Questions for Solangel

I’ll be doing an interview with Solangel shortly and am wondering if anyone would like to ask her a question or two about her writing–characters, inspirations, you name it. Feel free to comment here or to reblog with your questions on tumblr (: You can also tweet questions as well ^^

Edit (March 15): Questions will be now be closed. Thanks to those who participated (: The interview will be up in a few weeks ^^

10 thoughts on “Questions for Solangel

  1. Hi Solangel,

    I really love your stories and its amazing that you could manage both work and writing fanfics at the same time. Which brings me to my question, i hope its not too personal but does is your profession related to writing (ie journalism, screenwriter etc)? You’re an inspiration to many young writers out there who are actually pursuing degrees not related to writing.

  2. Hey Sol! I am deeply moved and Impressed by your writing which makes me curious about your age, inspirations, journey. I know what I’m asking is very broad to make it clearer, What motivated you to write CBU, BP, TJOBH and LB? and if given the opportunity would you allow your stories to be published?

  3. I’ve already told you this before, but I’m going to tell you again: you are an extraordinary writer, and I admire you so much. I really think you have the potential to become the next Robert Ludlum or Stieg Larsson. Seriously. I wonder, who’s your favorite published author?

  4. Hi Sol! I’m a big fan of your current story. I want to ask, what are you currently doing ? Are you working, or studying. If it is, please state your field. I sound like a stalker .___. I’m sorry! It is just that I’m really curious about your offline life lol.

    Another question, what inspire you to write deep and dark story like Love Bugged? It took a lot to write something that dark. Thank youu <3

  5. hi Sol,
    i hope scribd already responded to your request. i love your stories and i just wish people will respect you and your work. i want to know more about you on a personal level. aside from writing, what is your regular job/profession? ^-^

      1. Hey jia_kickass31,

        Feel free to ask more than one question though I can’t guarantee she’ll be able to answer all of them ^^

        – fancracked

  6. Sol, I’ve told you this before many times but you are an amazing writer and your stories are incredible. I wonder…are your families, friends, peers, co-workers, etc…aware of your writing skills/hobby as well as your popularity on Soompi? Do any of these people you know in your offline life read your stories themselves?

  7. Hi, Solangel. I have a question for you! Where do you get inspiration from? Where do you get ideas for your writing? How long does it take for you to form a stable plot? Are your characters/plots based on people you know or real life situations you’ve seen or experienced?

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