general update (:

Hey, hey~

Hope you guys have been enjoying the change in the weather seasons! Actually, I’m not sure what the climate’s like where you guys are but the weather’s finally warming up over on the east coast. Hopefully it stays that way!

Some general updates and notes:

  • I changed the tumblr layout ^^ I wish it weren’t so closely aligned with the left side, but I liked it more than the older layout. Please let me know if you prefer a different layout style (:
  • Two fan on the street interviews have been posted featuring lee-chan and BlueTopaz.
  • For more information on a possible “gokon”/blind date beta reading and writing activity, please visit this link ^^ I’m tempted to make this a Time Vault and Soompi crossover but I think I’ll leave it as a Soompi-only activity for now (:
  • Some lovely people have mentioned that they think having a Soompi-Tumblr crossover summer competition/activity would be interesting (as opposed to having a Soompi-Twitter crossover as I had originally planned) … More development will be in the works, but if anyone would like to add any input on this matter, please message me via Soompi/tumblr/twitter/wordpress/you name it!
  • This is more of a personal observation, but it feels like Spring’s bringing back some writers and readers who’ve been in hibernation mode. Let’s hope to see more activity! :D
  • As a final note, look forward to seeing interviews with elevator music, dtp25, black_wings, Vifz, and more ^^

It’s amazing to think that it’s almost June again — Time Vault’s been around for close to a year now. The kpop/kpop fic world spins by so quickly… No matter how may days go by (or “platforms”), it’s great to see writers and readers and fans alive and thriving and supporting/inspiring one another ^^v That’s what initially hooked me in (along with Lee Minwoo :P) and what’s kept me here.

Keep it up!

– fancracked

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