Name: Suki
DOB: 1992
Contact information: soompi inbox – xx_dreamer_xx
Online aliases:
Forums most frequented: soompi
Completed fics:
Current fics: the black; the white; the grey; & alternate route
Additional information: i am biased towards dbsk fanfics ~ and when a fanfic grabs my attention from the very beginning, i probably wont stop reading it until the very end. :]
TOP 5…
FAVORITE FICS: Sunshower | Conversations Between Us | Kissing A Fool | Sixteen Pink Balloons | The Taming of Kim Tae Yeon
FAVORITE WRITERS: Veener | MR.W@RHOL (jisol)| reelypeely | bechedor79 | Ephemeral
MUST READS OF YOUR TIME: most definitely – SUNSHOWER by Veener ! and Kissing A Fool by bechedor79. ;D
GUILTY PLEASURES: anything comedic, mysterious, paranormal .. and adding DBSK to it would be a plus !  just anything that catches my attention right away really. d^^b

LINE/SCENE FROM A FIC & why: the epilogue for sunshower .. i dont want to spoil it for anyone who hasnt read it, but it was a very touching scene and i actually cried while reading it. :'[
CHARACTER(S) & why: MinGyu from anti-hero & beautiful-like ending by Ephemeral {he’s so evil .. but i like. hahaha} | and of course, Jae Won from Conversations Between Us by Solangel because he’s just .. wow. xD
COUPLE: all the couples were really nice but then the couple from Sixteen Pink Balloons by n.a.p stood out for me for some reason.
MOMENT IN FIC HISTORY: yes .. when DBSK fanfics were the trend .. i miss those days ..

THIS LINE: there were too many memorable lines so i don’t know ..

UHHH … i would like to see more comedic stories out there .. stories like Kissing A Fool or Tofu Smoothies .. hahaha ~ ^^

Additional Question

fancracked: You talked a little about DBSG fanfic days… can you give us some more information about back then? What was the charm or lure about DBSG fics? How does fandom play a role in fanfiction? I know it’s pretty obvious but I guess it’d be cool/nice to hear it from you personally ^^

xx_dreamer_xx: yes .. when DBSK fanfics were the trend .. i missed those days .. i remembered clicking onto the fanfix section and captions on their titles would contain DBSK in them. even though yunho was always the tough, hot, charasmatic leader, jaejoong was always good at cooking or was emo and rarely talked, changmin ate more than you can imagine and had an IQ of 50000, junsu was always dorky and had an IQ of 10, and yoochun was always the playboy or had the saddest love life you can ever imagine, i enjoyed reading every single one of them. (i personally didn’t like reading cliches, but i probably included them in my stories. i tried to stay away from that. xD anyways…) i had a list of recommended fics that i would put on my signature and i remember my friend would laugh because they were all DBSK.

i believe fandom would play a bigger role in fanfix because you tend to like the stories more if your favourite group were to be the main characters. and especially if the characteristics for the characters were dead on, it would make the fanfic more enjoyable to read because you could totally imagine what’s going on. :D

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