Name: Aya
DOB: September 5
Contact information: soompi PM or zbanned[AT]
Online aliases: Current: Tiggie  Former: D_orkable
Forums most frequented: soompi, winglin, fanfiction,net
Completed fics: none
Current fics: none
Additional information: I completed one fanfic about 3 years ago but I have no idea where it is on my computer ^^” I have several fanfics that I started but I’m not currently working any right now. I write/wrote about mostly DBSK, Big Bang, Taebin, Jang Ri In, BoA and Shinhwa.

fancracked: How did you get into kpop and kpop fanfiction? What was your first impression of the kpop/fic world and what kept you coming back? ^^

tiggie: I got into kpop culture because of my interest in jpop and anime. One day I heard one of BoA’s songs during the ending of an anime and I instantly became a fan. Through her I learned about other bands such as DBSK. My first impression of kpop was… ” WHY ARE THEY SO PRETTY?!” I was mesmerized by how beautiful some of these boy band members were and I found myself starting at their pictures for hours! However, the fanfic world was a bit different. Since I was new to the kpop world I didn’t know which gasoos some authors used in their stories so I started to learn more about gasoos. Once I knew who the gasoos in the fanfics were I quickly began to read about my favorite group/artists and I was suddenly staying up till 2 am reading a fic.

fancracked: Since you’ve been here for a while now how have things changed? What phases do you think had the most impact or influence on the way things currently are?

tiggie: I guess I’m getting old since I’ve been here for longer than half a decade ^^” I can’t even distinguish new idol group members!  But on a more serious note, the fanfic world has changed a lot. Back in the day, authors would be spewing out stories faster than factory assembly lines. My ‘Currently reading ‘ list would be so huge it violated Soompi signature rules! Some people might disagree with me but I think the ‘ fan’ in ‘ fanfiction’ isn’t as prominent as it used to be. Nowadays people are writing more for how much members they can get on their pm list rather than for the love of fandom and/or fiction.

I was most active in the fanfic world during the DBSK phase so as a writer it influenced me the most. I remember during 2006 after Timeless by Jang Ri In and Xiah Junsu was released everyone was writing about those two. Correct me if I’m wrong but I believe the OTP (One True Pairing) phase was very strong during those times. There were heated battles between Suyin ( Jang ri in and Xiah Junsu) and Taesu ( Kim Taeyeon and Xiah JunsU) fans. The funniest thing was that they didn’t have a lot of interactions with one another. They were just gasoos who worked together and fans wrote hundreds of stories about them.

Then there was the WonderBang phase with Big Bang and the Wonder Girls. However, my favorite phase was the DBSK/OTP phase. Fanfics and fanwars, my two favorite things! ^^

fancracked: Could you elaborate on what you mean about fanwars? xP I wonder if another couple has beaten the height of SuYin?? I guess WonderBang took off afterwards ne.

tiggie: TaeSu and SuYin were really were phenomenal and kept the me into the kpop loop. I love Big Bang and Wonder Girls but SuYin fanfics were like crack for me xD Now that I think about it most of (SuYin) fanfics weren’t well written but they had passion, you know? I think that’s where the ‘ fan ‘ fanfiction came out.

fancracked: When you think of fanfics what are the first few things you think of?

tiggie: black coffee, high school, rich kids,  gangs, cancer, dance/rap battles, arranged marriages, suicide, Paris.

fancracked: I remember when I got started reading fics I didn’t always know who was who either. I think I was introduced to Sechskies and FTTS “backwards”–maybe even HOT now that I think about it lol (I read Shinhwa fics heavily so the other characters were always small side characters). Did you ever have any funny “realizations” later on like “oh gosh that character in that one fic was actually this gasoo?!” ^^;

tiggie: LOL definitely! I had a headache learning all of Super Junior’s names when authors would put all 13 into one story. When reading DBSK fanfics authors would switch through their real names and stage names frequently which confused me. I didn’t know that Hero was actually Jaejoong and Max was really Changmin. I thought DBSK had an American counterpart =____=

fancracked: Do you have a favorite couple/pairing in general that is not a typical one? ^^;

tiggie: Most of my favorite couples are non-gasoos but I’ve taking a strong liking towards CL/Teddy.
fancracked: Do you have a favorite couple from a certain fic? Why so?

tiggie: It’s so difficult for me to have a favorite couple because I usually like the guy and hate the girl. However, my favorite fanfic couple is Taehyun and Yoori from Welcome to the Underworld by Con.template aka TaeRi aka Snob and Brat ^^ I love this couple mainly because the girl isn’t a dimwit. She doesn’t whine 24/7, she doesn’t act cutesy nor does she play the damsel in distress. The reason why they’re my favorite couple is because they’re so imperfect that they’re perfect for each other. I know, it doesn’t quite make sense but if you read the story it’ll click.
fancracked: What about a favorite character?

tiggie: Currently it would be Kwon Taehyun from Welcome to the Underworld. However, I don’t think I really have a favorite character.
fancracked: Sometimes I’ve found that my favorite characters aren’t always the ones who’ve left the strongest impact or impression on me… Sometimes there are other characters that just end up building their own spaces inside my heart or memory. Is that true for you? If so, could you tell us about one or two such characters? ^^

tiggie: After you read a number of fanfics there’s going to be a characters you’ll spazz about with your friends and then there’s going to be others that you’ll think of in the back of your m ind. For me it would be the two main characters, Park Yoochun and Lee Yoonmi from Cocoon of Past Smiles by chdairkld. Honestly, I couldn’t tell you much about them, they’re like a silent film in my head. They didn’t have dramatic twists in their relationship ( well, only one. ) and they felt so ordinary to me. Which is a good thing <3

fancracked: It’s funny (or at times “heartbreaking”) to think about the dynamics of popularity in the fic world. I’ve seen you read a great number of fics… ones that are “popular,” “underrated,” “average,” and so on. What do you think about popularity?–What do you think about underrated-ness?

