SNAPSHOT: Why fish? aka Akira shock!

If you have ever watched the beginning of Nobuta wo Produce there is a particular scene that perfectly expresses how one feels when a fic is suddenly lost for eternity. When that realization dawns on you, shock, anger, and confusion take over your world. Whether or not you physically let it out, you feel like screaming, you feel like tearing your hair out, you feel like you’ve lost a precious, valuable belonging. And why shouldn’t you? You’ve invested time and emotional energy reading and getting attached to characters and their lives after all. That’s the neat and engaging part about fanfiction that differs from books—you get to follow them as they’re being written instead of getting them (only) in a finished format. Anywho… hysterics are very much a part of the scene once you’ve realized your loss as a reader, which is why I feel like Shuuji (Kame) does such a great job at representing the shock, anger, and confusion that one can get when a fic is lost or left to be incomplete for forever. Please watch this clip starting at 6:10 to get what I mean ^^v

All jokes aside, I know that not all of us are that dramatic about fics being lost or unfinished… but I think it is safe to say that there is a sense of loss when a fic is “abandoned.” Logically I understand and accept announced or unannounced hiatuses and overall departures in the fic world. Yet, at the same time, I still hunger for more.

There are certain fics that have left us in utter suspense, never to be answered and resolved. I think one of the greatest examples of this is Rowena’s Chocolates and Rain on Soompi. It rode the wave of popularity in the summer of 2004. I recall the thread being “spammed” with messages that said nothing but “post more!” and “topped the page!” It wouldn’t have been seen as a problem… except those messages made up probably over a hundred pages without a single update from the author (sometimes I think it was actually 300 pages but I think my memory’s just gotten hazy so I’ll say 100 for safe measure). Eventually Aramis had to close the thread because of all the spamming. If I remember correctly the thread was reopened once or twice because Rowena did come back to update a few times before completely disappearing. Her last update strengthened the climax and left readers desperate to find out what’d happen next. Sadly she never reposted it after the crash. ):

Aside from Chocolates and Rain, I’d love to see a comeback continuation of the following fics:

(warning: long and spazzy :P)

  • Diva with Two Voices by GArDen MiNt – a lovely Shinhwa fic about a girl who auditions and gets into SM Entertainment for her twin sister. Lots of delicious tension shared with Hyesung! I’m not sure if this was posted elsewhere but I read it on Soompi before the crash.
  • Just Because by ?? – a Shinhwa fic (also technically featuring Shim Changmin – if you remember the poster “poll” ^^v). I really wish I could find this fic again! The writer never finished it and I can’t remember if she reposted it since Solid07 kept dying ): but this fic was one of the last of its kind (Lee Minwoo-centric high school fics). This fic was a great trip of guilty pleasure.
  • My Messed Up Life by ?? – a DBSG fic on Solid07. Before grammar and “perfectly processed” fics became the standard, fics charged with emoticons and other “violations” were abundant. The pleasure was simply about fun entertainment and fan crack. Anywho… This fic definitely did its job in giving its readers humorous situations to read about. It was a silly high school fic with DBSG and it still makes me laugh just thinking about it. To be honest since it’s been so long I can’t really remember the plotline—I just remember things like the characters modeling with GIA brand outfits and Junsu dressing like a girl for the fashion show… but all I know is that that fic was a ball and I wish it would have been finished before Solid07 died ):
  • I honestly can’t remember the title of this next fic… it had something to do with rain and dark chocolate but it wasn’t Rowena’s fic. It was a Yoochun-centric fic and it was very depressing. It was about a step brother and step sister’s love affair that had to be put to a stop. I guess that’s a trend that’s died down—incest or step sibling romance ^^; This fic came around when angst was really popping up and festering in summer 2004. It was extremely deep and depressing but enjoyable nonetheless!
  • TF – Young Mother – translated by jenl and later taken up by Aramis. This TF is very memorable probably because of the little boy in it and probably because it had a nice mix of teenagehood and adulthood. We got to follow the characters as they grew and there was something wondrously “mature” about it without being over the top—at least for me as a youngin’. :P For anyone who’s read it… one of my favorite scenes is when they go and take a “family photo” together!
  • Sister, Dear by Romelee… I don’t know if it’s fair to add this to the list because I’m pretty sure it’ll make a comeback one of these days (I guess I should camp out with Jaejoong on this one…) But oh how I miss the spunky comedy and Mr. Woo-Man!
  • Innocent Eyes by Amaranth/Moe featuring Im Taebin and Yukie Nakama. C’mon girls… that’s all you need to hear to know it’s a sexilicious peace of heaven in writing format. Out of Moe’s fics, this is my favorite. I don’t think it was ever posted after the crash but I really wish it was because it was fantastic… I liked how it gave edge and variation to Moe’s work (she has since ventured to more genres but back then I think she had only written Bartender and the Beast and maybe started on another fic? I was really impressed because this fic brought out another side to her writing ^^v)
  • Psych by tygrrlily and Schizophrenic by ?? were also really awesome fics that were unfinished ): Both had themes of mental illness and were bitingly sharp in style and presentation. (I guess we can say thank goodness for Mika and MiuMiu by butterbean! :Pv)
  • Sadistic Lies by sen… I’m pretty sure this was an NG fic. It teetered on being a dark mystery thriller but since she never reposted it, we never got to see more of. ): I really loved how she captured the dark side of human nature. There was impending doom promised but we never got to explore more of the plot or the themes that she introduced.
  • Singing for Her by silver, the sequel to Playing for Him. I was so excited when I found out there was a sequel to this fic! Sadly the writer didn’t update much of it before she left. I recommend both fics anyhow… great Kangta goodness! ^^
  • Tulips Covered in Snow by 4tang. I know she said she “had” to stop writing this but it was very enjoyable and reminiscent of the humor in Tainted. I also miss Anti-Cliché (;
  • Lastly… I know I shouldn’t really put this here but I’ve been waiting for a continuation of this fic since I started reading fics so I feel like it is only right to put it here… Her Water Colors, My Self Portrait by SoJu. Vividly memorable and charming… this fic takes the gold… I’ll wait for it til the very end!

