Name: Pachess
DOB: July 5
Contact information: soompi username: always_urs
Online aliases: Pachess
Forums most frequented: soompi (FanFic)
Completed fics: none
Current fics: none
Additional information: I love reading but about writing, I’m not so good at it. If I do write a story, I usually attend to write in past tense or 3rd or 2nd or 1st person which is really confusing so I don’t usually write stories. If I do wrote a story, I don’t usually post it up but I’ll have my siblings read it.

TOP 5…
FAVORITE FICS: There is a lot good stories but Jaded is the 1st story I read that got me hooked onto more other stories like What I Did for Love, My Ping Pong Boy, Paper Airplane, and so on
FAVORITE WRITERS: TT__TT can’t find the writers’ names but basically it’s most of them below.
MUST READS OF YOUR TIME: Jaded, Linked to You, Red Lavenders, What I Did for Love, My Ping Pong Boy, Paper Airplane, A Wolf’s Attraction, Diaries of a Distance, The Summer House, The Tiger, Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover, To A Beautiful Wolf, To Make Him Laugh, Blackmail, Suicide Note, Conversations Between Us, Me against the World and many more…


LINE FROM A FIC & why: He grabs her books and hit her over the head. “Do you see stars now?” — That is the only thing line/scene I remember from all the stories I read so far. Not sure which story it was from.
CHARACTER(S) & why: The main girl character (Suma) in ‘The Tiger’ because I so totally feel her emotions as if I can picture myself going through what she did not that my life is horrible or bad. It’s cause if you really went through rough times in life you can basically feel what they are going through. It’s kind a hard to explain.
COUPLE: I don’t really remember… maybe the couple in Email from Heaven (it might have been called Heaven’s Separation — it was one of those… sorry, kinda forgot).
MOMENT IN FIC HISTORY: Shinhwa & uhlzzangs!


For all the writers out there to write more so I have something to do and no no not saying this is bad or that I have no life. Its just that I’m really into READING I really do. Most of all I would love to read more action cause so far there is a lot of love/drama stories and no its not that I’m sick of love stories its just that is to common in most of the stories I read so far. Not that I’m complaining but just a thought to all writers. I pretty much read anything that really catches my eyes. Sometimes I will read it twice maybe three times.

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