Name: Sunshine
DOB: August 10th
Contact information: rectitude* @ soompi ^^
Online aliases: Cha_gurl -> sunset* -> rectitude*
Forums most frequented: soompi
Completed fics:
+ One-shots: “To My Friend”, “Watch Over Me”, “Three”, “Hello”, “Wedding Dress”, “Where You At”, “February 14th”, “Hate”, and lastly, “Just a Dream” is found in my soompi blog ;D
+ Short story: “Shadow of Happiness”
+ Full-length story: I have one, but I won’t say the title since I find the story awfully written after I re-read it.  I need to edit and rewrite it again.
Current fics: No ongoing fics at the moment, but I’m in the process of writing one. ^^
Additional information: When it comes to writing, I am a horrible writer when it comes to comedy.  Many of my stories are leaned more towards something sorrowful, hope, etc. whether the ending is happy or not.  I’m a huge fan of Big Bang, but still love so many other K-pop groups, too.  Tae Yang is my ultimate bias because he’s so talented and adorable in his own way.  I must mention that I love music though I have no talent in it, all I can really do is listen.

TOP 5…
+ “Conversations Between Us” by Solangel – One of my all-time favorites because it was the first story that actually made a tear drop from my eyes and I don’t cry easily.  Though the plot may be cliche, it’s still a sweet love story that makes readers fall in love with the two main characters.
+ “Balloons” by dearskye. – A heartwrenching story that marked its place in my heart.
+ “The Summer House” by Moe – A beautiful storyline and something different from a lot of stories I read.  Sometimes, a story consisting of guardian angels and such are predictable, but this one was so original.
+ “A Pause in Mortality” by lilliefrost – A story so beautifully written with a unique storyline.
+ “Ever After” by winter’s serenade – This story was written in such a simple way, but still a nice read.  Based on a true story, I was completely moved by such a common story of a boy and girl who can’t just be friends.
FAVORITE WRITERS: I love a lot of writers, but I will name four whose stories gave me the inspiration to begin writing my own stories.  They are Solangel, Moe, Thao, and Ephemeral.
MUST READS OF YOUR TIME: I joined soompi in 2008 and I’m still active.  Believe it or not, I’m actually less active this year 2010.  A story I recommend is “Pinky Swear” by smitten.  It’s such a hilarious story featuring TOP from Big Bang as he makes his way back home for the holidays.  A very nice story for Christmas.  Also, “Soaring Paper Cranes” by Ephemeral  (I don’t know if it’s discontinued and I hope not) has short chapters yet still written so beautifully.
GUILTY PLEASURES: Gasoos.  I have been reading more nongasoo stories lately, but still, gasoos are so enjoyable to read about, too.

LINE/SCENE FROM A FIC & why: I will always remember the scene in “Balloons” by dearskye. (**spoiler**) when people sent red balloons flying in the air on the day of the YaeWon’s death.  Using my imagination, I just found the scene to be so touching and it was as though that was something that really occurred in reality.  I cried while reading it and I simply can’t forget the story especially that particular scene.
+ Kim Junsu in “Light of the Fireflies” by winter’s serenade is so memorable to me because despite his disease, he was able to shine a light on another person.  He lost so much yet he still able to smile without fear.
+ Shim Yae Won in “Balloons” by dearskye. is such an amazing character.  Though she may be an assassin, she still had a good heart in her.
COUPLE: There are too many cute couples, I honestly can’t say which one.
MOMENT IN FIC HISTORY: I remember when WonderBang was such a popular group pairing.  I’m a fan of both groups, too, so it was an enjoyable time to read stories featuring them.

THIS TITLE: “Cocoon of Past Smiles” by chdairkld
THIS LINE: “Tell me so that I could gaze up in hope, release my tears in sweet, sweet surrender, and tell you in my heart that you were loved…” from “Sweet, Sweet Surrender” by starlit_pinay

I will like to give a shout-out to my readers who have shown support for my stories.  Being able to know there are people – even if it’s just one person – who likes my story makes me so happy.  To my fellow writers, continue to write for your love in writing!  To all the previous moderators and current moderator at soompi who had made the fanfic section possible, I thank you all for the wonderful job in maintaining it so writers can share their stories and many are welcome to read. <3

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