How I love thee…

A mini “meme”/survey. This one is pretty general and open ended so it does not have to be fanfic-specific however it’d be cool and great if you did respond using fic characters or kpop gasoos ^^

favorite kpop couple:
favorite general celeb couple:
(just in case you wanna do this one)
favorite couple in a drama/movie:
favorite couple in a book:
( just in case you wanna do this one)
favorite couple in a fic:
favorite pairing:
favorite angsty/tragic/
messed up”/bipolar couple:
favorite dramatic couple:
(just in case you feel like this one deserves its own category)
favorite unrequited love “couple”:
favorite comedic couple:
favorite sidekick couple:
favorite love-to-hate couple:
favorite guilty pleasure omg it’s too cliche couple:
favorite rivals turned lovers couple:
(would mr. darcy count? dun dun…)
favorite couple that should have happened but didn’t happen but you feel like should have happened so pretend did happen:
favorite couple that broke up:
your first favorite couple:
(because everyone has their first love… har har har)

*Feel free to add on/take out any lines you’d like. If you feel like something should be officially added on to this list please message me and let me know (: [timevaulted[at] or feel free to leave a comment!]

**If you can’t seem to comment/reblog on tumblr and would like to, please e-mail me your responses or use the ask box on tumblr. I’ll post them for you on tumblr and wordpress (;

***This meme reminded me of this poem.

****Happy holidays~~~~~

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