Name: Jason
DOB: 08/21/1988
Contact information: admin (AT)
Online aliases: Nichi
Forums most frequented:,
Completed fics: N/A
Current fics: N/A
Additional information: I love food. My favorite type of food right now is Korean but you can never go wrong with Japanese either. Korean dishes I almost always order are either yook hwe or gob dol bibim bap and I’m always craving Japanese sashimi. I watch a lot of anime and Japanese dramas. I like dramas by Kimura Takuya and Abe Hiroshi while Kamenashi Kazuya dramas are pretty good now too. I like a few girls like Aragaki Yui and Erika Toda but it seems like there are new girls every year. People seem to always ask me what nationality I am. I’m half Japanese and half Chinese but I don’t look like either. I am the admin and creator of so I’m responsible for new features, fixing bugs, and keeping the site running smoothly.

fancracked: Hello Jason. Glad to finally get to do this interview with you (: Can you tell us a bit about how you got introduced to kpop fandom and fanfiction?
jason: I was actually introduced to kpop fanfiction through although I still haven’t had much exposure to fanfiction in general. My first brush with Korean entertainment though was with S.E.S, Babyvox, and BoA almost a decade back in the early 2000’s but I hadn’t gotten back into it until around 2009 when I was at a karaoke in NYC and the mv for SNSD’s Gee randomly came up. After watching it, I realized that Korean entertainment has certainly changed a lot and I wanted to catch up and see more. Then Asianfanfics users started posting up videos of other kpop mv’s and I was hooked. Korean entertainment has gone a really long way since when I was first into it. I’d have to say that my favorite kpop groups right now are Epik High and 2NE1.
fancracked: Can you tell us about AsianFanFics and how it got started?
jason: Asianfanfics is a site dedicated to writers and readers with a passion for writing fanfiction. Although it’s very fanfic-centric, I made sure that there are a ton of social aspects to the site for users to get to know one another so I provided blogs, user-created polls, video sharing, picture galleries, chats, etc. Asianfanfics is certainly still evolving and I almost always have a few new features planned.

I started Asianfanfics around April of 2009 for my girlfriend at the time as a place for her to store her fanfics. She was a big fan of writing Rainie Yang stories and reading a lot of kpop fanfiction but she was extremely frustrated with posting on Winglin. I later found out that Winglin had lost a couple of her stories so I finally decided to make her a site of her own so she could write and store her fanfics. Having control of our own site at least guaranteed that she would never lose her fanfics again and we could design the site from scratch to be as easy to use as possible. She ended up liking the site we made together so she started to advertise the site in various places and managed to get a ton of users to sign up while I worked on implementing more and more features. I was actually pretty surprised when the site started attracting a lot of kpop fanfiction traffic since the site started out with Taiwanese fanfiction but we really enjoyed meeting all of the new users and seeing a new genre of content.

Unfortunately, she later passed away after contracting pneumonia around a year after the site launched and Asianfanfics was left up to me to care for and maintain. I think of the site as a way for me to honor her memory and I’d like to think that she’d be really happy to see all of the users enjoying the site we made together. Without her, there would not have been an Asianfanfics. That is why I can pretty much guarantee that Asianfanfics won’t be going away and I’ll do my best to keep improving it.
fancracked: I’m sorry to hear about your loss… I admire your love, strength, and honor for your late girlfriend. I think it’s really inspiring and moving that you’re keeping the site going–and that you have built such a lovely, close knit community since you started out.
jason: Thank you. My girlfriend worked hard to get a lot of people to post their fanfics on the site so all of my users are important to me. I try to keep the site running as smoothly as possible.

fancracked: Since you started the website from scratch, what sorts of unexpected experiences did you encounter as you went about? Do you have any advice or insight you would share with those who may be thinking about creating sites of their own?–particularly those who would like to incorporate their interests in fandom and/or fanfiction?
jason: There was a great deal of things I didn’t expect when I first created the site but I would primarily say that I did not expect to meet all of these great people from different parts of the world. I enjoyed interacting with them all and they’re a cool bunch for the most part. Of course, with a site of this size, you’ll eventually have a few “hard to manage” users. I’ve seen several users misrepresent themselves and lie about their identities with fake pictures and info. I’ve seen and had to handle various hackers and spammers that try to gather user emails by mass messaging other users to see who would fall for their scams – and many do fall for them. There is also the occasional drama that I hear about among users. Which is why I’m really appreciative of my moderators in keeping on top of things since without them, I’d be spending most of my time just dealing with user issues instead of creating new features and improving site performance.

