Name: Joyce Joko Cheong
DOB: December 9, 1992
Contact information: joycejokocheong[AT]
Online aliases: Soompi: my secret reality, la cabaletta, lovesbride (current); Fanfiction: supremescribbler; AFF: unjinx
Forums most frequented: Soompi
Completed fics: Chasing (SHINee), Insanity. (NG), Mind’s Progression (NG), Trash (NG), Simply Friends (NG), My Heart (NG), Death (NG)
Current fics: Absquatulate (NG), Crippled (NG), Tomorrow’s Dream (NG), Audrey Lin (1TYM), Gods (DBSK), To My Heart’s Extent (SHINee)
Additional information: Ahhh. The only fics I ever finished were one-shots. How embarrassing. Okay. Uhm.. I started writing when I got into reading fanfiction on FF at around 2004. Back then all I ever read was comedy anime / manga fics. Haha. My fanfics were just crack humor for my friends. They’re not on FF anymore because they’re just way too embarrassing. LOL. Anyways, I didn’t get into k-pop until pretty late into my freshman year of high school. I feel like I got into Soompi very late.. and that’s my pathetic excuse for knowing so little about fanfics on Soompi (trends, authors, etc.).

TOP 5…
Sun Shower by Veneer, Balloons by dearskye., Keys Before My Eyes by Thao, A Drifter’s Paradise by Thao, A Heart So Black by Ji Eunie
FAVORITE WRITERS: Aramis (jazzer now), dearskye., Thao, Ji Eunie, Lawton
MUST READS OF YOUR TIME: Well in the short time I’ve been on Soompi, I’ve never really been inactive so.. here are just some that I’ve enjoyed. All of these are incomplete haha but some of these fics are actually the ones that got me into reading k-pop fanfics: Love Sucks by DECIPHER, High School by scribbles*, Warning Sign by smitten, I-Hop 4 U by the7REAL., TVXQ Instant Messanger by I_broke_a_nail!, My Fiancé the Superstar by Nayumi, When Life Gives You Lemons, You Sell Them At 2PM by kai xin ALWAYYS, Yellow&Purple by Lawton, John by Lawton, As Long As You’re My Girl by keysless, Sweetbitter by aramis — Completed: Welcome to the Underworld by Con.template, Do the Math by dearskye., Killing Ahnna Lee by dearskye., Half Moon Bay by dearskye.
GUILTY PLEASURES: DBSK (especially Junsu), Big Bang (angsty Jiyoung and happy-go-lucky crazy Jiyoung haha), fan jokes, hot guys, cold guys with warm hearts, gasoos + nongasoo pairings, clichés (as long as they’re well delivered), JongSica, insane drama, complex plots, perverted jokes, intimate scenes


LINE/SCENE FROM A FIC & why: From Sun Shower:

“It was a realization too hard to stomach.

Junsu had known. He had gone to the lighthouse knowing that they were planning to trick him.

But if that fact pained Yoochun now, the next thought tore right through his heart.

Not only had Junsu known, but the fall might very well have been intentional on Junsu’s part.

Yoochun stopped vomiting, and he felt nauseated.

He could still see Junsu’s handwriting, the single word imprinted in the cement. Done by Junsu’s hand when the cement had not yet hardened.


It was Junsu’s dying message. And it pointed straight at his own heart.”

I don’t think this really needs an explanation. T___T<3 My heart..
CHARACTER(S) & why: Rex from A Drifter’s Paradise and Song Jun Tae from Keys Before My Eyes because I have a soft spot for jerks who are secretly very kind.
COUPLE: Shim YaeWon & Brian Joo; Song Jun Tae & Lee Eun Hae; Kang Jongmi & Hiro Ikuta
MOMENT IN FIC HISTORY: I’m seriously like a newb on Soompi compared to everyone else so I don’t know much about the history. I do know that sometime around 2007 there was an influx of Big Bang fics? but that’s because a friend told me. And the FTTS era? 1TYM? I wish I was apart of all that. ;__; Gahhh. This is depressing matter.. On the other hand, I never participated in FOTY when it was still around because I always felt that I haven’t read enough fics to deserve to vote. >___< I regret refusing to make a Soompi until May 2008.

