Name: Cheyna
DOB: 11/05/ – –
Contact information: whistlei (use soompi account mail)
Online aliases: galygal, whistlei
Forums most frequented: (not sure if that the name, it’s been so long),, (most frequently using now)
Completed fics: Did we really love, Her Amazing World, Mutual Feelings, some short stories.
Current fics: Sanctuary, Picturesque Canvas, Our White Rose
Additional information: I’ve been around soompi since 2006. I started as a newbie, read stories from here to there, and realized the fanfic section was great! There were incredible writers that really inspired me throughout the numerous fanfics available at that time. I eventually noticed that maybe I should try writing as well, and that’s where I started. My first fanfic, base on my favorite kpop group, Dong Bang Shin Ki. I think their trend reached its peak in 2006-2008. Then, I moved onto just using Jung Yunho and Yoon Eunhye (I really love Goong, and I still do). Right now, I’m moving past my old gasoo’s and using some new characters, specializing in non-gasoo’s.

TOP 5…
FAVORITE FICS: Broken by Me1, The Therapist and the Patient by fabrications. (I’m a very picky reader. So far these two fanfics are still my favorites and I’m still waiting for them.)
MUST READS OF YOUR TIME: Broken by Me2 – This fanfic is incredibly dark. It’s so heart wretching at the same time as well. This was during 2007-2008, and would also be my most active time exploring fanfics on soompi. I think it was also the time when new fanfics were emerging rapidly as well.
GUILTY PLEASURES: Jung Yunho et Yoon Eunhye, favorite pairing. I love clichés – and I admit it! It’s so predictable, but jeeze, that’s what I love about it!

LINE/SCENE FROM A FIC & why: “Silly dancing lines were waving around to a beat, a song. – Those are silly little lines, I thought. Don’t they realize that they are being hypnotized?” – The Therapist and the Patient — I love how the character described this situation. The imagery it brings out and then how it goes into showing how its “hypnotizing”. It’s not the silly lines that are being hypnotized, it’s her.
CHARACTER(S) & why: Not many characters, but I’ll have to choose Devi (Broken – Me2). She’s a ‘prostitute’. What makes her a great character is that she is trying to fight off her inner demons (emotions/past) that are destroying her. Her characteristic is what makes the story flow right into place. A story, to me, is only great if the characters are stringing themselves and the plot together.
COUPLE: I don’t have a favorite couple. All the fanfic’s I’ve read has been put on hiatus or canceled, so I can’t make my mind up yet.
MOMENT IN FIC HISTORY: The Soompi fanfiction section to me is like a collage–a collage that’s been taped, stapled, glued, colored, and printed with words of inspiring writers. All the fanfic’s that are published on the site is full of the author’s creation: ranging from different genres, themes, characters, and styles. <– It’s these creations that makes the fanfiction section such an incredible place!

The DBSK trend in the fanfiction section was also something memorable to me, personally. I mean, I remember going on the thread and up goes these popping topics of the members. It was exciting just to check each fanfic out and explore what the author was writing or intending to do. I think a lot of members during that time wanted to see something new as well, lol. However, the majority of soompi members, I think, were DBSK fans. ^^

THIS TITLE: Sing Me A Lullaby written by *aroma
THIS LINE: “My surroundings, the people, my mind, my innermost thoughts, my sub-conscious–they all created my points of view; it was as if these things created me, and I created these things at the same time.” – The Therapist and the Patient

The current state of the fanfiction section is flowing smoothly. It used to be booming so fast with readers replying every second. The flow of the section gives new writers a chance to let their fanfic get notice as well and not just the same fanfic reoccurring over again. And it also seems to me that a lot of writers are writing for themselves. Writing to replenish their own fandom world. This I really support~. There’s also more NG fanfics now, and to me writing a NG fanfic is a lot harder. Why would it? Well, the characters are based on your imagination, so its takes longer for you as a writer to image and put together each of the characteristic belonging to them.

I think the fanfiction section is already great as it is.

Note: Writers continue to keep it up! Continue exploring new genres and expanding your ideas!


Follow up Q&A:

Some people would argue and say that although gasoos’ “faces” are being borrowed in fanfiction, it is still difficult to create or understand a gasoo’s character in a fic… I know you are arguing differently about NG but if we put NG aside… what do you think about the talk about gasoos? Do you think it could it be difficult to characterize a gasoo in a fic? Or is it not challenging at all?

I think characterizing a gasoo character is easy when it comes to the description of the appearance, but for the characteristics of the personality, it can be challenging. If a fanfic has a ‘poster’ with the gasoo character there, then the reader will easily identify or imagine how and what they look like. A simple memorization of a favorite gasoo character to a reader will help them further their interest in the fanfic they are reading because they don’t have to ‘imagine’ a character. This makes it easier for the writer. So, to me as a writer, there’s not much of a challenge when it comes to characterizing a gasoo character in their appearance.

However, there may be challenges when it comes to the actual choosing of characteristics for your gasoo character. These characteristics would be found in the personality. It depends on what kind of situation you want your gasoo character to be: a singer, actor, regular student, CEO, vampire, etc. (<– so random lol). With these choices of their background stem, the writer will create a character story to go along with the plot. The background story to a character is important in their developed personality.

The easy part to this would be, if the gasoo character is a singer (ex. Kim Junsu), and I make him exactly how he is in real life. He’s in DBSK, his voice sounds like dolphin, he knows Jung Yunho, he’s etc. This would be a easy part to the writer because he or she could just put down he’s in DBSK and the readers will automatically know his background and what kind of environment he’s from, which is from the entertainment world. In essence, there won’t be much analyzing in the character.

The hard part would be, if the gasoo character is a singer (ex. Again Kim Junsu), and I make him the opposite of what he really is. He’s a singer in real life, but I make him a CEO of a certain company. Now I would have to make a new background, create an entirely new personality for him or basically change the readers (definition) of the gasoo character in which case, is Kim Junsu. Now, to the readers, the character is not really Kim Junsu. In their imagination (appearance) it is Kim Junsu (the one from DBSK), but he’s different. The difference would only be his background and personality; this will make the readers imagine him acting out something new in the fanfic.

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