What do you think you’ve taken away from your experience as an administrator/website operator/designer (?? It seems you run the show under a lot of different titles and roles ^^).
jason: I could be a lot of things but designer I am not (haha). One of these days I’ll find a good, dedicated designer that can help me with some of the Asianfanfics projects I have in mind. As for what I have taken away from running this site, it would probably be that there are a lot of interesting things out there that I didn’t know about before I started interacting with the users here. Take the video section, for example. Users post the videos that interest them in that section and I find myself browsing the videos for a lot longer than I thought I would. It’s not really the same as browsing a tube site like YouTube because the Asianfanfics video section is pretty focused on the interests of the user demographic which is mainly Asian entertainment. I’ve actually discovered a lot of my favorite artists through the video section and I have the contributors to thank for that.

The internet seems so quick paced nowadays—almost too quick if you think about it. Although new sites sprout up left and right, not all of them stick around and develop like how Asianfanfics has. I know you mentioned your focus on building a community, but are there any other things that you could attribute the success of Asianfanfics to in this day and age? ^^
jason: I think it actually is because of the fast pace of the internet that allowed Asianfanfics to thrive. Other sites with the same focus had stayed the same even after a decade or so and others constantly go down even for weeks at a time. I personally thought that was unacceptable which is why I originally made the site for my girlfriend when she was having problems with the sites she normally frequented. I ensured that Asianfanfics constantly improved with new features and that it can handle all of the users that use it to keep site downtime to a minimum.

Having said all of that, there is no greater factor in the popularity of Asianfanfics other than its community of users. I’ve built everything from scratch purely with their needs in mind and I truly believed in making something that would make people want to keep coming back. I still have a lot to work on in this area but it’s always my main focus.

fancracked: Let’s talk a bit more about fics themselves ^^ When were you introduced to fanfiction? What did you originally make of it and what do you think about it nowadays?
jason: I was introduced to fanfiction pretty late. It was around 2008 when my girlfriend showed me her work. I certainly thought it was interesting enough to make her a site just for her to publish them to.
fancracked: Do you write fics yourself or read any?
jason: I don’t really have had the time to read any fanfiction lately but maybe someday when I have more time. I haven’t really written any either but I will admit that I’ve written one chapter of a story since I was told I couldn’t do it. I’m going to post it one day, more because I need a story to test with whenever I implement new features on Asianfanfics but I feel strange posting a fanfic as an admin.

fancracked: In your own words, what is the relationship between a fan-writer and a gasoo/celebrity?
jason: A fan-writer is just like any other fan. Some fans buy all their merchandise, other fans go to all their concerts, while others write fanfiction about them. We all have different outlets for our interests.

fancracked: The category of “you” as opposed to just “second person” is popular on Asianfanfics. What does “you” mean to the members? ^^
jason: It’s just a way for writers to involve the community in their stories. I’m not sure if it has any other meaning to anyone else other than that but I wouldn’t really know much about it.

fancracked: I’m wondering if there are any topics I didn’t mention that you’d like to talk about.
jason: I’d like to thank Ying for being the main inspiration in the creation of this site. Without her direction, feedback, and encouragement, this site would not exist.

Advice for aspiring fanfiction site admins:

– You are never done.
– You will always be thinking of ways to ensure that everyone enjoys your site.
– You can’t please everyone.
– The writers and readers are your primary focus. Try not to get too hung up on anything else.
– You will eventually have to interact with your users. This is a good thing. You will like some of them, dislike some of them, and feel apathy for the rest but you MUST always be objective when it comes to making decisions about your site.
– Speaking of disliking some users, you WILL get emails and messages from rude or demanding users who know nothing of how difficult it is to maintain a complex dynamic web application. The best course of action is to respond to them objectively and professionally. Imagine as if you were working for a customer call center. Then again, since you do own the site, feel free to break this rule when you really feel like it if only to maintain your sanity.

Advice for aspiring writers:

– Keep at it. Even the best authors did not become expert writers overnight.
– Don’t let the statistics or critics bring you down.
– Write for yourself. The readers will follow.

fancracked: Would you like to send any messages to anyone?
jason: I would like to thank the moderators in helping shoulder some of the user issues on the site. The senior moderator is especially helpful and appreciate the effort in helping me keep my attention on the site instead of on user politics or problem users.

