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dtp25 at the soompi forums :)
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dtp25, dtp, jankenpo, epikflow
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Completed fics: 
You could be somewhere beautiful, Withered Lilies, When we knew everything…
Current fics: 
See-through, The Project, Breathe
Additional information: 
I loved loved loved DBSK, and Jay, I guess I’m a bad luck charm? This virtual world, (as I live in Australia and can only access KPOP through the internet) was a big part of my life. It gave me confidence really, to see these celebs be themselves on stage, and be strong against judgement, was empowering. My last love before I left kpop was 2ne1, they are such powerful ladies, who have confidence and talent that I admire. This filled so much of me, and I distinctly remember staying up till 4 am to talk to girls overseas for the latest goss on Suyin. It was fun while it lasted.

TOP 5…
FAVORITE FICS: Oh gosh. Wedding Wreckers, White Absinthe, Bowls of Kimchi, Heartbreak Waltz, Ever After
FAVORITE WRITERS: What are you doing to me. Um, probably; mariika, elevatormusic/orangebubbles, pickup.stix, kawaki, Ephemeral
MUST READS OF YOUR TIME: Of my time eh? Wedding Wreckers by insertusernamehere was the rave. Everytime that updated the fanfix forum went apeshit. I was active around 2007-2009. Anything with DBSK and Big bang was crazy popular. Solangel is still a legend, a humble one at that > so her fic, Conversations between us, is a must read in the forum. Please, please, please, I urge you to read anything by Mariika, elevatormusic, smitten. I think these three writers represent some of the lighter, better written side of fanfiction. Kawaki and Ephemeral have masterpieces that will make you weep. The latter part of my involvement with kpop was overshadowed with the popularity of 2pm, and well, the drama that came with it. Salt and Vinegar by want-a FANTA…? is probably my favourite 2pm fic, unfortunately on hiatus because of well, we all know why.
GUILTY PLEASURES: I shipped Suyin like crazy. And Jaesu, but not as a couple. I was a sucker for pathetic male main characters who were clumsy but eventually got the girl despite being an idiot. Best friend fanfics were cute as well when done well.

 “We have not fallen. We are just learning how to rise” – DBSK drama. This was memorable because I was such a big DBSK fan, it was rediculous.
CHARACTER(S) & why: Oh, I can’t I just can’t do this justice.
MOMENT IN FIC HISTORY: Just the changes in general to the foty. I think everyone needed to calm the fuck down. We were all so adamant to the previous process most of us were crazy against it.

THIS TITLE: How to die effectively
THIS LINE: “Well you have more credibility as a liar than you are as a writer”

I never thought I’d grow out of kpop. But you do eventually. Fanfiction was very accessible to everyone as it was a platform for young writers to present their talents with a common interest. It’s just very unfortunate, many of my favourite writers, with some fantastic fanfics on hold, seem to have grown out of fanfiction too.

Because of the explosion in popularity that soompi has experienced, the fanfiction forum has become a popularity competition, rather than a place where writers can critique others, and help the younger, new writers to improve their skills. Perhaps a step away from trashing the inexperienced and asking them not to waste space, to, helping them improve their skills? When I first started to write, I was terrible. I wrote for the hype and my love from kpop. But this fanfiction forum has helped me find my love for writing. I thank soompi for helping me discover that.

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