Name: Michelle
DOB: 01/22/1987
Contact information: mishhkim[AT]
Online aliases: mishxmish
Forums most frequented: Soompi, In:complete & Belle-Mode
Completed fics: n/a
Current fics: n/a
Additional information: I use to be a Kpop fanatic that basically got exposed to the Fanfic world at such an early age… I don’t regret it at all though haha!

fancracked: Hello Michelle! Thanks so much for doing this interview with me today (: As a general starter, could you tell us a bit about yourself and then how you got into kpop and into kpop fics? ^^
michelle: Well I remember it was the summer before I entered junior high school and I overheard my older sister who was in high school talking to her friends about Korean music and this kpop website called… This was when was very primitive and had couple pictures and Kpop Bio of HOT, SES, Sechkies, Fin. K.L. and Shinhwa and I was browsing through the website and found all these written fanfics and I guess I was sucked into it soon after.

If you would like to know a little about me… I am currently 24 years old and I work for a 1st Tier Electronics company as a Data Analyst. I think that’s about it…
fancracked: Wow! So impressive ne ^^

fancracked: Can you tell us about the first fic that hooked you in? xP
michelle: I remember when I started reading fanfics HOT and Sechskies was huge. I wasn’t a huge fan of them so I always tried to search for Shinhwa fanfics. I must admit now that I am trying to explain these fanfics, it is slightly embarrassing… haha [but] I remember checking every week for an update…
fancracked: haha I know what you mean >_< It’s funny when you look back…  but I guess no matter what, they [these fics] brought us happiness xP And guilty pleasure for me anyhow hahaha xP P.S. I really loved that TF! O: ~
michelle: haha yeah
fancracked: Did you like any other Minwoo TFs? ^^; i.e. TOY/Glass Slipper/etc.
michelle: Wow… I read all of those T.T I was always a Shin HyeSung fan but I settled for any Shinhwa fic.
fancracked: hehehe really?! My younger sister was the same way. On the other hand, I was a typical Lee Minwoo fan ^^;;; Can you recommend us some of your favorite Hyesung-centric fics?
michelle: I’ve read so many of them that I can’t think of any titles all these stories are going through my head. 49 days for a Second change, Never Meant to Be, Bootylicious, Tainted Memories of Issey Miyake, Virgins, Ethereal Pastels, Quintessential Tones, Jaded and so many more that I can’t even list… There were just so many… I feel bad that I can’t list all of them all at once.

fancracked: You started with Shinhwa but I remember you during the DBSG era. Could you tell us about DBSG fics/whatever other fics you read/enjoyed? ^^
michelle: Around the time DBSK debuted was when I was in high school. Until then, I was really just a spectator and I guess slowly I became more pro-active. I think my favorite heartwarming/saddening DBSK fanfic would really be Tainted Memories of Issey Miyake because that was the fanfic that got me into liking DBSK. When I read that fanfic I didn’t really know who they were nor did I have an interest. However I needed to put a face to the name so I decided to give DBSK a try.
I also remember reading SMJ Storytime… I remember cracking up so hard reading that fic.
Anyways going back to your question (sorry about rambling) I remember there was a huge turn from older fanfics. I guess arranged marriage and gang fights were still common, but fanfics revolving around DBSK I guess were less heart-wrenching… A lot of them were very light and comical. I realized I wasn’t crying so much anymore. I remember fanfics from pre-2001 had very serious themes so when I see pictures of Sechkies and H.O.T I think of them as these tough gang members. However, during the DBSK era there was a larger pool of writers that brought new themes such as comedy. — I remember getting in trouble by my sister for reading so many gang-related fanfics; she didn’t let me go online [because of it!] haha
fancracked: aww!! T_T That’s funny… One of my favorite fics was By Heart, By Soul… I wonder what my parents would have thought if they knew I was reading about strippers (though the lead wasn’t one ^^).
michelle: Now you’re making me want to read these fanfics all over again haha
fancracked: Some are still up on Soompi – I also have a small library section that I’m still (slowly T_T) uploading and updating as well ^^;;
michelle: Yeah I was reading your “timeline” and it brought back all these memories :D
fancracked: Time really moves on so quickly… When I started in 03-04 I felt like you guys/the older generation who had been around had been here for forever xP because you guys seemed so established and whatnot. Now suddenly it’s 2011. In some ways, I still feel like a newb ^^;;;
michelle: Yeah I remember reading What I Did for Love by Val back then — I was crying my eyes out.

