Name: Yuni
DOB: secret ^^
Contact information: BlueTopaz @ soompi
Online aliases: BlueTopaz
Forums most frequented: OneTVXQ & Soompi
Completed fics: 26+ Stargate SG-1 fanfics that can be found on my livejournal (some) or 4 one-shot TVXQ fanfics that can be found on my livejournal and soompi: Bad Idea, Singularity, The Importance of Being YunHo and Rhetorical
Current fics: “Boys Over Nuts” by Micky YooChun
Additional information: English is not first language, so some mistakes that were incoporated into “Boys Over Nuts” by Micky YooChun was actually based on my experience as a non-native speaker fanfic writer. I have to admit that I had some reservation about writing DBSK fanfic at first. Unlike my previous fandom Stargate SG-1, TVXQ is real people and I do hope that I don’t offend them in any way with my writting because first and foremost, I am their fan.

TOP 5…

FAVORITE FICS: I can’t choose, sorry. I read too many fanfics from different fandom like anime and TV show too.
FAVORITE WRITERS: I don’t really have them too because reason stated above.
GUILTY PLEASURES: I love a good crack or fanfic with good characterization and a solid plotline. But sometimes I would find a bad fic and if I had the time and I’m feeling a bit curious, I would continue on reading to the end to find out how bad it ;^^.
LINE/SCENE FROM A FIC & why: again, too many to choose from, I can’t decide.
1. Jack (Stargate SG-1) – his sense of humor matched mine.
2. Fuji Syuusuke (Prince of Tennis) – I love the way he “tortures” his teammate and rivals.
3. JaeJoong (TVXQ) – he’s like a ticking bomb of laughter. You don’t know when he will make you laugh because of what he said.
COUPLE: Sam/Jack (Stargate SG-1)
MOMENT IN FIC HISTORY: Probably when I first received a review of my fanfic. She was really nice about it even when she pointed out mistakes that I’ve made.


THIS LINE: “Failure is not an option, it was bundled with your software” (I’m not sure it was from a fanfic though, but I love this line nevertheless ^^)


It’s so hard to find a good fanfic nowadays, for all the fanfic writers out there, please keep on writting. Just remember, when you write a fanfiction, you need to have a good understanding of your characters, especially if you based them on existing characters (real life person or characters from a TV show or book). Please also be careful when you are using a real-life characters, I know someone who said that she didn’t like a particular female idol singer because in some of the fics that she had read, the singer was cast as the villain. It was unreasonable, but people are often like that. So be responsible with what you are writing, there are people who will read your work and think that some part of it is the truth and use it as a justification to hate someone.

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