Popular gasoos: H.O.T. (1996-2001), Sechskies (1997-2000), S.E.S. (1997-2007), Shinhwa (1998-present), 1tym (1998-present), FinKL (1998-2002), FTTS (1999-2009), Boa (2000-present)

Popular fics: What I Did For Love by Val (Sechskies, Nov. 1998), Glass Rose by Ji_Eunie (HOT, 1998), Kiss The Sky by Kami (FTTS, 1999), Love Letters by xerces (FTTS, 1999)

TF’s included: Love Inside Silence translated by Sue (HOT, 2001)

Writing trends: Mary Sue’s, kpop girl villains like Boa and Hyori, gang fics circuiting around a core group with an opposing group – typically from a different record label (or in the case of SM, Shinhwa vs H.O.T.), arranged marriages, TF’s translated by Sue

Trends: personal writing sites (i.e. Val’s), mailing lists via Yahoo (fic content)

Media use: posters, blinkies, banners, gifs

Websites: Soompi (1998-present), Winglin (1997-present), KMH (1999-present), Funky Fanfic Library (FFL, 2001-2005), CGIworld boards, Angelfire, Geocities, Tripod

OLD SCHOOL ERA (2001-2003)

Popular gasoos: Bi (2002-present), Se7en (2003-present)

Popular fics: The Peeker by jhigavicious (HOT, Shinhwa, 2002), Because I’m A Girl by SoJu (Lee Sooyoung, 2002), Playing for Him by SilveR (HOT, 2002), Because I’m Beautiful by Me2 (HOT, 2002), By Heart, By Soul by kpopchild (Shinhwa, 2003), Jaded by linkinpark (Shinhwa, 2003), One Two, Buckle My Shoe by Aramis (HOT, 2003)

TF’s included: A Doll’s Dream by 하얀나라 곰., translated by Sonic1004 (Shinhwa, 2002), Guiyeoni fics (i.e. The Guy Was Mushesuh translated by Susan/etoile/doremi) (non-gasoo, 2001), 49 Days For A Second Chance translated by minusky (Shinhwa, 2003)

Writing trends: Lee Minwoo as the lead male, TF style fics, emoticons/smilies, uhljjangs (KKR), non-gasoo fics, gangser fics, business settings, arranged marriages, YG vs SM, lemon fics/risqué material, Mika Nakashima, Jeon Jihyun, Song Hyegyo, Bi, Full House fics

Trends: CGI boards, forums

Media use: “movie trailers,” character charts

Websites: Writers’ Asylum (2001), Solid07 (2001), kpopper (2003-2007), The Sofa (2003-2005)

NEW SCHOOL ERA (2003-2005)

Popular gasoos: DBSG (2003-present), Super Junior (2005-present), SS501 (2005-present)

Popular fics: Virgins by JAMIE (Bi, Mika Nakashima, Shinhwa, 2003), Blue Masquerade by Aramis (Shinhwa & FTTS, 2004), Bartender and the Beast by Moe (NG, 2004), Tainted Memories of Issey Miyake by 4tang (DBSG, 2004), Heart’s Serenade by superstarr_mel (NG, 2004), The 7th Note by Cecilia (Se7en, 2004), Ever After by winter’s serenade (NG – DBSG as minor characters, 2005), Me Against the World by sweetmaggie92 (NG, 2005)

TF’s included: Young Mother by lovelygirl, translated by jenl and Aramis (2003), Teddy Boy by Eun Bahn-Jee, translated by SuGaRpLuM (NG, 2004), To A Beautiful Wolf by HAYARI, translated by swtkrn012 (NG, 2004), Extraordinary! Shin Girl! by -YOO JAY, translated by swtkrnbabiez (NG, 2004), fics translated by: DONCHA, susan, nGk2M, swtkrn012

Writing trends: Lee Junki (King and the Clown movie, 2005), Taebin, Kim Namji fics/posters, Im Da Hye as an antagonist in KKR fics, technology/internet related fics (i.e. MSN chat), strippers/risqué material, angst (mainly around family/gang life)

Trends: PM lists

Media use: index banners in first posts, fic trailers and music videos, soundtracks

Websites: kpop2 (2004-2005), LiveJournal for DBSG yaoi, Xanga reblogs (i.e. What I Did For Love by Val, TF – Extraordinary! Shin Girl! by YOO JAY- translated by swtkrnbabiez)

NEO NEW SCHOOL ERA (2005-2007)

