Name: Lisa
DOB: 30 May 1987
Contact information: kimuchi3005[AT]
Online aliases: C00kie3005; kimuchi3005
Forums most frequented: Fanfiction forums, OneTVXQ!
Completed fics: Least Expected, Ordinary, When Love Hits, With All My Heart, WLH Special: Happy Birthday, Shim Changmin, Scribblings, I Hate You Shim Changmin, The Promise, Secret Recipe
Current fics: Shim Changmin, Money Money Money, When Winning Is About Admitting Defeat
Additional information: I only write DBSK fanfics. Haha! Just because I love them all so so much (: And yes, I love happy endings too, so all my FFs are with happy endings (:

TOP 5…
FAVORITE FICS: Sun Shower (by Veneer), F A N M E E T I N G (by tingest), Youtube: Uknowitsme (one-shot) _ft. TVXQ (by tingest & x3PRIS), Mianhae, Hyung (by x3PRIS), The Soompi Fanfix Forum Guide [one-shot] (by L-live)
FAVORITE WRITERS: tingest, x3PRIS, L-live, Veneer
MUST READS OF YOUR TIME: Haha oh hmm…I am still quite active now, considerably less than before due to work, but still active. But I simply must recommend Sun Shower by Veneer…I know it’s been recommended by a lot of other members, but I’ve never been this affected by a fanfiction before! *two thumbs up*
GUILTY PLEASURES: Gasoos. Haha. And romantic plots that always end up happy.

LINE/SCENE FROM A FIC & why: The entire chapter 31 of Sun Shower by Veneer. I was over the moon when Junsu finally woke up, then I teared 2-3 minutes later.
CHARACTER(S) & why: Not much to choose from…haha given that I only read/write DBSK…
1) Jung Yunting? Haha I think she’s super cute in “I Hate You Shim Changmin”. Okay. I made her super cute, but still…XD
2) Shim Changmin in “When Love Hits”…I never knew I could write Changmin like that. Haha~
3) Xiah Junsu in “Sun Shower” by Veneer. She wrote him in such a fresh, new perspective…surreal. Almost thought it was a true-life story. Haha…
COUPLE: Yaoi couple? Or FF couple? Haha…I can’t choose between SoulMates and SoulFighters. *Sigh* SoulFighters. Haha.
MOMENT IN FIC HISTORY: When I started my first FF and my list of readers increased. Haha never thought people would like my FFs…


THIS TITLE: The Soompi Fanfix Forum Guide [one-shot] by L-live Haha (:
THIS LINE: No one said finding Paris would be easy; they only said it would be worth it. -“Welcome To The Underworld” by Con.template

To all my loyal, faithful, crazy, creative, innovative, patient readers! Thank you so much for all your comments; it has always and will always make my day reading how you’ve enjoyed my FFs! (: Lastly, to all the fellow writers – write your hearts away! ^^

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