What would they think?

A future interview with Vifz will touch on the topic of PWP (porn without plot) and lemon fics. Talking with her about this topic reminded me of a site I came by a long time ago…

That’s right my friends… BSB fans in the late 90s were already talking and debating about lemon flavored fics! Dun, dun.

I will C&P a bit of what’s up on the movement’s main site and will link you to it but I warn you that you’ll probably get pop ups since it’s hosted on AngelFire.

The What Would They Think? fanfic challenge was created when it came to our attention that a new breed of fanfics were emerging on the Internet. Orginally part of an effort to slow the exploitation of the Backstreet Boys, WWTT evolved into the specific fanfic challenge it is today. This section has a brief timeline of events that have played a major part in WWTT’s history. As we go through our archives, we will be adding new events as we can find them (and accurately portray them.)

The History Of WWTT

circa 1997: BSB fanfics start appearing online.

Winter, 1998-1999: Discussion of sexually explicit fanfics begins.

March, 1999: WWTT is born!

Summer, 1999: WWTT Banner is found on many websites, including backstreet.net

Fall, 1999: WWTT featured in several email newsletters.

January, 2000: List of supporters passed 100!

April, 2000: Forum created; currently on third guestbook.

July 25, 2000: New more organized look.

August, 2000: Interviewed for “Request Magazine” article on Backstreet Boys fanfics.

September 11, 2000: Posted guidelines for posting in the guestbook to facilitate conversation.

November 28, 2000: New layout and revision of concepts for clarity.

December 26, 2000: New Thoughts added from New Supporters.

January 05, 2001: Current Events and FAQ 3 added.

March 07, 2001: Very important message added under Current Events (Event 2).

April 04, 2002: Final Thoughts From The Founders added. Final email address created.

I wonder what fans’ reactions must have been? I passed by a few sites that backed the WWTT perspective, but I’m assuming other sites/writers/readers/fans didn’t support this way of thinking.

I know that fanfiction/fandom has been active in many communities over time–i.e. Star Trek as the “classic” example. I’d rather have this blog stay kpop-specific only because I feel like each community has niche interests and reasons for being… but sometimes it’s nice to take a broader look at how fandom has evolved. I always find it interesting when I find parallels and similarities between fandoms. WWTT is a case in point ^^

**To the owners/members of the WWTT community, if you’d rather have me take this entry down please let me know and I will do so ^^

**I’ve categorized this as a snapshot though there’s only one picture because the picture is so vital and because I didn’t want to put this under “random.”

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