Name: lyra
DOB: may 27, 1984
Contact information: clumsy @ soompi / m_lyre @ twitter
Online aliases: clumsy, m_lyre
Forums most frequented: soshified, soompi snsd thread/yongseo thread and fanfic threads, sweet potato days blog
Completed fics: Now And For Always, The Princess And The Pea
Current fics: Complete (YongSeo Fanfiction), maintaining a yongseo drabbles-short stories thread
Additional information: imma fun-loving crazy s♥ne and taeyeon dorki fan; seriously in love with yongseo; seungri-self-proclaimed wife (ohhh please dont shoot me); and a s♥ne… seriously a s♥ne (if ever I fail to mention before, Imma s♥ne)

TOP 5…
FAVORITE FICS: Conversations Between Us; Almost Lover; 30 Days Till I Fall; You And Me Song; The Taming of Kim Taeyeon
FAVORITE WRITERS: Nuna501; Solangel; Lualm; GirlFromMars; LilyLove
MUST READS OF YOUR TIME: CBU and Nuna501’s fics; Cotton Candy and You and Me Song (I want these two one shots to be recognized because they truly deserve it, wonderfully written)
GUILTY PLEASURES:내↘가↗ 소녀시대다!!! ♥; KIM TAEYEON! And Yongseo goodies ^^ I also like soshi pairings, those crazy fanfics got me so addicted especially YulSic… and uhhhh jelly beans and ice crAm… shooting star! Yeah! ^^


LINE/SCENE FROM A FIC & why: I have a lot of fave scenes from my favorite soompi writers and stories and it would take a good deal of space discussing them. The “april loves black coffee” scenes in CBU; some dorky laughtrip moments then suddenly going bipolar-mode on Almost Lover, to name some.

How I wish that I wrote the memorable lines I came across before, but this one is really special (maybe because it kinda rings a bell? lol):
“I could say that it was me, not you. I could say that we shall stay friends. I could say that you still matter to me.” Her voice is crisp and clear as it resonates through the wind. The sound is almost melodic and he feels awfully nostalgic as memories appear in front of him fleetingly. He stays still, listening to her sharp intake of breath and he feels nearly joyful at the flicker of emotion.” But those would just be another set of words delivered into a perfect lie, a pretty band aid to give you on your way.” (You And Me Song, GirlFromMars)
CHARACTER(S) & why: Jaewon and May from CBU, how perfect their love was in their imperfect world.
MOMENT IN FIC HISTORY: My first ever soompi fanfic read is lualm and mostly her works were on yeh-jjh pairing and I got acquainted with solangel and the whole fic world opened up to me. Then I started writing my own but mostly gasso fics.

THIS TITLE: The Taming of Kim Taeyeon (for it’s so quirky and fun) and Baby Maker (so bold! and I regret the day I did not think of this storyline because it’s very very interesting and entertaining^^)
THIS LINE: “Did you buy a puppy without telling me?” (from mjejridi’s baby maker, it’s a smart tagline)

To my readers, most especially to those who followed me from day one of my writing, thank you very much for the support and love… you are my inspiration, my happy pill! To my goguma family, thank you for everything and I love you! I did not only get spazzing buddies but one community of loving and caring individuals, you know who you are ^^. Let’s create more beautiful memories together, I’m so blessed meeting nice and talented people like you all…

For those who are starting to write, don’t let negative opinion pull you down, step up through it and prove them wrong! Besides, you don’t need to please anybody, just write your heart’s desires.

To my fave writers, gahhhhh, seriously, can I steal your brains??????

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