Name: Yati
DOB: 27.11.1973
Contact information: yati27[AT] or pm
Online aliases: cahaya
Forums most frequented: soompi & cari forum
Completed fics: none
Current fics: none
Additional information: love reading, traveling, watching anime and Kdrama /Jdrama, listening to musics, collecting fridge magnets and key chains etc…

TOP 5…

[note from Yati: lots of fanfic i love to read and try my best to list top 5 :lol:]

FAVORITE FICS [Completed]:
i. A Year And A Day, Covered in Shadows, With Me by black_wings ii. The Long Kiss Good Night & Moon Series by sheherizade3 iii. I Have Fallen For You by flower pot iv. With All My Heart, Ordinary, Least Expected, & When Love Hits by C00kie3005 v. Wildfire & Beautiful Disaster by 1crazynyt , jennyalfeche & betchay
FAVORITE FICS [Not Yet Completed]: i. Twisted Emotions by black_wings ii. Kiss In The Breakdown by girlnextstall iii. You Are The One…Star Crossed Lovers by flower pot iv. The Crimson Insignia by shattered_teardrops v. Photos Of You by yukino78
FAVORITE WRITERS: 1.black_wings 2. sheherizade3 3. flower pot 4. girlnextstall 5. C00kie3005 6. 1crazynyt , jennyalfeche & betchay 7. parkshinlee7 8. nisku 9. yukino78 10. Eirallina 11. xvampireknight 12. shattered_teardrops 13. asmiera 14. ENY514 & Faye1979 15. goughsunflowers @ LolliDoAlittle 16. Con.template 17. nuna501 18. pordjery 19. m_girl07 20. eyra_youngmi 21. blackjev 22. lee-chan and many more :lol:
MUST READS OF YOUR TIME: I joined in 2006 n have been most active since BOF ended until now — must reads for me are BOF fics.
GUILTY PLEASURES: pairings, non gasoos n gasoos, clichés

LINE / SCENE FROM A FIC & why: “I remember you said once that you loved me, do you still? Even though our relationship started out as a lie, as nothing more than a false start you loved me, but now, today, this; you and I, are real. Do you love me?” ~ Haruko Morningstar A Year & a Day by black_wings >>> WHY? So beautifully written when I read these lines *blush* *love*)
CHARACTER(S): 1. Jandi 2. Junpyo 3. non gasoo
WHY: for both #1 & #2 because I love to watch BOF and after it ended, it was the first time I read fanfics. I started when flower pot 1st introduced her fanfic based on BOF’s characters…after that many writers who love the couple tended to write about them with other BOF’s characters like woobin, yijung, gaeul, jihoo n jaekyung …storylines that writers tend to write are romantic comedy, suspense, love triangle, thriller etc …readers keep on increasing n both characters (Jandi & Junpyo) have their own thread known as the Joondi Official Thread where all writers n readers who love both of them keep track what they did/do n hope both of them will get together in real life :blush:

In terms of fans in the community supporting one another, when writers finish their fanfic n plan to create new fanfics based on BOF’s characters (especially the jundi couple), readers for sure wanna be on the writer’s pm list in order to get 1st hand when writers post new chapter :lol:

As for #3 [non gasoo]… characters invented by writers with nice characteristics are appealing to me. An example… A Year & A Day by black_wings, both the hero n heroin are different characters with different lifestyles n beliefs yet they fall for one another …cute nickname like tinkerbell etc… This is why I like NG characters.
COUPLE: Jandi & Junpyo …
MOMENT IN FIC HISTORY: Although I joined soompi since 2006, I became most active after BOF ended n started reading fanfics based on BOF or others that seem interesting with less heart break or love triangles or thrillers or sad endings… I prefer comedy, romance n happy ending.


To all BOF’s writers, keep on writing about the minsun couple – to the rest of writers [in our fic community] keep on writing beautiful storylines & well written fanfics with strong characters. Some of the fanfics go on hiatus for quite long times… hopefully those writers will be able to finish their stories–please do not leave the story hanging.

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