tiggie: It [Cocoon of Past Smiles] always had a special place in my heart. It was one of the few fan fics I didn’t read with my friends. They never understood why I was so crazy over it. Nowadays, I think the more popular fan fics are non-gasoos. Gasoo fictions will always be popular, within a certain fan club. However, there are very few (gasoo) fan fictions that are extremely popular to the masses. Popularity changes like the seasons so you never know when the next “it” group will debut and everyone will be writing about them.  I think there’s a lot of underrated fan fics like Coccon of Past Smiles. Honestly, I don’t why certain stories are underrated. The gasoos starring are popular but I think readers like to read certain plots and are unwilling to try something new. I know I was!

fancracked: Even though gasoos have come and gone, fanfiction remains strong. The fanfiction community remains active. What do you think keeps everything/everyone going?

tiggie: I believe it’s the gasoos. I was going to say the fans but how does one become a fan? It’s because of the gasoo. The gasoos capture our hearts with their music, acting, dancing, personality, etc. For example, Big Bang’s Haru Haru MV created a massive trend in fan fiction. It seemed like everyone was writing about GD and his terminally ill girl friend. Gasoos are such a big inspiration to fan fic writers and it’s been going on since HOT & Shinhwa were active.

What do you think of the opinion that fanfiction is “low rate”?
tiggie: I think fan fictions can be just as good as traditional novels. I’ve read some fics that I preferred over published books. Still there’s a lot of plagiarism and clichés in the fan fic world since everything is out in the open on the web. However, I don’t believe fan fiction is “low rate” because I’ve learn a lot about different writing styles and such from fan fic writers.

fancracked: Let’s hop back to a few more questions about fics/characters ^^vIf you were stuck in a sticky situation, which fanfic character would you choose to save you?

tiggie: I would chose Hyesung from Last Resort by saharial. In Last Resort, Hyesung is an undercover cop who infiltrates a gang. He’s very resourceful, intelligent and strong so I’m sure he’ll manage to rescue us. Also, I wouldn’t mind being stuck with Hyesung ;D
fancracked: Writers never seem to tire of making gasoos CEO’s in their fics. Do you have a favorite CEO from any of the fics you’ve read? If not, who’d you like to see as a CEO?

tiggie: It’s one of my guilty pleasures, especially in dramas. However, I don’t think I have a favorite fanfic CEO.  I think Yunho would make a good CEO because he has so much charisma. I’d like to see SE7EN as a CEO in a fanfic because he came back with this manly and mature look.
fancracked: You’re suddenly stuck at a very hard crossroads and have the chance to get advice from a character. Who’d it be and why? ^^

tiggie: I had to search through my Soompi post archive to remember some of my favorite Smart Aleck characters. Sadly, I can’t seem to find any but I always loved how G-dragon used to be portrayed as this laid back, quirky know it all type, you know what I’m talking about? ^^” I can’t remember the fanfic but a lot of authors used to portray GD like that and I’d always want him as best friend or someone to talk to.
fancracked: Who’s your favorite heartthrob male lead? xP Do you have a favorite leading female lead?

tiggie: My favorite heartthrob male lead is Kwon Taehyun from Welcome to the Underworld because he’s just the ultimate sweet – bad boy. Sadly, I don’t have a favorite female lead. I haven’t read about a memorable female character who’s strong, intelligent and interesting. If you know any recommend me some! ^^
fancracked: Let’s not forget side characters (; Do you have any favorite side characters?

tiggie: In a lot of fanfics the second male lead plays the role of the best friend so I’m always rooting for him but I had some experiences when the second lead turns out to be a backstabber. However, not all side characters are evil and twisted. My favorite side character is Hwanhee from Blue Masquerade by Aramis. Hwanhee’s character doesn’t play a huge role in the story but I felt like his character was very comforting and warm.

fancracked: If you could meet anyone from the fic world–a writer, a reader, a character, etc.–who would it be and why?

tiggie: Okay, here I go !

Saharial, please finish writing Rest For The Wicked ! I loved Last Resort also. Your fanfic made my love for Shinhwa’s little prince, Hyesung grow and I love the little twists and turns.

Thao, I hope you also finish A Drifter’s Paradise. You really left us (readers) at such an intense part and it’s one of the few Taebin fics so please, please finish!

Also, I hope some of the old writers like 4tang, Ji_Eunie, orangebubbles/elevatormusic, and mariika would consider posting their stories on Soompi again. They were some of my favorite writers and it’s a shame that I can’t go back and read their stories. I hope they would continue to share more of their stories with us as well.

fancracked: I’m wondering if there is anything we didn’t touch on that you’d like to mention (:

tiggie: When you write you’re putting bits and pieces of yourself into your work. I believe to improve your writing you must improve your life first. I encourage everyone to try new things and don’t let opportunities pass you by because even if the experience is a good or bad one, you can write about it.

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