— Thanks to Jason for doing this interview ^^ Best wishes to the Asianfanfics community (:

83 thoughts on “INTERVIEW: JASON

  1. Oh My God, Nichi.. I never knew that AFF means so much for you.. I’m sorry for your loss. Thank you very much for creating AFF because I met a lot of good friends here.. I can’t imagine my life without AFF right now.


    1. yeah u know , me too. i made and met many new good friends from many countries and we share many thing about kpop and fanfic also :)

  2. I’m a new user so I don’t really know you, Nichi…but…I salute to you for you hard work and love to your girlfriend…Best wishes to you.


  3. I’m sorry to hear about your loss, Nichi. I didn’t know that asianfanfics came out of love, and it’s truly heartbreaking to hear about your loss. I’m so sorry to hear that.

    Anyway, I’m glad that you have made this site, because it’s so great! I love how we, the writers and readers manage to interact through the site, and how user-friendly it is. Thank you for creating such a wonderful site! :)

  4. such a wonderful guy!
    hope your doing fine..sorry about your loss. =(
    i just wanna thank you for creating such a wonderful site..because of AFF, I met lots of wonderful people,I didn’t know AFF is born out of love between two wonderful people!!
    thanks again!!
    I know your girl is very happy wherever she is right now!!


  5. Wow Nichi – I’m really sorry about your loss and I regret it deeply that your girlfriend isn’t with us today…

    Thank you for your constant improvements to AFF and I’m sure, in time, the site will surpass any other fanfic site :) – and then truly, her memory with you will be honoured…

  6. wow!
    i hope you would continue working hard for this site. you are so dedicated. hats of to you!
    thank you!
    your dedication is very appreciated.

    more power!

  7. I’m so sorry about your loss; none of us ever knew :(

    Thank you so much for making AFF and for working so hard towards mantaining and improving it :)

  8. so sorry for your lost….after hearing about AFF i completely became addicted…I will go mad if i cnt ol just to see an update in a day…
    Thanks so much for making AFF a rily fun, happy and wonderful community!!
    God Bless!

  9. i’m so sorry for your girlfriend! I never knew about that! ): i post fanfics on asianfanfics too and now that i know the story behind it, it just makes me love asianfanfics even more!

  10. well, i’m just the outsider but i wanna say something too.
    first, thanks for giving me and others a beautiful world to live. AFF is like my second home, where i always have fun in sharing/reading fanfics and making new friends.
    second, sorry for your loss. i feel really sad after knowing that. i never thought behind AFF site, there’s a long but perfectly special story about love. i think your girlfriend feels glad right now… because of what you’ve done for her. so amazing! :)
    third, good luck and fighting. everyone on AFF site will support you, the boss!^^

  11. Hi :) i really enjoy your the website that both you and your girlfriend created. Well im not sure if im the only one that had this problem buuuut i was reading a story just fine until i presed the next chapter and it said i wasnt connected to the internet. I know its not my internet thats the problem because i can log on any other website just fine and i tried refreshing and deleting my caches and cookies but i still cant go on the website. ): i really hope you can help me id like to get back to reading those amazing stories~!

  12. Thank you for the wonderful website, Jason…I am so sorry for your loss, but as a user there I can promise to love that site and cherish it for your friend Ying. Because of your work towards the site, I’ve been able to make such good friends and read the most amazing stories ever. Thank you so much. HWAITING! :D

  13. I joined recently, so I didn’t know how much this site means to you. I’m so sorry for your loss. I believe your girlfriend is happy wherever she is and that she fully supports what you have done for this site out of your love and respect for her. And this site is wonderful! I love the format! It is much better than Winglin. I’ve been there done that and hated it. It’s not as sophisticated as what you have here. And it’s comparable to LJ where both this and that both have some setbacks. I love this site. Thank you.

