Name: raini
DOB: 07-05-1990
Contact information: soompi is fine
Online aliases: raini
Forums most frequented: only soompi atm
Completed fics: mines? none… [guilty]
Current fics: mines? Have a bunch of unfinished ones and unposted ones, but the only one I’m actively updating atm is “You & I”
Additional information: my writing and reading has officially been moved to soompi since.. well when I found soompi. Haven’t touched a novel in so long… well except maybe one. My fav gasoos change from time to time and of course I prefer reading and writing about them, but I would definitely give a good story (read or write) a chance regardless of who it’s about. Since I consider myself older now I prefer (read & write) more mature characters age-wise.

TOP 5…
FAVORITE FICS: so many have been discontinued!! My absolute favorite ones are An Epitome of Simplicity, The Bum Who Fell Into a Pothole, Saturday Mornings, and Goodnight & Go. There are a lot of other good ones though, but these are my hallmarks.
FAVORITE WRITERS: hm.. don’t have one? I don’t do “following” I just read and if I like, I’ll stick.
MUST READS OF YOUR TIME: I’m not actually that active! Must-read would be An Epitome of Simplicity. What I must read are Conversations Between Us and Welcome to the Underworld and I get the feeling I’m the only resident of the fanfic section who hasn’t read these 2 yet..
GUILTY PLEASURES: absolutely L O V E clichés, esp. with a twist! Comedy is ok, but prefer a good angst with plenty of heartstring tugging moments! What else? Hot guys of course!


LINE/SCENE FROM A FIC & why: The moment Jineul realizes Jungmin isn’t coming back [An Epitome of Simplicity] because the story instills the “pain” so effectively I didn’t just cry, I bawled like I was suffering from the death of someone I really really love. It’s moving.
CHARACTER(S) & why: funny, my fav. character isn’t from any of my hallmarks! It’s the crazy noona inside Asmeira’s “Never Forget You” who realizes she’s got cancer and decides to do some crazy things! Can’t get any cliche than that, but she makes it outrageous while charming at the same time!
COUPLE: this one’s also not in my hallmarks, and the story’s not finished either (just started actually!) They’re Ayumi and Yeongie from sputnik451’s My Room Mate. They’re not even to the point of realizing their feelings, and their relationship is simple and humble, but it’s enviable! Because I love cliches, the term “soulmates” I think is best embodied by these two. A story doesn’t need to make me cry, angry, or thrilled to define that term. I was also an avid fan of SoEul couple, but not anymore!
MOMENT IN FIC HISTORY: it still is! New great fics popping up everyday!!


THIS TITLE: The Pursuit of Happiness. Isn’t that just genius? It really rings! lol but isn’t it from the Declaration of Independence?? You know.. Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness… Makes a great fanfic name though.
THIS LINE: Anything regarding “Paris” from the advertisements of “Welcome to the Underworld” that’s why I’ll definitely have to read it…. one day. Again, Paris is the city of love, but also cliche!


Currently there’s lots of highschool fics. I’d like to see more mature fics, since I’m an old lady who likes reading about old men and women =P



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