FAN ON THE STREET: JEN (akirasberry)


Name: Jen
DOB: 1990
Contact information: soompi pm – akirasberry
Online aliases: hyesung_luv (no longer used), akirasberry
Forums most frequented: (past) soompi, mocha boba, divabug, shinhwasarang, the WA (present) soompi and the WA
Completed fics: A few one shots and fics here and there but nothing that I fully consider finished.
Current fics: Awake, Kwon’s Halloween party, Coffee Series and a few others
Additional information: I currently enjoy writing 2pm fics, but I have also previously enjoyed reading/writing dbsg and Shinhwa fics. :D

TOP 5…
FAVORITE FICS: The Peeker, I hate guys like you, The Raven King, Haven, Heaven’s cheater, White Sand Castles
FAVORITE WRITERS: Dilbangee, jhigavicious, JK, Aramis aka Jazzer, Traytor and a lot more
MUST READS OF YOUR TIME: Beneath his Wings, December Rain, Blue Masquerade, Once We Get to Paradise and The Corner of the Circle
GUILTY PLEASURES: 2pm, sentimental and broken Ahn Chilhyun, badass Shin Hyesung, cafe settings, art gallery settings, after life fics… I also remember a few shinhwaxfantasy/supernatural fics. I can’t remember the title but i remember Junjin was some half sea serpent water god and I know it sounds bizarre right now but it was written so well and the whole world that was created was so detailed.


I can’t choose this one! When I think about the fics I’ve read a while back there are always one or two scenes that stick out to me even if I don’t remember the whole story line. It’s weird that some of the scenes I remember weren’t the most pivotal but there was just something cinematic about them or unique. There are too many in my head right now… I can’t choose haha xD
CHARACTER(S) & why: Kangta/Chilhyun from December Rain – It’s been so long since I’ve read this fic but he was the first character that popped into mind. I think Chilhyun has this lasting impact on you. Haejin From Blue Masquerade – Strong character yet still vulnerable, and certainly didn’t give a damn.
COUPLE: This isn’t going to really answer the question because they’re not a couple but more like enemies/master&learner. I can’t remember the title but it was a shinhwa/vampire (way before Twilight :/) fic. It was more of a Interview With a Vampire relationship with Hyesung as Lestat and Minwoo as Louis.
MOMENT IN FIC HISTORY: I first started reading fanfics in 2003 and I remember one of the first few that I’ve read included Hunter[?] (shinhwa) and Primroses Outside the Gate[?] (FTTS) by crybaby/kpopchild (Sorry my memory is a bit hazy) There were a lot of girl sold to rich family fics/ gangster fics etc. When I look back I do get this sense of the classic fics and the fics that came from that period of time. M/Vs like Yo! and All Your Dreams were big influences on some of the fanfics written. I also remember there being translated fics such as TOY (Still in my folder waiting to be read) and when people started to write their own ulzzang non-gasoo fics. In general the biggest changes would have to be variety of gasoos you can write about now, when before it was just mainly H.O.T, Shinhwa and FTTS.


THIS TITLE: The Corner of the circle (You should have seen me… I was like ‘BWAH circles don’t have corners’ ingenious LOL)
THIS LINE: “Here is Junsu watching a spider die to the taste of Bach perfect on his tongue.” – by bluetent


Don’t write for your reader, write for yourself. ♥

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