Name: Dy
DOB: 101993
Contact information: dyvue[at]
Online aliases: yg_bigD, caromaxline, dvy
Forums most frequented: soompi, karaholic, b2strising, junma
Completed fics: Wisdom or Wonder (has been deleted)
Current fics: We Got Married & Last Whispers of Mistakes
Additional information: Usually when I read stories, I look at the characters before reading. I don’t like to go with idol couples since some of them I am not fan of. I usually go for Idols with NGs. I usually read stories involving my favorite boy bands or boy band members. Sometimes I read the ones with my favorite girl group, just that it’s rare to have any with my favorite girl group. I can be open to reading stories without my favorite stars, but I rather read about something that I can fantasize over and maybe learn from to improve.

TOP 5…
FAVORITE FICS: Diary of an Ex-Stalker, My Oh So Hott Player!, Blessed, You Are My Star, Setting Things Straight
FAVORITE WRITERS: bivue, teriyaki18, xPaperScarsx, Karlo, Ahlyn
MUST READS OF YOUR TIME: 12/2009 till now, i have been able to read stories and lately i haven’t due to my busy schedule, but every chance i get, i always come to look for updates or new stories.
GUILTY PLEASURES: clichés, gasoos + nongasoos, pairings (depends), romantic stories that can touch ones heart (making me cry), drama

LINE/SCENE FROM A FIC & why: There was this story, where the two main characters didn’t get together in the end. The girl couldn’t stand all of the pain the boy was giving her, so she left to marry someone else who had been waiting for her for years. It was a sad ending but it was the most memorable one I can remember.
CHARACTER(S) & why: I can’t say much for this, I really only read fanfictions based on Gdragon or Taeyang.
COUPLE : I don’t read couple stories. I used to when i first was introduced to the kpop world. And that was Yungi couple.
MOMENT IN FIC HISTORY: Reading a fanfiction at 12 in the morning and crying because one of the chapters was so sad.

THIS TITLE: At the moment I don’t have a title I wished I had come up with. I feel it takes time sometimes to think, as for others it might be simple. Every title is special.
THIS LINE: I don’t have a specific line, but I always wanted to come up with those lines that tells of a lesson. I hope you understand what I mean. Sorry I don’t know how to explain that more.

I’d just want to say to my current readers, I am sorry for not updating, at the moment I am concentrating on college preparations such as exams and etc. And to the authors I follow, I hope you guys can continue to write more stories.
AND TO EVERYONE, even if I don’t know you:  May the following year be of prosperity to you all and bring you only good deeds.


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