Popular gasoos: Bae Seulgi (2005-present), CSJH (2005-present), Jang Riin (2006), Big Bang (2006-present), Wonder Girls (2007-present)

Popular fics: White Tea and Lily by i.nvalidc.reditc.ard (NG, 2006), Bowls of Kimchi by mariika (DBSG, 2006), Keys Before My Eyes by Thao (NG, 2006), The Venus Flytrap Method by Ji_Eunie (DBSG, 2006), Beach Boy by dearskye (NG, 2006), Clueless by Nai. (Big Bang, 2006), Red Lavenders by anika (1tym, 2006), SMJ—Story Time by melonbar72 (DBSG, 2007), Her Wish by iadoreyooh (1tym, Yoon Eunhye, 2007), Sixteen Pink Balloons by unknown (Big Bang, DBSG, 2007)

TF’s included: If A Nerd Removes Her Glasses by 꽃순이, translated by soominie (NG, 2007)

Writing trends: WonderBang, SuYin, Lee Yeonhee, Go Ara, Yoon Eunhye, flowery writing, abuse of the thesaurus, lengthy titles, angst and emo (themes of suicide, broken romance)

Trends: VIP lists for readers

Media use: PDF files

Websites: Ficaholics (2006-2009), Shoebox (2006-present), Wattpad (2006-present)

PRESENT DAY (2007-2010)

Popular gasoos: SNSD (2007-present), 2PM (2008-present), SHINee (2008-present), MBLAQ (2009-present), BEAST (2009-present), 2NE1 (2009-present)

Popular fics: Conversations Between Us by solangel (NG, 2007), An Epitome of Simplicity by Ephemeral (SS501, 2007), Kissing Affair by j’dore* (Big Bang, 2008), Awkward Turtles by orangebubbles (Big Bang, 2008), My Previous 5 Boyfriends by bioshiva07 (J.E., DBSG, 2008), Miss Vanity by Nina_Sakura (DBSG, Bae Seulgi, 2008), Kwon Sohee by jyri (Big Bang, Wonder Girls, 2009), Man In Red by asmiera (MBLAQ, 2009), Welcome to the Underworld by Con.template (NG, 2010), My Oh So Hott Player by bivue (Big Bang, 2010)

TF’s included: 不爱 by 璐宝儿, translated by tianaki (Jang Riin, DBSG, 2008), **TF’s no longer as popular as before

Writing trends: rise of one-shots and two-shots, drabble/poem/one-shot collection threads, online satire, angst, seedy realism, Boys Over Flowers fics

Trends: —

Media use:

Websites: light use of Tumblr, WordPress, Blogspot

** thanks to NSSLM for their insight

***last updated January, 5, 2011

5 thoughts on “SNAPSHOT: TIMELINE

  1. lmao reading this makes me feel old (and im still a teen <_<). you have no idea how accurate that timeline is!!!!
    i must've stopped following fics like a stalker during the present day era :/ ive only read a couple of those popular fics listed there; whilst for the other eras i had read a billion… i think i was the most active during the old school and new school era.. (most of the classic era fics i read mainly on the old fanfix site when it was up and running normally :/ )

    and the site solid07 & geocities o_o ive actually totally forgotten i use to go on those!!

    and so true, TFs really have died out.. i mean the grammar was never that good but i still loved them (i mean Teddy Boy and GuiYeoni was the bomb back then!!!)
    and my my i actually remember the whole kim kyungrok trend of fics -_-

    and the PM LIST!! mann i use to get so many of those PMs for updates (what happened to Kissed By You? i was following that for so long :S), i dont know how i didnt get confused between fics… nowadays i dont wait for them.. i only read completed ones -_-

  2. Wow, the mention of FFL really brought fond memories of fanfic reading for me. Happened to stumble on this blog accidentally while searching for the older fics for a re-read and I’m glad I did! Thank you for creating this site! The posting of old fics (hurrey!) – I’m excited to re-read some that I had enjoyed again. The interviews – I really enjoy reading them all and of course for this timeline. I stopped in the mid of ‘neo new school era’ I believed, so it helps me to catch up :) Looking forward to the “I” onwards fanfics and more on this site~ Once again, thank you! It’s great to relieve the good memories!! :)

    1. Hey rea,

      Your name sounds so familiar–I feel like I used to see you around somewhere but perhaps that was someone else ^^; It’s great that you found this blog of use to you (: I’ll post up more fics soon ^^

      – fancracked

  3. I always wondered about this stuff because I only discovered k-pop/k-fanfics in late 2005. Thanks for this nice summary (:

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