— profile can be found in Fan on the Street interview

fancracked: Hello Alexine! It’s nice to finally sit down and do this interview with you (: Can you tell us a bit about yourself? ^^

alexine: Hi! I’m Alexine. I’m known as cpopbaby19 in Soompi and some other forums. I’m 20 years old and I am an avid fan of Bigbang and reading fanfics, in Soompi particularly. I have been reading fanfics since I was about 11 or 12. I started off in but when I got into kpop, Soompi became my one-stop-shop for everything (fandom+fanfics).

fancracked: Oo! Such a long time ne (:

alexine: Yes yes~

fancracked: Naomi Nimmy and a few others spoke about Winglin but we haven’t talked about it a lot yet. Could you tell us a bit about what you were into on Winglin? ^^;

alexine: I know Winglin isn’t the same thing as before. During the time when I was still active, it was full of fanfics with Chinese (HK and TW mostly) personalities. Like Edison Chen, Twins, Cookies (the 9 girl pop band), Nic Tse, Ruby Lin, Jimmy Lin etc. But recently, the last time I went there, there has also been fics about Korean personalities. And I think there’s also a difference in the fic style than Soompi. Not to say this offensively but in my opinion, fics in Soompi are written better (if you compare the fics I have read there in Winglin before). Most of the fics I read in Winglin, they were in dialogue format. So for 1-2 years I was used to reading fanfictions in that format, which I think is okay too but not really ~exploring~ the beauty of writing. Nevertheless, I don’t regret reading Winglin fictions. I still found something good there. I think that was the place where I started to really appreciate light heart stories so it still has some significance in my fanfiction experience. One thing I’m not really sure of is if fics in Winglin are still in the dialogue format. Maybe they have changed already since a long time has passed since I went there to actually scout for fics to read.

fancracked: I remember discovering Winglin shortly after I got into fics on Soompi ^^; The dialogue format was dominant in a sense (although there were other “formats” as well) but it was so fun… fun and enjoyable like you said haha

alexine: Yeah. As in like: “Taehyun: I love you. Jihye (sobs): I.. know. (pauses) But you can’t leave me!” hahah! I read fics like that for about 2 years~ hoho Good times~ :)

fancracked: Although you touched on this in your Fan on the Street interview, I’m wondering if you have any favorite fics/fics you’d recommend to anyone (new/old) who’s interested in reading fics ^^

alexine: I will recommend Solangel’s Conversations Between Us and Banana Pancakes. As well as Con.template’s Welcome to the Underworld. But if you don’t want to start reading long fics, then I’d recommend, My Pingpong Boy by Moe, Meet My Manwhore, Kwon Minwoo by nahnsee, and The Bum that Fell into a Pothole by lilshinhwafreak. For ongoing fics, I’m really enjoying nuna501’s Almost Lover. The chapters are quite long but they’re really enjoyable. Gypsy has her way with words that keeps me on my toes! :]

fancracked: Unless I’m mistaken, you used to have a List of Fanfictions @ soompi page, correct?

alexine: Of course~ yes, that one. keke Sadly, it’s not active anymore. I mean the site is still up but the site where I uploaded the fics shut down and I kind of lost some of my fanfics so I don’t have my whole collection. So I decided to take off all the links since most of the authors don’t want their stories to be distributed anymore. And if they allowed me, I said in the site that I’d gladly pass on the fictions thru email or Soompi PM without any intent of plagiarism, selling and other illegal stuff. :) … I never put up that site/compilation with any intent of others or myself to claim other’s work. Just you know, sharing the love for reading not just of fanfics but for reading in general. ^^

fancracked: Thank you for it ^^

alexine: Hmm~ I might not be the best person to comment on it but I was wondering about the Soompi Fanfic of the Year… I mostly enjoyed Soompi because of that ~tradition. lol Well, I admit, I was kind of upset when it was dismissed but I do understand the point that some writers may have been discouraged because of it.  ^_^

