Name: Mai
DOB: April 26
Contact information: Soompi PM – black_wings
Online aliases: black_wings & entering-darkness
Forums most frequented: Soompi
Completed fics: Trust Me , A Dozen White Roses , A Year & A Day , Covered in Shadows (and a bunch of oneshots)
Current fics: Twisted Emotion & Love Is Blind
Additional information: I guess one thing that everyone soon finds out if they get to know me is that I’m a huge geek? I never go without a book and I’m into history … Lately I haven’t been paying much attention to the kpop music world, I guess I’ve matured a bit from my teenage obsessions, thus my movement into the NG world of fics … and I don’t think anyone knows this, but my first written fanfic on the internet was based off the characters from a little known manga called DNAngel by Yukiru Sugisaki called Love that I still have yet to finish

TOP 5…
Streaks of Copper, Suicide Note, A Pause in Mortality, 180°, Smile.
FAVORITE WRITERS: Veneer, dearskye., lilliefrost, I^Am^Me, Scatter Plot (from the world of anime fanfiction)
MUST READS OF YOUR TIME: A Pause In Mortality by lilliefrost (2009)
GUILTY PLEASURES: SuYin fics, tragedies, supernatural plots


[quote from Sunshower by Veneer]

It was Junsu’s dying message. And it pointed straight at his own heart.

[end of quote]

I think out of all the scenes from Sunshower this one line got to me the most, I think I was as nauseated as Yoochun was at that point in the story. It not only made the story more tragic, but it answered the unasked question and it was this little message left from Junsu that brought them all back together, like it did in the beginning.
CHARACTER(S) & why: —
MOMENT IN FIC HISTORY: when those first brave souls began the fanfiction movement on the world wide web and showed us that stories don’t have to end the way we see it in movies and books, and ideas can begin with two simple people; the writer (you) and their idol

THIS TITLE: Catching the Rain in a Drought

I feel old when it comes to the world of fics, well, maybe not too old, but there have been lots of changes in the fanfiction world from when I first began writing and reading as a lifeless thirteen year old who was obsessed with Japanese animation and books. But I think the most distinct is the quality of fanfics, I’m not saying that there aren’t any out there, but it’s harder to find, especially in the kpop world of fanfiction. So when I find that one story out of the hundreds out there that I think is amazing I get really excited. But enough of that … I’d like to say Hello to all of the readers out there … thanks for keep the world of fanfiction alive with your active support. And to the writers, the motivation of writing is not to attract readers or fans, but to show the world your imagination and your ideas, to share your thoughts and have a voice through the expression of words. Give yourself a pat on the back, writing and sharing a personal idea to the general public can be a little intimidating.

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