fancracked: Could you tell us some of your favorite characters from the fics that you’ve read?
michelle: I know I have a bias for HyeSung and I remember he always came out as this quiet, kind and timid character… This one fanfic titled Change brought out a different character and had made it a lot more interesting. I don’t think the author finished the fanfic but Hyesung was this mean guy who cheated on his girlfriend never really gave her a lot of attention. The girlfriend basically leaves him extremely hurt, and three years down the road she becomes really hot. So now Hyesung is extremely regretful and tries to get back with her and does everything he can to get her back, which was very humorous to me. — I also liked the slight touch of Kang ta and Eric gay coupling in the same fanfic.
fancracked: hahaha oh wow!!! I always only think of Shinhwa or HOT pairings in their respective groups — unless it’s SungTa xP [excuse this fangirliness!!]
michelle: I think the whole group member pairing was pretty “hot” around this time and the author just put it in for the humor. I remember laughing when I read that.
fancracked: hahahaha aww!! That’s always the best xP My friend showed me this one funny Shinhwa fic (Shinhwa Chronicles) where Junjin gets bullied by kids because of his hilarious outfit. In another part, Hyesung gets really angry so he goes on a rampage and leaves threatening letters… one of the members had a fish named Fluffy too xP It was just really silly! haha Do you know it? O:
michelle: haha I was always jealous of authors who could serious write a comical fanfic. & I remember it… But I never read it. I will surely get back to that.
fancracked: Did you write as well? Would you mind sharing your writing with us? ^^*
michelle: I always tried… never worked out… I tried writing in college so I could improve my writing skills but I found myself always failing miserably.
fancracked: Aww T_T Please try again if you ever want to! I’ll read (: *supports you hehe

fancracked: Do you have any favorite writers?
michelle: I guess until I got extremely obsessed with SUJU and DBSK I was always browsing without someone who I “followed”. However I did follow Jeanie (Tainted Memories of Issey Miyake) and Katrina (Ethereal Pastels, Quintessential Tones). They were both really, really good writers.
fancracked: Ooo SuJu too? O: We have yet to really touch on SuJu on the blog ^^;
michelle: OMG Super Junior fanfics were awesome! Too bad a lot of the time you had to choose who you were going to use because it’s hard to use all 13 of them. I also don’t know why but there were a lot of yaoi SUJU fanfics.
fancracked: hahahahaa Did you go onto LJ then? o: There are also a lot of DBSG yaoi fics xP[and JE… and everything else? keke
michelle: Yeah but I didn’t really read them a lot because it got to graphic and I just couldn’t look at our idols the same way after.
fancracked: hai hai I’ve heard that sentiment before ^^;;;

fancracked: Before we end, is there anything we didn’t touch on that you’d like to? ^^
michelle: No I think I got overly excited thinking about my teeny bopper stage and I hope I answered what you needed.
fancracked: lol It’s all good ^^ — Lastly~~ would you like to send any message(s) to anyone?
michelle: I just want to say you brought up all these different memories that I had forgotten. I really think I met a lot of great people throughout middle school and high school who shared the same interest in me. If I think about it, I never was able to really share my interest with anyone from school or anyone because I was pretty embarrassed. I just remember really getting to know a lot of people online who I would rave and be all crazy towards. I hope through this interview I can re-kindle old friendships. I miss Jeanie and KatSung-umma. And also to those new generation readers… I know a few years down the road you’ll likely grow out of a fanfic stage like most of the older “generation” did but always keep in contact with the ones who really share the same interest because I still miss those girls who I had visited in California as well as who had visited me here in East coast. It feels good to go back and talk about how obsessed we had once been with KPOP scene.
fancracked: So sweet and true ^^ Thank you soooo much for doing this!!! Best wishes to you<3333
michelle: Have a great day ^^


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