fancracked: Ahh~ I will comment just a little about it because I don’t want to mix mod duties with personal stuff ^^v Last year was a big learning experience for me as mod, and as a member of the fanfiction community. The reasons as to why the change happened can be found in the threads we put up so I will not directly touch on them, but all in all, if there is anything that I walked away with, it is the appreciation for readers… readers are really important and vital. They really invest themselves into the community in a vocal, participatory way that is irreplaceable, as seen in the various discussion threads up about FOTY/the Readers’ Choice Awards. I really hope to see more people talk and share ideas… feedback is essential ^^;

alexine: Yeah. I was also surprised too. I mean I thought “WOW. I never knew stuff like this would be really subject to hot debate.” lol~ I’m also glad that the mods of soompi fanfix section are trying to reach out to the readers. It’s like bridging your ideas as a mod and the wants of the readers.

fancracked: On the topic of readers… we always think about important writers or influential writers but I think readers have just as much of a role and “power.” Do you remember any familiar faces who used to always pop up, reading everything? ^^;; (Is this too odd or silly of a question? haha~)

alexine: I noticed MPPB_Obsessed commented a lot too Oh man, I can only remember her haha. But the likes of her and Thao (the writer), I think had been vocal about the fanfix forum too.

fancracked: Is there’s any writer that you “grew with” through time as you followed her writing? ^^

alexine: 4tang. I haven’t talked to her about fanfics in depth but now that I witnessed her posting stories in the forum before somehow, now, I feel closer because I was reading her stories as she posted them. haha … I think I grew up reading Moe/Amaranth… I think I witnessed her glory in the fanfic world in Soompi. Since MPPB was kind of like her breakthrough and then she ventured on other writing styles and then she wrote The Summer House and Perfect Imperfections. I remember enjoying her writing, every bit. And well, as she posted less in the ff section, I also started to lay low coz of school. I couldn’t juggle reading fanfics and trying to write one + my academics.

fancracked: Was there ever a fic or a certain character who really struck you and made a difference in your life in some way?

alexine: Well I guess not really made a difference in my life but in a way that it really moved me. Or maybe made me want to read more stories. haha. I guess that would be Eunhyung from the TF, To My Boyfriend (Guiyeoni), May (April) from CBU and Ahn Soojin from WTTU. Those characters really struck me. And oh, there’s this recent one shot that I read about a deaf girl and the guy that pursued her. I forgot the title but it was very touching! The guy character moved me a lot as well~ Well basically, characters that are pretty much unusual struck me as a reader. And oh, the guardian spirit in Moe’s The Summer House as well. hehe. I just forgot the name. :( I’m getting pretty bad in names now.

fancracked: I’ve always remembered you as a reader but I’m wondering if you’ve ever written yourself ^^

alexine: Oh yeah. haha. Both fics I posted in Soompi but I stopped. They’re not worth mentioning. haha I guess writing stories is not really for me. Although I still try–sometimes. I actually have some pieces written but they’re in Filipino and I did them for classes and a workshop, which is posted online (this one is in English, it’s a one shot about a little girl who saw her dad hit her mom). But I do write, since my major was a writing intensive one and we had to do a lot of essays and research papers. And of course I have a blog. Where almost everything about my life is written there. lol~ I generally enjoy writing. It’s a therapy for me. I’m sure a lot of people can relate to that. ^^

fancracked: Oo! I never knew you wrote! You must share (; If not now, at some point in life! *no real pressure ^^

alexine: haha actually, I wrote a one shot in Filipino and I’m planning to translate it in English. I’ll try my best to really post it since I did it for class and it’s really umm.. not childish but a bit cheesy? You know, something you would never expect from a 20 year old international studies graduate hahaha

fancracked: How exciting!! :D Cheese is the way to go! (In my book anyway lol)Also—wow… what an impressive major ^^

alexine: haha lol~ I really like reading cheesy stuff so I’d love to write something like that too. My friends told me it’s quite good. I hope they’re saying the truth. haha. And yep, my major was a pretty stressful one so I really had to kind of ~quit~ fanfics while studying. I would only sneak to Soompi and read some during vacations or when I want to distract myself from the hard readings.