  14. I’m thank you so much! This was my message to you when the site was still getting fixed on AFF Street on FB!
    Dear Creator of AFF, I, starlove who has been with aff for almost two years now, truely LOVE you with all my heart! You made a part of my day the brightest each and every day when im on aff! And for that, i cant even explain how much you mean to me! Without you, i wouldnt meet all these awesome aff friends and authors or simly just enjoy writing. I’m thankful for having you in my life and for taking your funds into investing on AFF. Thank from the bottom of my heart. -starlove

  15. Hi. I’m so happy that I found AFF !! It’s a super awesome website :) Before I was reading fanfics on but there was so many things I disliked…:( and then POOF!!! I found AFF (Miracleeeeeee) :D Here, I found so many friends!!!!!!! And I’ve got to know more Kpop :D Now I’m an AFFholic!!!!!! And THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR EFFORTS AND FOR EVERYTHING ELSE!!!! And sorry for your loss…………… Aja Aja Fighting!!! :)

  16. omg, i just read this although i already members of AFF since last year. Now I know why u make AFF and for who, sorry for misunderstood early. And I’m sorry for you lost, you such a goodx99 boyfriend. Hope your late girrfriend rest in peace. May god bless her past life.

  17. Woah~
    My AFF friend Goddess was bored and so she clicked all of the AFF buttons and found this…..
    And then she told me.
    It must be so hard to control AFF and it’s users, so thank you Nichi!!!!*^^*
    Sorry for your loss but I think you must be an AMAZING person to keep the site going in honour of her. AFF means a lot to me, more than anyone knows so thank you so much for creating it!*^^*

  18. Wow. I’ve been a user of aff for a few months now but i did’t know the story behind it up until now. I salute you! Thank you for aff. It is such a wonderful community. Your girlfriend would’ve been proud of you.
    More power to you

  19. Hi Jason. Finally, I was able to read your interview. I couldn’t access it a few days ago when I first joined AFF. I am new here at AFF and just started my fanfiction a few days ago. I wrote the story 6 years ago and now I know why it wasn’t yet the proper time to share it online even after a few attempts years before. It is meant to share via AFF and I am happy about it :)
    As your late girlfriend was a blessing to you, please continue to be a blessing to others and hopefully, the readers and writers be a blessing to each one of us :)
    God bless everyone at AFF.

  20. Arigatou Jason-san for putting up with the antics of the writers on AFF, it must be tiring, we dont make it easy…..but your girlfriend, god bless her , would be proud of you, ..we certainly are……thanks for everything you do……FIGHTING!!!!!!

    ~a writer on AFF

  21. T^T Thank you for making AFF so awesome!! All the authors and readers really appreciate all the hard work you’ve put into making the website.
    We’re all terribly sorry for your loss, but keep smiling and remain strong!!

  22. ohh sorry for your loss but i’m glad that you decided to manage aff for your girlfriend.
    Aff means a lot to me. Thank you so much for creating AFF
    God bless you~

  23. Thank you soooo much for making and still keeping aff, Nichi-san!
    I am a user there for a year now yet i just find this story out today.

    Im sorry to hear about your loss T.T now i know what karma is standing for..

    I could tell you as very good boyfriend.
    ‘A love of a man for his Ying..’

    After reading this, i wont complain about the problem we users encounter.

  24. i cant say anything after read your interview..
    *sorry a bit speechless*
    ..eemm,thank you.
    thank you to create AFF site..
    jeongmal gamsahamnida *bow*
    i’m so touched you create this site for your gf..
    its so..romantic,
    i wish you the best!
    HWAITING!!! :)

  25. Uhm………I’m really spechless…
    I’m sorry for your loss…and i really admire your love…
    It’s…* it’s hard to say, no words could describe it*
    But I really admire your love…<3
    Thank you for creating this site, thanks so much…
    aff is such my life…
    we always support you here oppa…^^
    again thanks a lot.. *bows*

  26. Thx for making AFF Nichi…AFF is like my 2nd home…AFF is everything to me too and sorry for your loss…I’ll support you ^^I admire your love for your girlfriend… Nichi Fighting!

  27. Firstly,thanks for creating AFF. Even I am new here, I know that this site means a lot to everyone.. especially the creator.. I am sorry for your loss
    I hope you will keep taking care of this site. This site is very special to me.I gain new friends here. Thanks to you. I wonder if she’s still alive, she is going to be happy with this site improvement. I am really sure that she’s gonna really be proud of you. I love this site. I learn a lot from here. I hope that you’re not disappointed with any of us. I hope that there’s no hard feelings. Uh.. I don’t know what to say anymore. I become speechless when knowing that you are keeping this site as your memory with her. Nichi, seriously your love story is like a TRUE love story. I will try to write a story based on your story. May I? If you say no. I am not going to do it. Promise. I did cried knowing that she is no longer alive and be beside you. I am sorry for being a silence reader on this site. even it was only for the first three day I found this site. Sorry. I wish you will read this comment. Just wanna say. Keep fighting!! We are here to support you.. Asianfanfics community will. Be strong. Sorry again if we did troubled you.. I am really sorry. :) Fighting. Btw, take a look at my blog. I am going to published this site to my followers to show that I am supporting you.. Bye. :)

