Name: Mimi / Meems
Dob: 04.27
Contact information: nq_h[AT]
Online aliases: coolcoke. / Min.M / nqh
Forums most frequented: Soompi, asianfanatics (past)
Completed fics: one-shots: Public Relations, Early Frost, To Love, Box of Empty Wrappers and Dried Petals, Winter Wonderland, Together for Eternity
Current fics: Dear J, Fragments of the Silent
Additional information:
TOP 5…
FAVORITE FICS: Welcome to the Underworld by Con.template, Conversations Between Us by Solangel, Banana Pancakes by Solangel, Disloyalty by I^am^me, and Neverland by dearskye.
FAVORITE WRITERS: I definitely ‘stalk’ and read everything written by: adurian, Rey, and I^am^me
MUST READS OF YOUR TIME: I haven’t been around too long, but I would suggest any of my favorites.
GUILTY PLEASURES: JaySica [dotdotdot] ahahah. Um, I really like the whole best friends into lovers plot. Arranged marriages. Flowery sentences and imagery. I love the ‘cliché’—which is used to point out hackneyed plots, but I think the word has been overused and misused itself. Formatting that includes: the font courier new, pastels, no visible faces, soft pinks and grays. Psychologically unstable female leads. & Completely and insanely hot and desirable male leads. Who can say no? =P

LINE/SCENE FROM A FIC & why: “I’m having a heart attack.” I am terrible at remembering lines, but this line is unforgettable.
CHARACTER(S) (limited to 3-ish characters) & why: Yoon Jaewon because he was the first gangster that I fell in love with, Kwon Taehyun because he was the second gangster that I fell in love with, and Choi Yoori because she’s a kick-ass female character. [disclaimer—in reality, gangsters and bad boys/girls are not my preferred friends/lovers/acquaintances. Lol. =P]
COUPLE (just one! – I know it’s hard but ^^;;v): TaeRi



To writers, don’t stop writing because you feel like no one is reading what you have to share. If you ever need a reader, send me a link and I will be more than happy to read ^^. To readers, don’t be afraid to close your eyes, click on a random link, and read. Don’t let a pairing or a gasoo or the word ‘overrated’ stand in the way of a wonderful story. To all writers, keep writing, and to all readers, keep reading and supporting. Soomp! fanfics are timeless; it’s not just a phase, so don’t ever stop supporting and/or stop posting. :)

Extended questions…

fancracked: Explain what fanfiction means to you in 10 words! :D

coolcoke.: Fanfiction is the temporary release from stress and reality.

fancracked: I briefly touched on this topic when interviewing Freda but would love to hear your response too. ^^;v What is the lure of gansters in the fic world? What do you think compels us to write about gang life? Some people have argued that writing about gang life glorifies it… what do you think about that?

coolcoke.: Gang stories usually (not always, but usually) involve: a genuinely sweet guy (and good looking guy) despite his ‘bad boy’ image, an innocent girl who female readers and writers can relate to, and the drop-kicks we wish we could use on people we didn’t like. This scenario doesn’t happen every day. I think the attraction is because it’s so rare to ever hear about a ‘good and sweet’ gang leader and it’s so rare to hear about a ‘good and sweet’ gang leader dating an ‘innocent’ girl, which is why we write about it.  It also has this excitement factor; this desire to be invincible and almost immortal. However, I don’t think writing about gang life glorifies it. There are differences between nonfiction and fiction, and I think readers can decipher those differences. (or I hope they can lol. Don’t be like that Twilight fan who told the world she was looking for her vampire boyfriend because Twilight says hot and sparkling vampires exist…)


  1. I’m posting because I actually feel very strongly about people glorifying violence and gang life. I agree in the sense that writing about gangs doesn’t necessarily glorify it. However I think it’s how you write about it that changes things.

    Writing a gang fic with a lead male who’s actually sweet and caring seems to send the wrong message about gang life to me. The reality is that gang life is nothing like how it’s depicted in a lot of fics and that’s where my problem with it is. I know that readers aren’t stupid but when you send messages like that, some of it does get through and that’s why you see so many gang fics on soompi.

    I enjoy a good story about gangsters but at the heart of many of them is one about power struggles. Writing about terrible people doesn’t mean you are necessarily sending out a message that it’s okay to be terrible (look at Macbeth) – in the end it’s how you depict these people and the messages you want to send through your writing. I hope that writers understand that when they decide to undertake stories about gangs.

  2. Yuns, I did not see your reply earlier, so sorry for the super late reply! ^^ I completely agree with you on how writers should be more responsible for what they write and what they send forward. For me though, I don’t see gang stories as depicting gangs; I see them more as a setting (a quite unnecessary one, but that’s my opinion) for a love story or a story where one redeems his/her self–especially on Soompi. 90% of the things don’t relate to gang life at all. I don’t know if you’ve read this, but Tim O’Brien’s The Things They Carried is revolved around the Vietnam War, but the point of it was not war; he was telling a love story.

    I also think it’s our world and society that makes gang life or the title of gang life what it is. I mean, take Pokemon for example (this is such a lame analogy lol, but I love Pokemon): slaving creatures and making them fight each other is wrong isn’t it? We can make a point that that glorifies violence and influence kids to be violent towards each other. The way allowing them to play with guns could trigger (ha-ha) some aggression inside of them. The most the creators can do is put up a disclaimer/warning (red caps on guns, age limits on games, censoring songs, disclaimer message for fanfics etc.).

    All in all, I agree with your point. I only wish more people, in this case writers, could see it that way, too. that yes, they hold an influence on everyone who reads their writing.

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