I guess I could say more—as with any reader who has a zillion favorite fics ^^;; This is my semi extensive and exhaustive list and if you’ve read through all of it, kudos to you!


I’d definitely like to hear what fics you miss and which writers you wish were still around as well!! ^^


Stick around for more interviews, musings, and library updates!

All the best,


(P.S. It’s been five months since Time Vault’s been opened! O: !!)

(P.P.S. I noticed that some of the links you’ve been trying to download are broken. Please comment or e-mail me at timevaulted[at] to report the titles of the fics you want so I can fix their links!)

5 thoughts on “SNAPSHOT: Why fish? aka Akira shock!

  1. LOL LOL LOL LOL ! I love the reference from Nobuta wo Produce > : 3
    Hmmmmmmmm I know that feeling a bit too well. There was this one TOP/GD fanfic back in 2007 that made me go fanatic and the author just suddenly took it down one day. My world crashed xD Que dramatic music~ However, I think the biggest panic attack I had over a fanfic was when Welcome to the Underworld wasn’t updated for 5 months! Thank God the author returned and finished the story or else my friends and I ….. I don’t even wanna think about it.

    1. Tiggie, I know what you mean ): My sister crashed our old computer back in the day and I lost all my links/files to fics… it was heartbreaking to say the least ): I guess at the least you can be happy about Welcome to the Underworld since it did finish in the end! (:

  2. OMG NOBUTA!!!! I bow down to this drama. The willow tree analogy is so perfect. That feeling of wanting to claw your hair out because somehow it’s supposed to help? I don’t feel that as often anymore but in the past, there were times when I was just like, “NOOOOO!!!! What happened? The end? No way. Can’t be. My imagination’s not strong enough! The magic–come back to me!!!!!”

    Young Mother was awesome because the whole family element made me gush like no tomorrow. I think it partially inspired me to write SANG.MIN. It is sad that it remains unfinished but from what I remember, if I ignored the side character’s cliffhanging plot, the main characters had a pretty decent amount of closure by the time the fic went into incomplete mode.

    QVXT: the boyband from North Korea was also a piece that I feel sad to see unfinished. The background, the setup, the characters and the complexities were all there. It was juicy and relevant and dark but hot?

    I know I’ve probably mentioned it tons but Ethereal Pastels, Quintessential Tones was sick awesome. It was an interesting perspective. white Mish, jealous JJ, happy JS, black YH, purple YC, Changmin. It kills me that I can’t remember Changmin’s color. But the visual aspect of the story tied with the emotional aspect was so refreshing and so beautiful to read. :( but it remains unfinished. And it will probably remain unfinished.

    1. i went back to search for it and changmin was blue. i remembered yoochun’s color because it stood out to me for some reason ^^;;; i don’t think she ever finished it but i really enjoyed that fic as well… there was just something about it… a rebellious min, a lot of dramatic background stories/histories, etc. it was refreshing and complex and it was ongoing when dong bang fics were still just starting to really gain their weight/foundation in the fic world ne ^^;;; man… that brings back old days lol ~~

      if only “magic” never ended. )*:

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