fancracked: You mentioned you were a HUGE Big Bang fan so I feel like the interview wouldn’t be complete without talking a bit about Big Bang ^^

alexine: I’ve read some but I don’t read much. hehe. I actually prefer non-gasoo stories. For some reason, I enjoy them more and they stick to my mind more than gasoo fics. But I’ve read some like The Kissing Affair by j*adore. Goodness. Hot TOP action mannnnn. On fire. LOL

fancracked: I wonder what it is about TOP… his eyes? His charisma? His stature? (just teasing here :P)

alexine: Yeah. You know, everything about him (which basically makes him hot. or hotter than ever xD) was carried on to the story. + Kissing actions. HOMG. 8D And there was another one, 4 in the Morning by Heythere. Another TOP centered story. Sadly, the author’s on hiatus so it’s still not finished. :(

fancracked: A while back the blog had an entry up about fics that are either abandoned or on eternal hiatuses. What are some stories that you reallllly miss? ^^

alexine: Ah, The Kitty Cat’s Obsession by Thao. If ever she decides to write it again, I will be in line to read it. I may have forgotten details but for some reason, in my mind, that story is registered as: DISCONTINUED. BUT WILL ALWAYS READ AGAIN IF EVER RE-WRITTEN. lol

fancracked: Have you ever read her discontinued fic… I forgot its title but it had something to do with a gentleman? Something about a couple in a café perhaps? (I know that is extremely vague but she closed it quickly after she posted it >_<)

alexine: Oh, the Miss Korea something something gentleman. haha

fancracked: yeah xP I was always curious to see where she’d go with that

alexine: Ohh yes! I wish she continued that story. I was fond of Keys Before My Eyes and A Drifter’s Paradise (but I still haven’t caught up to the latest chapter. Must read soon. hehe). :D

fancracked: What does the “fan” part of fanfiction mean to you?

alexine: Umm, the “fan” in fanfiction? I think “Fan” refers to the readers, not just as “fans” of the characters / personalities in the story but gradually, as a fan of the story as well. I believe the reading experience of fanfiction is not just an interaction with yourself (as a reader) but as a support to the author. I guess this is where authors (of books) and fanfiction writers differ- of course internationally renowned writers have fans and all and might be interacting with their ‘fans’ as well, but there’s a feeling of distance. While “fans” of fanfiction are closer to the writer. And this, I believe, helps both [NG and gasoo] fics grow.

alexine: In all honestly, if not for Soompi/the fanfix section, there is a high possibility for me not to be interested in writing or reading at all. I’d be the mediocre person who doesn’t give a damn about writing and reading.

fancracked: aww T_T you know you’re not the only person who’s said that, and in a way I shouldn’t be surprised but at the same time I am haha but more than anything, I’m really grateful that fanfiction/fandom helped bring that about.

alexine: Wow. I’m so glad I’m not the only person who was helped by the fanfix section. I’m a tutor at the moment and I tell my students that they should try to read stuff that they like first, and then read some more of those that they like. Then they’d drift away and start reading advanced stuff. Because how can you do something that you don’t enjoy? hehe.

fancracked: Before we wrap up, do you have any messages you’d like to send to anyone?

alexine: I’m really grateful to the Soompi fanfix community–to the writers, mods, fellow readers and silent readers. The community has done me good (despite procrastination. haha I’m sure a lot of people can relate). I hope the fanfix community will continue to be active since it’s a space where everyone can be themselves and express their inner thoughts. To the authors, I hope you all won’t give up writing. :] Write for yourself, not for anyone else. :) And to those who recognized my fanfiction compilation site, thank you. It’s unfortunate that I have to shut it down but it was really fun while it lasted. I hope thru that site, I helped people be interested in reading (in general). And to you Phim, thanks for having me! It’s a nice experience and I really enjoyed the interview. :D

fancracked: Thank you so much for doing this interview with me!! Best wishes and hope to see you around (:

alexine: It’s been a wonderful time!!

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