RANDOM: kpop songs and MV’s that inspired

This is more of a “random” post than an actual snapshot, but I categorized it as a snapshot since it is so visual. ^^ I know we had an older entry up about kpop MV’s but… I was trying to find Taebin and Tim’s duet of ‘Back at One’ on YouTube which proved to be unsuccessful, but I came by a video of TAKE’s cover and was overcome with memories of the lively (though perhaps semi-short lived) era of ‘Butterfly Grave’ in the fic section. I felt compelled to write up an entry (rather, a short list) of random kpop songs and MV’s that recharged us as fans/writers ^^

Butterfly Grave – TAKE

Because I’m A Girl – KISS

Timeless – Jang Riin ft. DBSG’s Xiah Junsu (I think the countless number of SuYin fics and fans that popped up after this can attest to the power of this duet/MV/set up)

Grace – Lee Sooyoung (Banking off of her epic ballads and Lee Junki’s rising fame. Though I must say LALALA deserves a mention as well ^^)

We Belong Together – Big Bang ft. Park Bom (c’mon… we all wanted to be hip VIP’s during this era… at least in our fic dreams! :P)

Blood – FTTS (I think some will say that this had more of an indirect than direct effect on the fic world… but this MV was released at a time when the fic world was craving for some dramatic, “mature” storylines, and I think this song and MV definitely delivered ^^)

There are more of course (:

Please share your personal list with us as a featured respondent/writer ^^~~

E-mail timevaulted[at]gmail.com with your list or send it in via tumblr’s ask page. ^^

One thought on “RANDOM: kpop songs and MV’s that inspired

  1. Not sure if this is inspired by fics or inspired fics, same difference, this MV is the summary of so many fanfics.

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