Name: Desiree
DOB: 20 Jan
Contact information: desireegohmj[AT] / I’m pretty active on Soompi now so I’ll check my PMs pretty often.
Online aliases: Rey
Forums most frequented: past- shoebox & pre-debut 2ne1forums. I have always lurked around Soompi since ’06.
Completed fics: I’m only listing the few one-shots I have – Night Crawler (2010), Sunset Glow (2009 renamed A Pause in Sanity), I didn’t get to tell him ‘I love you’ (2008)
Current fics: Formula Collision(2010), Cat & Crack(2010), Psycho(2009)
Additional information: I tend to ditch a lot but I swear it usually isn’t out of laziness (cross my heart)! I might lack a lot of confidence in terms of my writing abilities to successfully bring justice to story plots I came up with. So I’ve been doing more reading lately and writing only to prevent myself from getting rusty. I hope to improve and come back with better projects and of course, at last, complete something lol.

TOP 5…

FAVORITE FICS: Unmarked White Vehicle by Mariika(aka Lulu), Heresay by Mariika, Starship by Dearskye (she’s re-writing it), Sun Shower by Veneer, An Epitome of Simplicity by Ephemeral, The Joy of Being Happy by Solangel
FAVORITE WRITERS: dearskye, Ephemeral, Mariika, Thao, anika, 4tang, Solangel
MUST READS OF YOUR TIME: I was most active from 06-08. I think dearskye was most active on Soompi then and anything by her is a must read. One should read her works in chronological order – it’s amazing how her voice, that’s weaved into the stories, changes and matures. Ephemeral’s stories are must reads too. She has very creative ways in expressing the theme of Love.
GUILTY PLEASURES: I’m pretty biased lol and read anything by my favourite writers who happen to be old faces in the fanfix thread (possibly no longer active anymore). Other pleasures are good breathtaking beginnings and quiet, melancholic stories without the unrealistic drama haha.


LINE/SCENE FROM A FIC & why: Mariika’s Unmarked White Vehicle – Youngbae suspected of being a pedophile! One has to read Mariika’s stories to understand what I mean by being effortlessly humourous. It’s nearly a talent, really.
CHARACTER(S): dearskye’s Crazy Dog – Lee Hyuk Soo (the imaginary guy).
COUPLE: Ephemeral’s Beautiful-like Ending couple – Yoon AeRa and Park MinGyu. Ephemeral is writing something like a sequel to the story, titled Anti-hero.
MOMENT IN FIC HISTORY: When the inspiring old writers in the fanfix section were still active (06-07 period). I felt like I learned and cried the most reading their stories. Back then there were still Shinhwa and FTTS fics lying around! Good times, good times (:


THIS LINE: “I can’t promise to love you forever, or until I’m 85, but I can promise to love you until the end, if the end is near.” – Ephemeral


Truth be told, I missed the old fanfix section. There was a lot more quality writing then…I don’t mean to offend anyone though, just objectively speaking. There’s nothing wrong with the new fics nowadays since, I guess, you can’t find anything wrong in reading purely for entertainment reasons. Still, I hope for ornate and poetic writings to appear more frequently. Although they may not dominate the fanfix section like before, it’s not virtually impossible. Readers still recommend solid works from the forum’s prime period so I think people will be continuously impassioned and inspired to cultivate better writing. I hope by saying all these, I don’t come across as pompous. I merely take writing seriously and am by default, a grammer-nazi albeit I’m full of grammatical errors myself. I have a lot to thank Soompi’s fanfix section for. Without it, I would never have realised my innate enthusiasm and love for writing. It has re-defined my dreams and instilled in me a purpose I never felt before. For that, I’m eternally grateful. (:

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