I don’t know if this is allowed since it’s not posted yet but I think she’s posting it soon since she’s been asking for posters. The Halo Effect by MR. W@HOL
THIS LINE: “You see, there’s just something about coffee I can’t resist. I don’t necessarily need to drink it all the time. It’s just enough for me to have it around me. It reminds me of this guy . . . .” from Conversations Between Us by Solangel

Erm.. I don’t know what to say haha. I guess to all the writers out there, don’t ever be discouraged. Your mind is the most powerful thing you have so please don’t let your own negative thoughts hinder you from taking that step forward. Instead, use that great power and never stop writing. (: Haha. Lameeee. Okay. Scratch all that. Just write, because if you don’t, one day you’ll find yourself trying to run away from inanimate objects being thrown at you by a mysterious hand coming out of your closet. Not mine I swear..
PS: Writers, please continue writing fan crack fics! (Creeper smile)

Follow up Q&A:

The Hana Yori Dango “complex” is usually present in one form or another in fics. Although its themes and situations are technically commonplace in pop culture I feel like fic writers were probably influenced by HYD and other mangas and animes. Since you come from that background what similarities and differences have you observed about the manga/anime world and the (kpop) fanfiction world?
Ah. HYD! It’s kind of interesting but when I read fanfics for animes and mangas, I never really read any high school settings fics.. They were either crack fics or in context alternate situations / endings kind of fics. But anyways, I think k-pop fics are definitely influenced by a lot of manga. You can definitely see similar themes. Like you said, they are commonplace in pop culture, but I feel that certain manga can be accredited to this. A lot of Korean dramas originally came from mangas. (HYD, Goong, Full House, etc.) The influence might not always be directly from the manga, but there’s still that connection when people watch the dramas. People get inspired and soon the themes starts trending. I don’t mind though :) Yeeee, fanfiction.

The anime / manga fics I read and the k-pop fics I read were on different sites / formats and of different genre so this is actually kind of hard to say.. Plus the time period I read them was (to me) far apart. x_x I do notice that it’s typically a lot more common to find romance (usually romantic comedies) for k-pop fics. There are a lot of romance fics for anime and manga fics, but you tend to see more variety in the genres. Either way, I think fandom is fandom. You’ll see certain trends because of how the story is progressing in anime / manga fics in the same way you’ll see them variations in trends for k-dramas or with k-pop activities. Even if the fanfics differ in some way, the love people have for their fandom is always the same. Sorry, these are such bad answers to your questions! >__<

What do you loooooove about fanfiction? :D

It’s kind of obvious but I love how fans incorporate fan jokes / puns in their writing. Especially when jokes start to develop from the original jokes and then it just keeps going deeper and deeper as you read. Oh! Or when fans write characters kind of out of their usual personalities.. because it doesn’t sound like them, but then at the same time you KNOW that it IS them and you can imagine it perfectly! (Dark / bad boy Xiah Junsu fics anyone? XD) I just love the feeling of reading about small quirks the characters have and it’s all stemmed from small details that only fans know. If it’s a fanfic based on a drama / manga / etc. then I’m always excited to read alternative endings and such. I like picturing the what ifs because there’s so many possibilities! It’s like getting immersed into the series all over again. I don’t know.. haha. There’s so many things that make fanfiction great<3

If your memory had to be stripped of all things fic and fandom related and you could only keep 3 memories what would they be and why?

This is incredibly hard. It’s like the question is eating me alive.. T___T Okay. I’ll keep Fruits Basket the manga, A Drifter’s Paradise, and Hug by DBSK.

Fruits Basket.. because it’s one of my favorite mangas I’ve ever read. I started reading it in middle school I think? but I stopped for a long time and didn’t finish it until very recently! I think it had a good mix of comedy, romance, and drama. Even though it was a supernatural story, I felt the characters were amazingly real. There were so many but they were all so loveable haha. Highly dramatic but it was balanced out with the comedy.

A Drifter’s Paradise.. because it’s so magical! I love the world Thao created. They’re all in hell but it sounds like it’d be so fun living there LOL. It’s similar to how people open up Harry Potter and feel this rush of magic. More than anything, they want to live in the wizardry world, except in A Drifter’s Paradise, it’s a different kind of world haha. Adventure is out there!

Hug by DBSK.. because it’s one of my favorite songs by DBSK. It’s so cute and happy. It brightens up my day whenever I listen to it. And it has such a strong we-MUST-karaoke-to-it feel! XD

You touched on this with crack fics but what would you like to see more of in the fic section? ^^

Hmm, I guess I would like to see more of just pure comedy fics. Most fics on Soompi are romantic comedies, and although they’re not bad or anything, it’s hard to find one that truly stands out. There may be a few scenes here and there that are funny or start out hilarious, but then authors tend to focus more on the romance after a while and the comedy seems to die down. I guess it’s because people start out wanting to write something humorous and then as they progress, they have this urge to write more maturely because they’re better at writing now or they have more confidence. Most people want to show their full capabilities with their writing and would rather not retrogress and write “kiddy crack fics.” I guess I really shouldn’t be talking x__x I haven’t been writing such fics in such a long time. I guess this is a silly dream haha but they were good memories. I used to actually burst into laughter while I was reading so I had to make sure I was completely alone or else I’d be looking like an idiot in front of others. It was fun just writing about the most random things or the first thing that pops into your head while you write. Spurs of the moments!

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