Hey there~ hope you’ve all been doing well! ^^

Here are some general updates:

  • Two fan on the street interviews have just been posted, featuring cpopbaby19 and minho (pinkest).
  • A new activity recently started on Time Vault, being photo walks. In general, a photo walk is when you take a walk at a certain location and take pictures of whatever you like. Instead of literally going on photo walks, the blog asks creative people (yes I’m talking to you!!) to submit their own visual photo “walks” based on certain themes. Photo walks feature graphics (posters, collages, murals, etc.), photographs/slide shows, and/or other visual representations. The first photo walk’s theme is “Memory Lane.” Check out Jen (akirasberry) and Quilla’s photo walks for this theme ^^*
  • Look forward to interviews with azn_desire, thao, freda, and more familiar faces (;

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please reblog this entry on tumblr or leave a comment here ^^

Thanks for following & happy reading and writing!

– fancracked

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