing does have more freedom and is more open, especially in fandom writing. But I think all codes of ethics should still be respected. I have been a victim of plagiarism, and I still remember how it pained me and the trouble it took to get the person to take off her fic on the forum. So to me, abiding by ethics isn’t necessarily a bad thing. If by censorship and ethics meant being cautious that readers may be underage and such, then yes that is also important to keep in mind. In this day and age where fics can be posted anywhere online, with blogs being a popular place, it is difficult to control who sees and reads what. So, I think it is important to give caution (not just a “warning that there is explicit content”), but a strong caution both from the moderators and the poster of the potential content in the stories. I also think creativity does not have to yield to censorship and ethics, as long as they do not go overboard. As a reader, I avoid certain types of stories that I know I won’t appreciate reading, but I respect that it is the author’s choice to write about it. Flipping this concept over, I think writers should also not be taken aback if someone cannot tolerate what you have written.

PT. II can be found here.

Thanks to Vifz for taking the time to do this interview for Time Vault ^^

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