Name: Evie
DOB: Sep 22
Contact information: PM me – frenetic@soompi
Online aliases: frenetic
Forums most frequented: soompi; joongbo proboards
Completed fics: Nil
Current fics: Nil
Additional information: FTTS was my first K-pop love and will always have a big place in my fangirl heart. Back in the heyday, fan fiction was the perfect companion to my FTTS addiction. At the height of my obsession, I was guilty of saving fanfics in Word and changing the names of male protagonists to Brian Joo for my reading pleasure (I’m not telling which fics I cannibalized!). Fanfics were also where I first got to know this short little guy called Lee Minwoo that was in almost every other story I clicked on, and where I discovered the phenomena called Shinhwa! J

The first fic (and the first TF) I read on soompi was The Guy was Cool. The TFs were a captivating insight to Korean youth culture and pop lit for me: the ubiquitous and unfailingly hot “iljeens” and “uhljjangs” and “kkotminams”; those huge line spaces and unending miles of ellipses; Guiyeoni and all the other me-toos that followed. Although I’ve outgrown TFs, they did give me a lot of enjoyment in my early fanfic reading days. Incidentally, the most recent TF I read (about two years ago) was by Hyun Joong of SS501–it was totally wacky and wicked and 4D like him, and reminded me of why reading whimsical TFs was so fun back then!

TOP 5…
Once We Get To Paradise (traytor); Sleepless (dilbangee), Love Letters (xerces), Thesis (anasazi), Wrong Foot First & With One Foot In (clockwatcher)
FAVORITE WRITERS: Too many to name…at the top of my head, all of the above plus Ji_Eunie, sleepii, amaranth, thao, solangel, aramis, saharial, kpopchild, aziraphale, 4tang, GeMMI Lee, dearskye, kami, nuna501, etc
MUST READS OF YOUR TIME: My must-reads during my most active period (04-08): Thesis (Anazasi), Tainted Memories of Issey Miyake (4tang), The Bartender and the Beast, Jaded (linkinpark), Conversations Between Us (solangel)
GUILTY PLEASURES: FTTS fics back then [Broken Expectations (apple920); Kiss the Sky (kami)]; Joongbo pairing since 08–blame WGM for converting me into a total fangirl [Of Course; Morning After (both by falloutjane)]. I also have a weakness for the stereotypical boy next door/male best friend character that finally gets the girl [Sexy Beast (Ji_Eunie)]. Oh, and of course, I love clichéd but well-written love stories where you can already bet your money on a happy ending…that’s the whole point of fanfics, isn’t it?!

I have acute short-term memory syndrome, which means I have in the past adored many characters and couples and scenes in countless fanfics, but most of them I’ve loved and let go (euphemism for “I can no longer remember”!), so I’m afraid I’ll be doing severe injustice to this section…
LINE/SCENE FROM A FIC & why: Definitely “April Loves Black Coffee”. IMO, this line has achieved cult status on soompi!
CHARACTER(S) & why: Blood in The Kissing Fool (the sexiest badass in fanficland that every reader loved), Nick Tse in Thesis (I have a perennial soft spot for unappealing anti-heroes that turn out to be heroic hotties), Ji Tae in Wrong Foot First & With One Foot In (for being a realistic, well fleshed out and believable boy-next-door character who grew up to be a realistic, well fleshed out, believable and likeable young man. I empathized with his every action and heartache and over Hee Soo!)
COUPLE: Because I can’t remember most of the older couples, and because I want them to end up together so badly, I’m gonna choose Jaewoong and Sunmi of Almost Lovers J
MOMENT IN FIC HISTORY: When “April Loves Black Coffee” started becoming graffiti on soompi!

Tainted Memories of Issey Miyake (An enduring title that’s revived in my mind every time I spray on the perfume!)
THIS LINE: April Loves Black Coffee

To all the fanfic writers out there, do it for the passion, not the adulation, because something that’s written with love is instinctually recognized by readers.

To all writers of all the unfinished fics that I cared enough about to comment on, update soon! Complete them! Nah, just joking…writing is an all-consuming passion. Writers feel guilty enough for abandoning their uncompleted works, so as a reader I can understand and respect their reason for doing so. Sometimes, the passion just dies, sometimes the plot and the characters don’t work anymore, sometimes real life commitments take over….

Personal shoutouts: To jun aka aziraphale, thanks for just keeping in touch…I always enjoy our conversations; to gypsy aka nuna501, thanks for being such a meticulous and engaging writer, and for indulging my HJ fantasies! Finally, a confession for my favourite joongbo fanfic writers–starstruck aka thehibiscus, falloutjane, ssangchudream, lyraverse–I stalk your fics! You guys rock the joongbo fanfic world!


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