Today, forum boards are how we usually access the kpop (fic) world if we’re not on blog/social media sites. CGI World boards used to also be part of the landscape in the 90s and 2000s, closing down around 2006-ish. The only major fanfic community once hosted by CGI board that lives on today is the Writers’ Asylum, thanks to the efforts of its lead admins JK and Insane_Menace. ^^ (Edit: If you’d like to see snapshots of the WA through the years, check out this link.)

One of the major boards that used to be frequented around the early to mid 2000s was called FFL (Funky Fanfics Library). It had a sister site called The Sofa, where finished fics would be transferred/posted. If you look back, you’ll spot some familiar writers that are still around today, including Ji_Eunie (under her many pseudonyms ^^), Aramis (dilbangee), and kpopchild (crybaby). Older writers who used to frequent these sites (who are less active nowadays) include winter_girl, gemmilee, and prophecy. Some writers you’ll see who’ve been interviewed here include JYL and Moley (**look forward to an interview with writer Vifz in the upcoming weeks as well ^__^).

**It’s hard to recover 100% information/caps from that time since the CGI boards are down now. I never thought to save caps from that time (and honestly I came a bit too late to see the earlier/more active days from that time >_<) but here are some snapshots of FFL and The Sofa from that time (:

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— for a more detailed look, click on the gallery pics ^^

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