Name: Xiaoyi
DOB: 01/25/94
Contact information: fujiang009[AT]
Online aliases: kisstherain♥
Forums most frequented: soompi fanfiction!
Completed fics: hana, until whenever, to catch a star, heaven’s crying, petals in the wind, when i’m gone, summer song, flying free, untitled,  you don’t know, one smile, endless love, waiting.
Current fics:
parque, kiss the rain, eraser pieces, streaks of sky.
Additional information: Well, i mostly write one shots and a few long length stories. Sadly, i have trouble completing long length stories because i constantly get new ideas. I mostly do ngs with occasional stars like big bang members, 2pm members, or dbsk members.
TOP 5…
FAVORITE FICS: smile, keys before my eyes, sun shower, the pursuit of happiness, a year and a day
FAVORITE WRITERS: thao, black wings, chasingfivetwo, Veneer
MUST READS OF YOUR TIME: really, they’re all listed in my favorite fics. I think my most favorite one though was keys before my eyes. That’s a definite must read. I’m still pretty active but i was probably most active around 2008-2009.
GUILTY PLEASURES: i’m a sucker for triangle relationships between characters, especially if the guys are totally irresistible. also, give me a story with deep plot and lovely characters and i’m hooked. My favorite stories are all stories that touched me emotionally.

LINE/SCENE FROM A FIC & why: **spoiler!!** that very last scene where eun hae jumps in front of song to save him and then he carries her away and dies with her. For some reason, of all the tear jerking stories i have read, that scene was the scene that was most vividly seen in my mind. It was heart breaking and beautiful and i still can’t forget it.
CHARACTER(S) & why: eunhae because she was totally badass XD jay and jaewon from the pursuit of happiness because they have a relationship that tugs violently at my heartstrings

COUPLE: aklwejroawier eunhae and song! They have made me laugh violently and cry violently.
MOMENT IN FIC HISTORY: probably when i first wrote a oneshot that readers recommended in the completed fanfiction section. Having my story up with all the other wonderful and brilliant stories on that thread made me feel beyond happy. I felt loved and appreciated as silly as it may sound XD.


THIS TITLE: moments of sanity
THIS LINE: j is looking for j” – the pursuit of happiness.

i’d like to thank all my readers, especially rainn, who has read almost all my stories and has commented on every single one. readers like her make me feel beyond appreciated and loved.


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