Name: Susan
DOB: September 7
Contact information: j’dore* @ soompi
Online aliases: j’dore*
Forums most frequented: (past:) soompi, solid07 (present:) soompi
Completed fics: (before crash:) An Undecided Destiny, 143 Doesn’t Mean I Love You & Sarang… (can i just say that i was in middle school & i thought those titles were genius hahaha. i think the crash did me right by deleting those fics haha!) (after crash:) Say What?! & Kissing Affair
Current fics: none
Additional information: to be honest, i’m not into kpop anymore. i think it’s b/c over the past couple of years i’ve become entirely even more white-washed than before haha. that’s kind of the reason i don’t write fics anymore, too. my heart’s not in it. but i still catch up on big bang & 2ne1 songs. i love taeyang’s songs, esp. i need a girl. he’s so cute in the mv! … hmm, i’m in a jewelry design major at school & a soccer addict (cristiano ronaldo <3) my favorite thing to do in the world is watch movies. i have the largest collection of dvd/bluray/vhs ever. my favorites: pride & prejudice (kiera knightley ver), troy & running scared. let’s see, i like writing in all lower case letters. it’s just so aesthetically pleasing. plus, i have tiny, neat handwriting…i am a perfectionist hahaha, my quirks aren’t that weird…right?

TOP 5…

FAVORITE FICS: hmmmm my all time favorite fanfics would have to be breathtaking by lil_bobatea and give me a striptease by duckii (i think that’s her name. ahhh i’m so bad w/ names). i absolutely loveeee minwoo fics. as much as i love big bang, they’re just not as good as those classic minwoo/shinhwa fics. i actually don’t remember the first fanfic that got me started. it would have to be either freda by freda or jaded by linkinpark. i love the old fics <3 … so the favorites: breathtaking, give me a striptease, jaded, minwoo’s daughter by iluvfany86 & keys before my eyes by thao. can i put a sixth? Cinderella — but the glass slippers never belong to me by angel_jj
FAVORITE WRITERS: there are so many talented writers out there, that it’s kind of hard to choose favorites & i can’t remember names. oh dear…i adore lil_bobatea, duckii, linkpark, freda & angel_jj
MUST READS OF YOUR TIME: hmmmm, i’d say my active years were 2002-2005. The must reads were Jaded, Poop in the Wine Glass, Cinderella — but the glass slippers never belong to me, What I Did for Love, My Ping Pong Boy, all the oldish TF (The Guy was Muhshesuh, The Guy Holding Flowers, Do Re Mi, A Wolf’s Attraction, etc), and prob a couple more i’m forgetting.
GUILTY PLEASURES: can i say i love gang stories mixed with romance & comedy that feature shinhwa (esp. minwoo…still)?!?! i know, i like those classic cliche stories from the past. my stories also follow that plot line b/c i love action & romance. i’m such a sucker for romantic guys & ever so cheesey stuff. anyhow the rest would be hot guy meets girl, ugly guy becomes hot, mysteries. oh yeahh…i love tearjerkers. get me to cry & i’ll love you!


LINE/SCENE FROM A FIC: “you can’t lose something you never had” from Cinderella — but the glass slippers never belonged to me. It’s because it’s one of those lines you hear in real life. as much as it hurts (in the context of the story), it’s the truth. you learn so much from getting hurt, but in the end it’s all worth it. sometimes, it’s just better to let go. that’s how you mature…
MOMENT IN FIC HISTORY: ummm when shinhwa, 1tym, boa & hyori fics were big. & then it switched over to dbsk & all the other big idols that appeared. there are way to many idol groups to remember…


THIS TITLE: Conversations Between Us. gotta say that is such a simple title but it draws me in. it’s so amazing.

hmm….to s.tang, s.vuong & s.truong! you guys were the first people i met on soompi way back in the day & you guys always supported me, even those icky weird stories that i gave up on (haha). i’m glad we’re still friends! to soir! i miss you & our conversations so much. you became such a great friend on soompi during my KA days. i still need to fix that necklace i made for you! you need to write more, asap. to theLOSER, haha i’d have to say you’re my biggest fan & the meanest ;) nahh i’m kidding about the last part. thanks for supporting me & trying to push me out of retirement. & lastly to my bfffff l.chi. i love you & for always being their for me <3

as for other writers, don’t give up your dreams & never keep doing something you hate. always do something because you love to do it & not to please other people. it’ll save you so much time & stress (no more losing hair haha). anyhow, don’t get discouraged if one of your fanfics isn’t doing as well as you wish it would. trust me, you’ll always have loyal fans & people who will support you. who knows, maybe you’ll be the next big writer on soompi ;) (sorry i’m so bad at giving advice)

4 thoughts on “FAN ON THE STREET: J’DORE*

  1. Where could I read “Kissing Affair” because I was in the middle of it while it was on Wattpad but now I can’t find it. I was looking for it for the longest time. Did you just take it off, or is it on another site. Is there anyway I could read it still?

    1. hey little rejj, sorry i do not know ): i believe she took it down? but i never read it so i can’t tell you but you can try messaging her if she is still active and around ^^;

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