Name: min
DOB: april ninth
Contact information: i’m always checking soompi, so pm me there! :D
Online aliases: elevatormusic/orangebubbles
Forums most frequented: soompi, ficaholics
Completed fics:
Current fics: none
Additional information: i didn’t answer the ‘completed fics’ part because i recently went through my fics and wanted to punch myself in the face XD they were so weird and the plot was so immature and the dialogue kind of made me want to cringe a little. but anyone who’s read them before would know that i am in love with bigbang. mostly taeyang, but i find myself writing mostly about GD. he’s so writeable. it’s great.

TOP 5…

FAVORITE FICS: This Boy I Loved by Ji_Eunie, Shipwrecked by mariika, Hearsay by mariika, Unmarked White Vehicle by mariika, My PingPongBoy by Moe
FAVORITE WRITERS: Ji_Eunie, mariika, Moe, dearskye., pickup.stix
MUST READS OF YOUR TIME: my most active time was 07-09. i read MPPB a couple years before that because my friend told me about it, and i consider myself sort of a latecomer in the world of fanfiction. i was on soompi a little while before the crash to read, but i hate that i can’t remember any of the titles T_T BUT! to answer the question, i would say anything by mariika. i love her sense of humor.
GUILTY PLEASURES: i love clichés. ones that make me feel nostalgic just drive me crazy and i love it. i like the whole bad-boy and good-girl storyline, or dorky guy with cool girl haha i love it all <3


LINE/SCENE FROM A FIC & why: there is one scene but I CANT REMEMBER THE TITLE OR THR AUTHOR. it kills me really. a guy and a girl are in a park, and the girl asks, ‘why are we here?’ or something like that, and he’s like, ‘it’s a lake’ OR SOMETHING. this is terrible. i can’t remember. i probably don’t even have the scene right. it was one of the first fics i read when i came in 07, and the first time there was sarcasm. okay i have a better one. the ending scene in dearskye’s Balloons. [spoiler!!! Highlight to continue reading… after Yaewon dies from the electric chair, after Yoonsuk’s story got out to everyone, and whoever was touched by it let a red balloon fly in the air. it was so beautiful and breathtaking. really. the way she described it was just amazing. her writing is truly art. ]
CHARACTER(S) & why: Yaewon from Balloons, i seriously think of a living mannequin when i think of her. Heejin from This Boy I Loved; she was so selfless and innocent in an un-annoying way. Jieun was good at that.
COUPLE: okay. this is not a girl-guy romantic couple. it’a a friendship between two guys. Jiyong and Youngbae from mariika’s Hearsay. Youngbae was dead, so all i had from him was flashbacks. Jiyong was sad, but he didn’t cry. it was a really dark humor, and by the end of the story, i found myself crying with Jiyong for the first time after Youngbae’s death. man i don’t give the relationship any justice, but really. even though Youngbae was dead, i still felt the love.
MOMENT IN FIC HISTORY: 4tang’s thread titled, “I Died of Cancer” or something along those lines (omg i’m so sorry for my bad memory T_T really.) it didn’t hit me right away, but it’s something that grew inside me as time passed.


pretty much every fic that i’ve ever read and fallen in love with.


i wish i was still active in the fanfiction world T_T it was so much fun, and now that i think about it, i was only part of it for two years, which is waaaaay less than a lot of people. i made some really good friends, who no longer live on soompi, so it makes it harder to stay in there alone.

3 thoughts on “FAN ON THE STREET: MIN

  1. I really miss your writing! I was pretty much just an observer in the fic section when you were active but :( it was writers like you that made soompi fanfix worthwhile and it’s still writers like you that give me hope in that section of soompi

  2. Aw, thanks for this! I miss youuuu! D: What I really like about Min is that she’s very original…the Facebook one-shot is still one of my favorite oneshots.

  3. I agree! I loved Min’s stories they were unique and the perfect fill for my big bang thirst. I always remembered that one-shot with TOP ” How I single handedly saved the world from global warming” ?

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