  28. Hey Nichi, I really love AFF. I never knew the story behind it, but now that I know I’m really proud of you. You’re an incredible person! I’m sorry for your loss, but I know that she’s really happy with what you’ve done.
    I’ll always support you! AFF user love you and are here for you!

  29. sorry for your loss nichi :( I bet she’d happy knowing how AFF being loved by many users around the world…
    no wonder, you create AFF from love and now many users love it including me
    AFF hwaiting! nichi hwaiting!
    I can’t imagine my life withou AFF now :( I’am so attached with it! ^^

  30. I never know that AFF means so much for you T^T
    I can’t imagine what I’ll do if AFF will not exist anymore

  31. Firstly,thanks for creating AFF. Even I am new here AND I can never imagine that AFF means so much for you. I’m sorry about your lost (I bet she’s listening and happy to know that how Aff is being the hot topic by many users around the world…. to let everyone know) without AFF its impossible for other users & authors to write & read the stories.
    I gotta say Asianfanfic is truly an amazing website.

  32. thankyou for creating asianfanfics. sorry for your lost though.. but i’m here to support you and to let you know that your effort is really meaningful to us, writers and readers. i admit that aff has become part of my life now <3 thankyou so much!

  33. I had no idea about your feelings to asianfanfics. You do really care about the site and its users, which is very rare. Most people just want to make money off of their websites and don’t honestly care about the users feelings. You are different. You are highly respectable and I look up to you for that. Thank you, so much.

  34. I am really sorry for your loss Jason and i am really touched about all the love you dedicated to AFF. You are one strong person and i thank you so much for creating AFF. This site really is my life and makes me happy day after day. You are doing an amazing job as the admin and i appreciate your hard work deeply. I am sure your girlfriend is really happy to see that you maintain this site and i am really honored to be a user of your wonderful work. FIGHTING :-)))))))

  35. HAI! \^O^/
    I’m still a newb at AsianFanFics and have only became a member for about a month but I’d just like to say THANK YOU!! I was just being the curious me and went around the site exploring….annnd ended up here (for some magical reason) to discover some of the sites history! Btw, I LOVE RAINIE YANG TOO! XD Muah Muah Muah! Im aiming to become a moderator but i’ll have to at least wait for another 11 months for tht to happen. Anyways……..Life wouldn’t be reality w/o AsianFanFics.
    CHEER UP PPL’S ^~*

  36. Excuse me, there’s this account who is very rude and kept on bashing and saying naughty comments to my story even though the story was just for fun.. But he’s too rude can you warn that account?

    My account is SoManyHaters

  37. I was browsing the FAQ section and it brought me here. And now I know that AFF existed from a truly pure love. You really have pure reason on why you’re still running this site smoothly. I salute that.. she would be so happy at how good you’re managing this site, gaining the strength from her. ^^ Keep it up! Fighting!

  38. I am interesting with AFF, so I want to know and will make a research about it.
    So I hope here all of, can help me please…?

  39. Wow, I never thought the history of this website would be like that 0.0 Thank you very much for creating this site!

  40. I’m really sorry for your loss. Thank for creating this wonderful site. I meet new friends and can write my own fanfics. I can’t imagine my life without AFF and as well as KPOP.

  41. Hi Jason ,
    Do you know this users known as “iloceyaoi2much”, because i want to read the story My Nerdy Boyfriend. But to bad, is under private lock or block lock.. Do you know why?

