Name: Alexine
DOB: 12/03/90
Contact information: cpopbaby19[at]
Online aliases: alexine., alexine90, cpopbaby19
Forums most frequented: Soompi, Solid07 (wayy before, like 2003-2004-ish), Bigbang Philippines
Completed fics: I actually have a completed fic but it’s just too crappy to post and most of my completed works are for school. lol ._.
Current fics: Not writing anything at the moment.
Additional information: I’m a huge Big Bang fan and has been working with Big Bang Philippines ( for two years now. :) I used to read A LOT of fan fics and camp out in the fanfic thread but college got me out of it. Now, I’ve graduated and currently a tutor to few grade school and high school students. ^^ I’m still reading a few stories in the fanfix thread whenever I have the time. :P
TOP 5…
FAVORITE FICS: Conversations Between Us and Banana Pancakes by Solangel, Welcome to the Underworld by Con.template, The Morningstar Series by black_wings, The Epitome of Simplicity by Ephemeral and Beach Boy by dearskye. / chasingfivetwo
FAVORITE WRITERS: Solangel, Con.template, dearskye. / chasingfivetwo, Thao, Moe / Amaranth, 4tang / Jeanie, nuna501, clockwatcher
MUST READS OF YOUR TIME: I was mostly around the soompi fanfic section from the end of 2003 until 2008 so I witnessed the glory of translated fics in the forum, but I still read new fics. haha So it was definitely the translated fics of Guiyeoni– To My Boyfriend (I cried so much!), Doremi.., and Temptation of the Wolf. Also, Keys Before My Eyes by Thao, Tainted Memories of Issey Miyake by 4tang, My PingPong Boy by Moe (OMG I remember spazzing a lot because of this fic xD) and Conversations Between Us by Solangel. And after 2008, I guess Solangel and Con.template fics started to be more popular.
GUILTY PLEASURES: As cliche as it sounds, I like reading cliche stories, but not always though. I also don’t read much of “fan fiction” (though, I like some); I am more drawn into reading stories with original characters since I get more pleasure and satisfaction when I get to picture the characters from scratch in my mind, as opposed to a gasoo with a different personality (for instance).

LINE/SCENE FROM A FIC & why: When Soojin kicked the duck in WTTU. LMAO. Seriously. I just LOL-ed forever. xD I love how her character was so random! <3 And in Almost Lover by nuna501, when Sunmi and Jaewoong went to Japan and JW attended a wedding, from a view afar, SM says to herself that if JW turns to his left, he will confess etc etc. LOL. I just loved that scene~ <3
CHARACTER(S) & why: I can only think of Soojin from WTTU at the moment. I love the concept behind her character– finding oneself. It’s like you know yourself but you don’t. I mean Taehyun was oozing with hotness but I believe that her character kept the plot of WTTU moving and more vibrant because of her identity struggle.
COUPLE : Dongmin and Suvy of Banana Pancakes. Their relationship is basically the epitome of what I want. Their friendship, love and loyalty to one another is just overwhelming and incredibly moving.
MOMENT IN FIC HISTORY: Shinhwa and H.O.T. fan fics were the in thing! :P The first korean fanfiction that I read was about Shinhwa, I think? I enjoyed a good amount of HOT/Kangta fanfics before too. :P

THIS TITLE: Conversations between us.
THIS LINE: “There are rules when you’re alive. There are also rules when you’re dead. Go figure.” – The Summer House by Moe


I’m surprised at how the soompi fanfix section has grown. Before, not much stories were posted in the forum but now, it’s just overwhelming. I don’t even know what to read first! Haha. And believe it or not, I actually owe my interest in reading to soompi (and If not for these sites, I would’ve not found the joy in reading (and writing, too!). So I hope others will also find happiness and inspiration from reading fan fictions. :) And to the authors, keep the stories coming!! ^_^


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