    Thanks a lot

  42. omg!! i’m making a web app presentation so i chose AFF~ OMG! i never knew AFF meant a lot to you!!! now, I’m seeing AFF in a whole new light ^^v

  43. hi jason.. firstly, happy belated birthday… and sorry for your loss.. hope god gives you lot of strength to move forward and tackle with the obstacles. when i first learned about asianfanfics, i just came to read but after reading for somedays, i felt like commenting so i registered myself here and now, eventhough i’m married and busy, this is one of the most visited website.. thanks a lot for creating this site, i got to know not only about kpop but about lot of other stuffs too and met some amazing people too. thanks again and take care!! :-)


  44. I’m terribly sorry for your loss, but you did an excellent job as the admin. What you did was a great honour for your girlfriend, ying, and I’m sure with all my heart that she is proud. My words can’t express my gratitude for creating AFF, jason. It’s the best website I’ve ever joined, and I enter daily, working hard as a writer, and enjoying other’s stories as a reader. From all the well-known writers, we all want to thank you. Without you, I could have never met such unique friends and great souls. With out, I could have never realised what it’s like to love something so badly. I love AFF. It’s my other character, where I get to describe my emotions through my writing. Without you, jason, we will be nothing and kpop wouldn’t have spread so wildly.
    Ying, I will keep her in my prayers, jason. She’s in a better place, I promise you.

  45. i want to sign up in this site but there is a problem..i write the username and the password and the security code and press sign up button..but nothing happens and the main webpage appears and when i try to log in it says the username is not found …somebody plz help i want to read the ff.stories for the subscribers so bad

  46. Hi owner. I’m an asianfanfics reader and yeah im addicted to it. I hope that aff will have its own apps for android and apple and i’m willing to try to create it. Or is it already created by anyone?

  47. Hi owner. i want my old account to get deleted, but i forgot the email and the password. So, how to solve this? thanks.

  48. owner.. can you help me?
    since nov, 20th 2014, i can’t log in to my account on AFF… if i try to log in it’s always said sorry the page is unavaible.. and when i try to register or make new account i never success. what should i do? TT

  49. Oh, Nichi, seriously it touched me about everything that you’ve been through all of this time and I’m sorry for your loss. Really, you’re such a great and a strong person. Thank you for everything. Without AFF, I dont think that I can write myself a story which it can make me happy when everybody starts to read it and I feel that you’ve done a lot for us that I think we (the users) should be grateful enough for this. Thanks again, Nichi. Fighting!!

  50. Thank you so much to the owner of AFF and his late girlfriend. Through AFF, I’ve met a lot of friends here, read various genre of fanfics that made me laugh and cry. I also become more interested in english writing and reading thus, improving my english skills day by day. And AFF turns reading as my hobby. Also, me and my online friends always exchange interesting story on AFF untill this day. We’ve become much closer through AFF! And the AFF society is the best online society I’ve ever met. The karma system impressed me. I think it works as the inventor wanted it to be. People in AFF always said good things to each other. And this kind of society is seriously will never found in any other site. And I believe all AFF users out there will agreed to this.

    and also, thank you too to the owner’s late girlfriend’s hardwork to make this site as big as it be right now. I think I wouldn’t found this site without her.

    Much love , an aff readers.

  51. Aff is really good and it must be appreciated. I just wish to have an app for this!! HOPE YOU CAN MAKE AN APPLICATION! We are looking forward to this website ☺ 사랑해 :3

  52. Thank you for making this beautiful site for us kpop fans. I felt sorry for your loss, but in the end there’s power of love that keep us stand strong.
    Keep strong and thanks again to give us place to write and share and love!

  53. Awwww, thanks for such an heartfelt interview fancracked and Jason, I really appreciate the work everyone who built this site, I always found the function in AFF better than any where else, everything is wonderful. Thank you!! You are my older brother age, and younger tbh and it amazing! Keep up the great work! And really thank you to your late girlfriend we have tho amazing site and to your diligence to keep going.

  54. wow I’m just speechless. I just joined AFF this year and it means so much to me but sadly I don’t come online anymore. You’re ambitious spirit is amazing Jason was it? I’ve met so many dear fans from this website and have friends from all across the world. I can even share my stories, get feedback about how to improve from my readers and be happy. This site means a lot to me and I sincerely want to thank you for making this. The reason you started this amazing website actually made me squeal. She must have really loved you, even though I’m pretty late, sorry for your loss. If my maths is correct your in your late twenties? Probably with a family and kids, and I hope that your kids or future kids learn to know how great you are! Thank you so much for creating this website! Best of luck.

  55. i wonder are u still the one who handle the AF because please kinda promoted or advertise more about exo x oc fanfics instead of yaoi fanfics.. pleaseeee

  56. I am so sorry for your lost, but please I want to know if AFF is based on racism, because I don’t get why some authors are being treated unfairly.

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